- Zoids Battle Story Web Comic

    With a self explanatory title the Zoids Web Comics were a series of interactive flash comics from the early 2000's. They were hosted on Tomy's official Zoids site with Celica Lucraft often acting as their spokesperson. The comics featured a frame-to-frame still animation with sounds and pop up text bubbles, as well as openable pages to information on the model kits of Zoids featured in the comic.

    For many years these comics disappeared. The official site went down and while the main feature comic, a multi-story Konig Wolf series was rehosted for Zoids Infinity the rest of the comics were not. Our copies were sent in by Green Gairyuki, and are video formats of the originals.

    We will be undergoing an effort to translate as many of these as possible but there are numerous complications in doing so. The video quality is too low to be salvaged in any places resulting in incomplete and sometimes hard-to-follow stories. It is not always easy to get these translated for that very reason and some translations may be incorrect. If you notice any obvious mistakes feel free to contact us through our contact page. Comics will only be uploaded as translations are completed for each one.

- Currently Available Webcomics

Original Videos: Courtesy of Green Gairyuki | Translation Various | Editing Work: Hanyoutai Kyoushu

    #1-7. Konig Wolf: Bucks Vs. Maya

    #14. Geno Breaker Jet B: Witch Twins