Zoids Super Metal Coin Collection

    Not much is known about this series (at least by me). It is comprised of large metal coins which have a lot of weight to them. These are about the size and weight of a silver dollar, and are engraved with the shapes of three-dimensional Zoids.

    As far as I understand it they come in three different colors: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Just going by how many I've seen of each I'd assume this is also the rarity ranking, with bronze as the common, silver as uncommon, and gold as rare. Each coin came in a cardboard case that folded in two places. One end could be attached to the other end to form a triangular stand, with a slot near the bottom for the coin to sit in. You can view this in the instructions.

- Bronze Coins

- Silver Coins

- Others

While we may not have all of these we're trying to keep track of what ones are out there. Confirmed coins, aside from those above, are:

    Silver: Dark Horn
    Silver: Gojulas
    Silver: Ultrasaurus