- RZ-042 Command Wolf AC

    The Command Wolf AC is one of the most original in the NJR line. At least as far as colors are concerned. This unique Zoid uses a metallic fleck paint that is far more vibrant than its later reimagined Kotobukiya version. It almost looks like glitter melded into the plastic. Definitely different, for this one midnight blue Zoid, certainly refreshing.
    As you can see from the photos, Command Wolf AC comes with the CP-04 Attack unit molded in a lighter black color. While this goes for all Command Wolves I would say that the AC is a very sturdy Zoid, and as one that has remained fairly inexpensive over the years it's definitely one I'd recommend to everyone. This is, without a doubt, my favorite Command Wolf variation.
    For motorized features the Command Wolf AC only walks forward, but it has two different speeds. If the head is lowered the Zoid will slink, and when the head is raised it will move much faster.

    - Awesome color scheme with unique metallic fleck paint
    - Well built design with no loose parts
    - Comes with CP-04 Attack Unit
    - Has two modes of movement
    - Excellent range of motion for the neck
    - Extra Weapon Pegs

    - Very few non-motorized gimmicks

Box and Inserts

    AC has an awesome box featuring three of these wolves stalking over the mountains. De hangs in the background illuminating the Zoids. This is honestly one of my favorite box arts of the NJR line. The box puts the stats at:

    -Weight: 66.0 tons
    -Depth: 14.7 meters
    -Height: 10.0 meter
    -Max Speed: 200 km/h

    I won't lie though, I'm kind of surprised that AC travels even slower than the standard Command Wolf. If it were just the large gun, that'd be one thing, but this Zoid also has boosters.

    1st Edition Card:
    This card is only available through the first edition release of the model kit. I don't currently have it translated but when I do it will be in the Battle Card Games section under "Games."

    Zoids Fan Book Vol. 4
    This book is available as an extra in the Command Wolf's box. It includes information on several different model kits and a little bit of battle story information, which is currently untranslated.

- Instructions


    Command Wolf AC is one of several Zoids who's cockpit not only flips open, but also has a control panel that can rotate upwards. This is to mimick the one seen in the show, and does not obscure the pilot.

    The jaws also open but because of the panel under his face it cannot open very far.

    Command Wolf AC has two points of articulation in the neck. One is where the head attaches, allowing it to rotate upwards, even when the neck is positioned down. The neck also has three additional weapon pegs. Two on the sides of the throat and one on the top of the neck. The side panel of the neck obscures the throat pegs too much to use the normal Command Wolf gun that comes with it, but you can use a smaller weapon here, such as he Zaber Fang's single barrel guns.

    The second point of articulation is the neck, which is again an upwards rotation. This also directly affects the Command Wolf's speed. If the head is lowered the Zoid will move slower. If the head is up the Zoid will speed along.

    Another hinge joint. The tail can rotate up and down, but it also has two other weapon pegs for repositioning the guns.

Attack Unit:
    The CP-04 is a pretty articulate weapon for its time. Because it sets on a peg it has a 360 degree range of motion, but that's not all. The weapon also has a hunge joint (seen in photo 3) that allows it to rate up and down (limited by the sides of the Zoid, of course).

Attack Unit Side Panels:
    The CP-04 side panels can rotate upwards and downwards. They have a much better range of motion than the hinge joint of the gun.

Attack Unit (Antenna?):
    This piece on top of the Attack Unit flips up, or folds down. To be honest I'm not sure what it is, but if you happen to know please let us know!