- Zoids Chaotic Century Manga

    New Century's manga is not quite the accomplishment that Chaotic Century was. If anything it is just for a few kinda-sorta-pretty Zoid pictures. The story is extremely rushed as the book tries to sum up the entire series in a single volume. The whole book is Liger-Zero-Centric with Zoids like the Shadow Fox literally seeing only a single panel of information. I don't mean that Liger Zero is the hero and the other Zoids help, I mean it is really ONLY Liger Zero. Other Zoids are mostly framing devices that have nothing at all to do with our boasting of Liger Zero's already overdone fame. Art is reused occasionally, but not nearly as badly as other mangas

    The NC0 manga was printed in CoroCoro's Special issue during 2001, in the bi-monthly magazine issues of February, April, June, and August. Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug 2001 .

Manga Scans

    - Part 1
    - Part 2
    - Part 3
    - Part 4

- Introduction

Printed on the back of the book.

Little is known about the strange metallic beasts from the planet Zi, but every young ZOID pilot knows that they are the best companions to bring to any adventure! Fast, agile, loyal, and bristling with weapons, these are the companions you want by your side when the ZOID team competitions begin! So strap into the cockpit, and get ready for one of the most exciting tournaments that manga has ever seen!

A bit of the New Century

Long years have past since the wars between the Empire and Republic have ravaged the land, people, and ZOIDS of Planet Zi. Since then, mankind has realized that war is the wrong way to go, and now ZOIDS are involved in competitions, staged battles where the winner gets one step closer to the massive prize money reserved for the best ZOIDS pilots ever! Bit and his unruly companion Liger Zero, along with their friends on Team Blitz, are ready to take on all comers! But are they really ready when a force of evil, the unscrupulous Team Backdraft, conspires to win by any dirty trick they can manage! Bit thought he had his hands full with Liger Zero, but now, destiny awaits!