The Iron Bible

- Zoids Original 03 - Command Wolf RGC

    The Command Wolf "Rail Gun Custom" is third in the Original line. It was a new take on an old Zoid with many variations and one that had a lot of people divided in their opinions. While I was horribly put off by the original blocky design I've come to love the RGC and it may very well be my favorite variant now. The green is a lovely color and the design will grow on you.

    First off I must say kudos to the designers for being able to add parts to unusual areas that shouldn't have been able to fit them. They really kept these things in mind. There are some issues where parts can't move properly with all the extra equipment, especially around the head, but that's to be expected with such a design.

    I don't know if I have any complaints besides the limited part movement. It would have been nice to expand some sideways swivel actioin to the RGC gun but because it's such as heavy weapon, with such theoretical recoil I can see why it was opted out of design wise. My only other nitpick is the huge difference in armor finishes, ranging from matte to glossy.

    Command Wolf RGC comes with enough parts to make 3 different variations. You get a single wolf body but can apply the Interceptor (Command Wolf IS gun), Captain Zappa Version (with Dragonhead mask), or RGC. It also comes with the original command wolf gun which I forgot to picture.

    - Many new (and movable) parts!
    - Comes with parts for three different variations
    - No loose parts

    - Large parts inhibit movement
    - Walking ability dramatically hindered by heavy gun
    - High gloss painted parts don't match the finish of the body

Command Wolf: Captain Zappa
New Parts: Mask, Gun Cover

Zappa's personal Command Wolf! This Zoid uses the same gun as the Interceptor only it has a special cover that snaps into place over the top of it. Unfortunately it is unable to flip or slide open, it has to be removed to see inside of the control panel! The second feature of this Zoid is the mask over its face. This also snaps into place in that it cannot be opened. This means that until you remove the part the cockpit also cannot open, but at least there's less inhibited movement over all.

Command Wolf Interceptor

This version is the same as the Command Wolf IS and LC in earlier models. The gun is recolored to green and brown. This version of the wolf has no inhibited movement, which is nice after dealing with the RGC so much. The colors are very foresty and nice to look at -- we've not had a green Command Wolf before! At least not a model kit of one.

- Box Images

- Gimmicks

Head Scope:
    RGC's head scope takes some getting used to but it has really grown on me. At first I wondered how they'd attach it but it's apparently attached on a movable arm that connects to the top neck peg! They're nothing if not innovative. The scope can flip backwards and the three barrels in the end can be rotated. If you're having trouble getting the scope down all the way make sure your wolf's head and neck are both facing all the way upwards first, and that the Rail Gun is slid back all the way.

    With the RGC equipment on the cockpit has a very limited opening. If you remove the scope it can open to the full extent.

Control Panel:
    With the scope off when you get the cockpit open, you'll realize that it still retains the movable control console! Always one of my favorite aspects of the Command Wolf design.

    Command Wolf's head can rotate up and down. Unlike previous versions of the wolf the RGC suffers much less from the floppy head syndrome. We mentioned this earlier but when trying to rotate the scope down it may come in contact with the ears and not wanna set flat. Make sure your wuf's head and neck are both facing up!

     Not only can Command Wolf's head move up and down but this also controls the rate at which the Zoid walks! Because of the massive rail gun the Command Wolf RGC more just ... kinda gimps, really- but it's still nice that it can walk at all!

Electric Trasmission Unit:
    No longer smoke dischargers! These revised versions have a green panel over the top that can slide outwards, revealing an electric rail to either side of the wolf. I bought 3 RGC wolves, and one had a loose (right) Transmission Unit. The others were fine.

Foot Anchors:
    Installed as a seperator between the cap and the leg. I expected this to have serious issues falling off but it just doesn't. The anchors can rotate up or backwards, and plant firmly on the ground. If you had more than one wolf you could install it to all of the feet!

Rail Gun Cannon:
    And the featured product here! The Command Wolf's Rail Gun cannon is a massive weapon that heavily weighs down the Zoid. It's focused as the center point of the design and has a lot of features. Included but unpictured is an arrow head bullet, which slides into the back of the RGC gun (that piece that slides upwards.) It was unpictured because I ... couldn't ... actually get it back out- I'm not sure if it's supposed to come back out when it's in there but I had nothing to pry at it with, so.

    At any rate the Rail Gun Cannon slides forwards and backwards where it connects to the body. Afterwards the top half of the gun can be pulled out, which may require some force as it 'snaps' into place. Think of it as cocking a gun. The weapon is massive and is longer than the entire Zoid!

    Uninhibited movement, whoo! Command Wolf's tail has a very wide area to swing up and down. It's a lovely little tail.