- Zoids SS: June 2013 Issue

Zoids SS is an original comic featured in Dengeki Hobby Magazine. It follows the story of Tys and her older brother Kai, who have spent most of their life sheltered in a small village, playing games with their two Mirage Foxes.

The story follows the same series of events as the Zoids Original Story that is featured online. You can find the translations of this story here. It is also the comic that is meant to promote the new Zoids Original model kit line.

- Contents of Zoids SS

    We're working on translating all of Zoids SS. The series itself happens to paralel the written "Zoids Original" story which can be found in our art books section, and you can usually expect the new translations within 1-2 weeks after the DHM monthly issue is released.

    Below you'll find two pages. One for reading the manga in its entirety and then a list of individual chapters.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Chapter 6
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