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- Zoids 40th Anniversary Encylopedia Review

 I posted a review of the 40th Anniversary Encyclopedia over in Assorted Books. This doesn't contain the full book, but gives an idea of what to expect. The book is still up for sale on Amazon JP and other sites, so if you're interested in what it has to offer, you can still pick up a copy!

40th Anniversary Project Books Reviews Site2024-05-08 18:57:44

- Zoids Genesis Statue Reviews!

 Two pages have been added under Action Figures in the Art Statues section. These include the Zoids Amusement Figures and the Zoids Genesis Figure Collection. The Bio Tyranno of the Figure Collection was already added, but mislabeled as an Amusement Figure. Its review has been redone entirely, including new, clearer photos.

Action Figures Zoids Genesis Reviews Site2024-02-08 04:52:06

- Helcat Reviews!

 Two new reviews have been added to the NJR Section! This includes the standard Helcat and Helcat Noir. I was shocked to find out that the Noir was such a beautiful color in person. They're still relatively cheap, too, so I recommend picking one up if you're able!

 Speaking of model kit pages, the broken videos from the Zoids Wild pages have also been fixed, and the build videos have been added for Hunter Wolf, Catalga, Kuwaganos, Kill Scythe, Zero Phantoth, and Zero Grizis.

Model Kits NJR Reviews Site2023-02-19 22:25:23

- Model Kit Review: Rayse Tiger!

 A new model kit review has been uploaded to the NJR Section for the RZ-075 Rayse Tiger! This is quite an interesting kit, with some new gimmicks and unusual build conventions. That's not just counting the glow in the dark or LED-tube based features, either. A highly recommended kit, and cheap to pick up on Yahoo Japan.

Model Kits Reviews Site2022-07-23 00:00:20

- Zoids Rubber Keychain Reviews!

 A page has been added under Assorted for the unusual Zoids Genesis Rubber Keychains. These are pretty cool products, and worth checking out.

 I've also added pages for some assorted Genesis products (towels, clocks, toothbrushes, etc.) Over the next year I'll be trying to slowly expand product pages using magazine/book scans in lieu of photos for products not currently owned. There aren't many resources for assorted Zoids goods, and I'd love to collect that information in one place, where people can view what products have existed and just how vast the Zoids franchise truly is!

Assorted Reviews Site2022-01-09 00:11:26

- Hasbro "Pincers" Review!

 I've added a review for Pincers from Hasbro's "Built Them To Battle!" Zoids model kit series. I hope to review every Zoid released in this series, and while I don't have the JP version of this kit, I'll be covering the differences of any kits that I have the JP counterparts of. In the mean time this review introduces some of the standard changes between the US and JP editions, as well as box images and instructions.

 Since Zoids Wild is a new stage for Zoids model kits, both in the US and in Japan, I've separated the Hasbro release to its own model kits section. There are so many differences in these kits that I felt that they deserved its own space. This section includes a list of the Zoids, an overview of the differences, and will include all of the reviews we'll be making going forward! I'd really like to cover every kit in this line, if possible.

Hasbro Model Kits Reviews Site2021-03-13 19:31:41

- Zoids Collection DX: Dragoon Nest Review!

 A review has been added to the NJR Model Kits section for the Zoids Collection DX "Dragoon Nest" playset! I'm really glad to be able to review this kit, and hope to someday pick up the other playsets. It has a surprising amount of articulation and gimmicks.

NJR Reviews Site2021-02-07 05:10:37

- Art Area Shield Liger Review!

 A special review has been added for the Art Area Shield Liger, the ever elusive resin kit. I'm sure many people have seen the box of this Zoid, but not many have been completed, so I'm excited to add this little guy to the site! It is currently listed as a custom at the bottom of the model kits page, since I took some liberties with how it was assembled and painted.

 This custom also includes some WIP shots of the build process, since there's very little information on the kit and it's an overwhelming Zoid to look at fresh out of the box. Hopefully the rough build photos can give you an idea of what you're getting into. It's not as scary as it looks!

Model Kits Reviews Site2020-11-23 19:58:31

ZA Murasame Liger Review!  [Site]

    And finally I've added a review for the Zoids Aggressive Murasame Liger! I gotta say, the ZA series has been fantastic so far. I hope to someday get reviews for the others as the weather permits.

Action Figures Reviews Site2016-10-05 02:00:00

Zoids Art Statue Reviews!  [Site]

    There are 3 new Art Statue reviews posted up under Action Figures. The Volume 1 Mad Thunder (Color), the Volume 2 Iron Kong (color and grayscale), and the Volume 3 Saber Tiger (color.)

Zoids Art Statues Reviews Site2016-04-17 02:00:00

Zoids Mini Figure Reviews!  [Site]

    Reviews for the Mini Figures of Storm Sworder and Zeke have been added! These can be found under Zoids Action Figures.

Zoids Mini Collection Reviews Site2015-10-10 05:00:00

Armorless HMM Zero Review!  [Official]

    Not a full review but we've also added photos to the HMM Liger Zero review to now include the armorless version! This includes about 11 photos, but doesn't detail movable parts since that's already covered in the armored version.

HMM Model Kits Reviews Site2015-10-10 04:00:00

HMM Command Wolf LC Review!  [Site]

    A review has been added for the HMM Empire Command Wolf LC. This review was done after I had inkwashed the kit, so be aware that it's not like this out of the box.

HMM Model Kits Reviews Site2015-05-17 05:00:00

C Wolf HT and Red Reviews!  [Site]

    Two reviews have also been added for the Zoids Fuzors 'Special Edition' Command Wolf Holotech and the Zoids Gameboy Color Command Wolf (Red Version.) The GBC Wuf is listed under Limited Edition kits.

Zoids Fuzors Model Kits NJR Reviews2015-05-17 04:00:00

Matrix BLOX Reviews!  [Site]

    The three remaining Matrix BLOX have also been added! I'm not 100% sure if I have the connector parts necessary to turn them into Matrix Dragon at this time but it's something I'm interested in trying in the future.

Model Kits Official Reviews Site Zoids BLOX2015-05-17 03:00:00

Mosasledge Review!  [Site]

    Its been a while since we've done model reviews! This is largely because of the sun not hitting the front deck during the last few months. Now that there's sunsine again we're back! This time with the Zoids BLOX Mosasledge. A new section has been added to the Tomy Zoids category to house BLOX.

Model Kits Reviews Site Zoids BLOX2015-05-04 05:00:00

Art Statue Update!  [Site]

    A page has also been added in Action Figures of the Gordos Art Statue from Volume 2. We've also added an information page (linked in the header) for the Zoids Art Statues. This will take you to a page with a list of all original art statues and the reviews so far.

Zoids Art Statues Reviews Site2015-05-04 04:00:00

Zoids Mini Collection Update!  [Site]

    We've added reviews for the Zoids Mini Collection Geno Saurer and Rev Raptor. We've also added an information page (linked in the header.) This and the art statue page both have the japanese name for the series so that users can copy-paste it into Yahoo Japan, Rakuten, etc., to narrow their search for specific items.

Zoids Mini Collection Reviews Site2015-05-04 03:00:00

Gravity Rex Outsourced Review!  [Site]

    This is quite late, but a section has been added to model kits for outsourced reviews. An outsourced review is one that relies on photos and information that we are unable to verify ourselves. In this case, it is photos taken of a MIB Gravity Rex, graciously permitted to host here by the seller from the original auctions.

Model Kits Reviews Site2015-02-10 09:00:00

Clear CAS Schneider Review!  [Site]

    The review for the CAS Set Clear Version has been updated with Liger Zero Schneider! This kit was amazing and while orange rarely shows gold shine, this kit does. We've documented the gimmicks of the Schneider armor at the bottom. If the review gets too long we may be forced to split them up into different pages, but for now this will work.

HMM Model Kits Reviews Site2014-12-05 05:00:00

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