- Genobreaker's Story: Command Wolf (Red)

    The Gameboy Color game 'Genobreaker's Story' was released with two limited edition Command Wolves, one red and one blue. The red version actually includes an Imperial sticker sheet, showing that this Zoid is actually a member of the Empire rather than the Republic.

    The kit itself is great. The colors are nice, the canopy is an excellent color and the red plastic isn't brittle like a lot of the late NJR. Unfortunately it does scar pretty badly, which you'll see in the photos. Either way, it's definitely worth picking up if you can find one for a good price.

    There's a lot of confusion about these two and the Limited Blue Command Wolf, since the boxes are so similar. So let's clear this up for everyone:

    GBC Command Wolf (Red): Comes in a blue box with a game advertisement, just called 'Command Wolf'
    GBC Command Wolf (Blue): Comes in a black box with a game advertisement, just called 'Command Wolf'
    Limited Edition Command Wolf: Comes in a blue box titled 'Blue Command Wolf'

- Gimmicks

    This version has the canopy cast in green, which opens with a hinge at the back. Once flipped open the control console on the inside can swing forward. Normally it holds the pilot in place, I apparently never put it in there though.

    Command Wolf's jaw can swing open. Like other versions it has the strange square like teeth, but that's a trait that's never going away. It's still an excellent design.

    Command Wolf's head can swing up and down right in front of the neck. Sometimes this part can get loose and the head won't stand on its own, but you can just tighten up the neck pieces to help fix that.

    The neck rotates up and down where it connects to the body. This is also attached through a metal gear that controls how fast the Comman Wolf walks when you wind it up. An awesome feature not often seen in other Zoids.

Beam Gun:
    A two barrel gun on the back. It's cast in a nice silver but has some marbling in the plastic. The peg that it attaches to rotates all the way around, so you can turn the gun in any direction.

    Command Wolf's tail can swing up and down. It's one of the few canine Zoids that can actually tuck its tail between its legs, which is actually a nice point.