FZ-002 Koenig Wolf MK-II

    The Koenig Wolf MK-II was a surprising edition in Zoids Fuzors, as the Wolf, in any form, had not been seen in any anime media before then. It is also the first release that came with both the CP-22 and the CP-23 in a wide release.

    The color scheme, however, is a matter of choice. Personally, I'm not a fan of brown and red together under any circumstances. The brown armor also has marbling. I have issues with this under normal circumstances, but I think the marbling helps to break up the brown, and make the strange color combination less eye blinding.

    Unfortunately, the price of the wolf is now nothing to scoff at. You're looking to spend $60 before shipping in most cases.

    Added CP 22 and CP 23
    Softer plastic; has thus far not broken at the cheek pieces
    Unique color scheme

    Bad scarring on most frames
    Choosy color scheme
    Rubber parts are still subject to breaking

- Box and Inserts

Box Scans:



- Instructions

- Gimmicks

Head & Jaws:
    The photos for this review for taken some time ago, so unfortunately, I don't have images for the head movement. However, the head does move. It can shift up and down, both at the base of the neck, and where the head attaches. In addition, the jaws can swing open and shut. Note that the Wolf's jaws can stretch extremely far.

Although unpictured, the cockpit of the Koenig Wolf can open. Inside, a small console is attached to a hinge unit, and can rest in the pilots lap during piloting.

    Of course, the Wolf wouldn't be the Wolf without its helmet! The visor flips over the Wolf's face, as seen in previous models.

Missile Box:
    Attached to both shoulders, even the armor of this piece is recolored to suit the MK-II. The doors on all four boxes can flip open to reveal the missile pods within.

Dual Sniper Rifle:
    This customize part has a couple of gimmicks. Not only does it rotate in a full circle on the back, but it flips forward at the half way point. The ammo feeds also spin on a large wheel. None of these options, however, are automated when the Zoid is running.

Double Barrel Multi Discharger:
    In spite of the Sniper Rifle, these can still move up and down a bit. Unfortunately, if they are flipped upwards, they tend to get in the way of the Sniper Rifle.

Tail: Also attached to a hinge joint, the tail can be raised.