The Iron Bible

- RZ-053 Konig Wolf

    Konig Wolf is the second-ever released wolf-type Zoid design and featured a design unlike most other kits of the time. With plenty of features the Zoid has seen a lot of publicity and has a nice balance of detail. Seen in the first few photos most of the Konig Wolfs armor is removable.

    In terms of quality it shares the nice trait of all light-colored Zoids: No scarring on white pieces. The silver scars do not show too badly but the black does, albeit it is fairly simple to mask. The Zoid makes use of rubber belts that run the length of its body and this is where the quality really sinks. These belts have been known to dry out and break over time even if all the Zoid does is sit on the shelf. I've heard that occasionally removing rubber parts and soaking them in water helps prevent breaking, but I've never actually had my own wolf's belts crack nor have I used this technique. It is worth a shot if you notice them looking particularly weak.

    Konig Wolf is a motorized Zoid that uses two Triple A batteries for movement. It has more motion than the average Zoid, with a back fan that constantly spins while active.

    - Unique Design
    - Additional motorized parts
    - No scarring on white plastic

    Rubber belts are prone to breaking with age
    Scarring on black plastic

Box and Inserts

Limited Edition Card:


    * The Konig Wolf's 1st Edition card is numbered as PR-078, which is unusual. Most 1st Edition promos have no registration number at all, but furthermore, there is a Konig Wolf card featuring the exact same image but without the registration number. I am unsure where this unregistered card was released.

- Box Translations

Konig Wolf | The Helic Republic | (Wolf-type)

Technical Data:

    Over-all Length: 21.24 m
    Max Height: 8.64 m
    Weight: 90.5 t
    Top Speeds: 290.0 km/h

Main Equipment:
    Headgear x1 (Night vision camera + Dual scope for precision fire) (Head)
    Double-barreled Multi-discharger x2 (Back)
    Electron Bite Fangs (Mouth)
    Electron Strike Claws x4 (Paws)

Zoids Battle Story
    Year ZAC 2101
    With the Gunblaster in action, the Ray Force, which escaped an attack by the Eisen Dragoons, realized through this battle the dreadful ambitions that Regent Prozen had. He planned to wait to exhaust the Empire and Republic armies to cause a rebellion, and ruin both countries at once. Furthermore, he was trying to revive a demon beast, Death Saurer. Knowing this fact, the Republic Command Centern put into operation a plan to revive the only Zoid that could oppose the Death Saurer, the "Mad Thunder". Development began at the entrance of the Dark Continent. But the base was already targeted by assassins. It was the Liger Zero that the Empire developed, the dark beast king, the "Liger Zero X". Can the successor of the Command Wolf, the Konig Wolf, protect the Mad Thunder from the raid of the X's?

[Fuselage Explanation]
    The Konig Wolf was based on the wild wolf type Zoids of the Western Continent and is bigger tahn the wolf types that inhabit the Central Continent. It's a Zoid with the power and mobile ability equal to the Liger Zero for use in high speed combat, but in order to prevent it from overheating due to an excess of power, it needs a cooling fan on its back. This fuselage's best characteristic is the headgear. The safety of the cockpit was improved by leaps and bounds, and a night vision camera and scope for precision fire are also inside it, so when the optional equipment the sniper riffle and missile pod are installed it displays tremendous power. In its certain kill technique, Electric Fanger, all of the electromagnetic energy in its fuselage is concentrated on its fangs, and it crunches the enemy. However, since it's possible it can stop functioning temporarily, it can't be used heavily.

- Gimmicks

    The cockpit of the Konig Wolf flips backwards to reveal the pilot. The Zoid has a control console similar to other Wolf and Fox-type Zoids that can rotate up or down to hold the pilot in place.

    The ears of the Konig Wolf are set on a hinge so they can lean in and out. If the headgear isn't going into place make sure the ears are pointed straight up and not rested at the sides.

    The mouth swings open and closed. Because there is no underlying neck armor to hinder the movement they can open to an almost freakish extend, similar to a smilodon type Zoid.

    The helmet normally rests over the neck, giving the image of a bristled fur. When in use the headgear swings forward, covering most of the upper part of the Konig Wolf's face.

Head and Neck:
    Konig Wolf can move its head in neck at two different points: Where the head connects to the neck and where the neck connects to the body. This allows it to take both a howling and a stalking stance. I forgot to photograph the actual neck movement, sorry about that!

Cooling Fan:
    A little unusual, the fan on the Konig Wolf's back is directly connected to the motor. When the Zoid is turned on the fan is constantly spinning. The peg on top is also used to connect the Dual Sniper Rifle.

    Commonly mistaken for guns, the Multi-dischargers of the Konig Wolf are most often used as boosters or to deploy a field of steam around the Zoid. They are attached to the back and able to rotate independantly, facing forwards or backwards.

    The tail is connected to a hinge joint that allows up and down motion.