- Fan Book Introduction

    The Zoids Fan Books were small pamphlets included with many of the NJR model kits. They included promotional photos of upcoming or currently released Zoids and other upcoming products, such as cards or video games. Each Zoid had a small tidbit of info about them and the default stats such as height, speed, and registration numbers.

    It's worth noting that not every Zoid had a unique fan book (at least up until the Fan Book EX). Fan books were usually cycled into multiple model kits.

- Fan Book Vol. 2

    Included with:
    -RZ-009 Command Wolf


- Fan Book Vol. 3

    Included with:
    -EZ-035 Lightning Saix


- Fan Book Vol. 4

    Included with:
    -RZ-042 Command Wolf AC
    -RZ-046 Shadow Fox


- Fan Book Vol. 5

    Included with:
    -EZ-049 Berserk Furher


- Fan Book Vol. 6.5

    Included with:
    -EZ-054 Liger Zero X
    -RZ-057 Snipe Master


- Fan Book Vol. 8

    Included with:
    -NJR Matrix Dragon


- Fan Book Vol. 9

    Included with:
    -BZ-004 Nightwise


- Fan Book Vol. 11

    Included with:
    -EZ-051 Grounchar