- Zoids Original

    Zoids Original Story is an online web story (or rather a series of media!) that was released alongside the new line from TakaraTomy. Placing this series is a little difficult because it has video media, online stories, and model kits. We'll approach each section as it's necessary, but for now we're placing Zoids Original under Books since it is mainly story based.

- Zoids Original Pages

    * This refers to the pages on the "Zoids Original" site, not the one on the main TT site.

    Story 01: Tys and Kai
    Story 02: Resistance on the Snow
    Story 03: The Genes Were Too Strong
    Story 04: The Azure Dragon and the Aloof Knight
    Story 05: The Tip of an Evil Sword
    Story 06: A Sudden Sortie
    Story 07: The Young Wolves and the Three Arrows
    Story 08: The End of a Fierce Fight
    Story 09: Set Out, Operation Storm
    Story 10: A Shooting-Down Battle on a Dark Night

    Mirage Fox Story: Profiles
    Geno Ritter Story: Profiles
    Command Wolf RGC Story: Profiles
    Storm Sworder FSV Story: Profiles

    Zoid 01: Mirage Fox Page
    Zoid 02: Geno Ritter Page
    Zoid 03: Command Wolf RGC Page
    Zoid 04: Storm Sworder FSV Page