- RZ-009 Command Wolf

    Command Wolf is one of the oldest Zoids of the NJR line. It's an excellent kit with an excellent design. It is also common and relatively cheap for Zoids nowadays, so I'd recommend picking one up if you get the chance.
    Because Command Wolf is white it barely shows any flash at all. Even the black pieces do not show as much flash as kits normally do. The down side to this is that white plastic is notoriously bad for yellowing. It's a light and colorless, so it will absorb these effects much stronger than most other kits. I recommend having it completely away from direct sunlight.
    What I like most about the Command Wolf is that it holds true to a lot of aesthetic values to the species. The tail is not oversized, but is scrawny, more similar to a red wolf. The positions of the head and neck give a very wolf-y impression and over all this is just a very well balanced design.

    - Shows virtually no flash
    - Excellent poses for the head and neck

    - Yellows very easily
    - Few gimmicks

Box and Inserts

    The Command Wolf box isn't super exciting, but it's not bad. I've seen it a lot so maybe it's just old to me, but it's not that bad. The stats on the box are:

    -Weight: 46.0 tons
    -Depth: 14.7 meters
    -Height: 7.9 meter
    -Max Speed: 210 km/h

    Zoids Fan Book Vol. 2
    Fan Book Vol. 2 is available in the Command Wolf box. It contains information on several Zoids and a bit of battle story information.


    The orange cockpit of the Command Wolf is completely translucent. It is the only wolf-type Zoid that sues this theme besides the Whitz Wolf, and not only does it open at the back but the control panel on the inside flips upwards. This follows the theme set by the show, where the panel is lifted up or pulled down to trigger the open/closing of Command Wolf's canopy.

    The jaws can also open and close. Rather than sharp teeth the Command Wolf's teeth are square, which is kind of disappointing. Aside from that, the panel underneath of the jaw prevents them from opening very far.

    There are two places that the Command Wolf's head and neck can articulate. This is to allow it to achieve a few different wolf-like poses. The first joint is right where he head connects, allowing the head to sulk down or look upwards.

    The second point of articulation is where the neck attaches to the body. This permits the neck to raise up or go down. In addition to this allowing better head poses, it also directly affects the speed that the Command Wolf can travel. While the head is lowered the Zoid will move slower than it would while the head is raised.

    Another hinge joint. The tail can rotate up and down, but it also has two other weapon pegs for repositioning the guns.

Back Mounted Gun:
    A standard Command Wolf comes with a simple two barrel laser. This same gun is present in all subsequent releases of the Zoid. It rests upon a peg which allows a 360 degree rotation around the Zoid.