- Zoids Infinity

    Zoids Infinity was released at the same time as a massive arcade game, and is supposedly the same game, with which you could use cards to unlock new Zoids. Not much is known about this, unfortunately, since these were only playable in Japan (unless you paid the usual $4400 price on Yahoo Japan, then massive shipping fees.)

    Honestly speaking, this game isn't much different in concept to Battle Legends. I personally like the controls more, and the Zoids seem a lot more responsive, but it uses many of the same models and movements as Battle Legends. While this is vaguely annoying (as -most- of the Zoids games use the same Zoid models), a lot of the Zoids do have different functions. The weapon controls are different, attack and weapon animations are difference, and most of them have at least 1-2 entirely new color schemes. Weapons also are all color customizable. This adds a bit of dynamic to the game. It has multiple modes, like Battle Legends, and each one has a different set of objectives.

- Game Play

    Main Menu:
    The main menu prompts you to choose single player or two player, then to start a new game or load a previous one. Afterwards, the main menu is as following:

    Arcade Mode
    Story Mode
    Vs. Fuzors Mode
    Survival Mode


    * All menu and game information is based upon experience. I do not read Japanese, and none of these translations are specific, so please do not rely on them for absolute accuracy. They are simply to help play the game.

    - Menu Guide

    - Basic Combat Guide

    - Story Mode Walkthrough Guide

    - Zoids Guide

Zoid Bases:

    Arosaurer Frame
    Command Wolf Frame
    Berserk Furher Frame
    Berserk Furher Storm Frame
    Blade Liger Frame
    Boldguard Frame
    Dark Horn Frame
    Dibison Frame
    Geno Breaker Frame
    Genosaurer Frame
    Gojulas Frame
    Gojulas Giga Frame
    Gojulas the Ogre Frame
    Iron Kong Frame
    Iron Kong PK Frame
    Konig Wolf Frame
    Liger Zero Frame
    Liger Zero Jager Frame
    Liger Zero Panzer Frame
    Liger Zero Phoenix Frame
    Liger Zero Schneider Frame
    Lightning Saix Frame
    Lord Gale Frame
    Matrix Dragon Frame
    Red Horn Frame
    Saber Tiger Frame (Old)
    Saber Tiger Frame (New)
    Shield Liger Frame
    Sinker Frame