- Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest

    Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest is a three-volume manga series following the story of a young man named Kugo. His adventure begins when he crash lands on Zi shortly after receiving a mysterious distress signal, and as he encounters the local floral and fauna (namely a large Koenig Wolf with a bad attitude problem) he begins to uncover the truth about the signal, and the planet as a whole.

- Release Notes

    Zoids Zi was first published in Japanese by Corocoro, but was later released in English by Chuangyi Comics (since gone out of business.) All three volumes were done with slightly modified covers.

- Translations

    Our scans are actually of the original Japanese version and reskinned based on the English translations by Chuangyi. This is because of difficult to read texts in some area. The Chuangyi version also did not translate any of the sound effects, which were used for the vocalizations of Zoids and important for the reading experience.

     It's worth mentionin that the Koenig Wolf is referred to both a Kaynihhi and as Koenig. Kaynihhi (also commonly romanized as Ke-nihhi) is an attempt to translate the Japanese text for Koenig into English. The switch is spontaneous, so I'm assuming this was just a translation error and not that his name is actually supposed to be 'Kaynihhi.'

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- Japanese Release

    English Name: Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest (Volume 1)
    Japanese Name: ZOIDS惑星ZI
    ISBN: ISBN4-09-143041-4
    Price: 390 Yen
    Pages: 189