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- Zoids x Bandai: Chogokin Liger Zero!

Posted: 2022-08-14 18:20:21

 A shocking new collaboration was announced between Bandai and Takara Tomy, which will result in a brand new Liger Zero action figure! For Takara Tomy's side, they're recreating the Mobile Suit Gundam "White Base" within the Tomica line. Meanwhile, Bandai is recreating the Liger Zero within its Chogokin line. Chogokin figures include metal alloy parts, and typically run in the higher price ranges. It's expected to be released sometime in 2023. The twitter account for Bandai Spirits posted a look at this figure, both with its final form, and with the fully-detailed armorless variety!

 An article on Hobby Watch showed off more images from the event, with the Zero in a leaping pose. Furthermore, they showed the interesting prototypes, which (from left to right) were the Initial Mechanism Trial, Appearance Trial, and Appearance / Mechanism Modification Trial, with the final result at the end. Mantan Web showed a second view of the kit.

- Dream Together


- Hagane Works Blade Liger!

Posted: 2020-08-30 21:00:47

 Goodsmile has posted a blog going over some more photos of their upcoming Hagane Works Blade Liger, scheduled to release in November for 27,900 yen. While the release date is a ways off, the pre-order date is only until September 2nd, so if you were planning to pick up this kit, make sure you submit your pre-order by then! We have this kit linked down in our pre-order table at the bottom of the home page, to AmazonJP which seems to have the best price so far. I am not sure if the deadline applies to other sites like AmazonJP.


- Hagane Works Blade Liger Photos!

Posted: 2020-08-11 21:18:58

 A blog post over on Ameba showed off some additional photos of the Hagane Works Blade Liger, including some comparison shots of it next to a figure from another series. We also saw a brief twitter video exhibiting its click joints.

- Twitter Video


- GSC's Hagane Works Blade Liger!

Posted: 2020-07-20 23:04:31

 We have news on the Good Smile Company's Hagane Works Blade Liger! The kit will be released in November 2020, for 25,364 yen. The product weighs approximately 630 grams (before packaging) and has a total length of about 370mm. Surprisingly, it comes with the Attack Boosters already included! And there's no mention of pre-order or store-exclusive items, meaning you can pick your store of choice.

 To brush up on older details, Hagane Works is a relatively new line from Good Smile that focuses on part plastic (ABS), part diecast metal (zinc alloy) figures. The product line spans multiple series, so we may or may not see more Zoids. This could easily be a one-off. The figure is 1/72 scale, and will come fully painted. It'll also include 2 generic soldier pilots, with a double-seater cockpit. Since this product uses ABS plastic, please avoid pour-type pens for detailing, as they've been known to damage ABS plastic.

 This kit is still hitting stores for pre-order, and can only be pre-ordered until September 1st. This is because the product is being created-to-order, meaning they are basing the number of figures produced on the number of pre-orders received. So make sure that you can afford it before placing your order, as after that, you may not be able to cancel it! You can probably find it at your store of choice. Amazon JP seems to be the leader in best price Vs. shipping ratio right now, averaging just below retail after shipping.


Hagane Works Blade Liger Figure!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:46:52

 During Wonderfest we learned that the Good Smile Company, known best for their Nendoroid series, will be releasing a huge Blade Liger action figure as a part of their Hagane Works line! This is a brand new series of figures with only two other products released prior: The Demonsbane mech and a related additional parts set. As such, it seems Hagane Works will span various series. The standard so far (from what little we know) is that these are large, fully painted, part plastic -- part diecast metal poseable action figures.

 The Blade Liger's price is unknown, and although it was mentioned to be 1/72 scale, viewers of the figure at Wonder Festival noted that it was closer to the size of the Yamato Shield Liger. Which means it'll actually be larger than the traditional Tomy kits. It has an esthetic close to the anime Blade Liger, with a proper number of slats to the Shield Generator, narrower fangs, and a double-seater cockpit. It comes with 2 pilots, which seem to be standard Republican pilots, not existing characters.

 In the reveal image we can see bits of diecast metal along the body. For the Demonsbane kit, this was cited to be almost a full pound of diecast, so this kit will come with a significant heft. Interestingly, the kit was also announced on the Good Smile US twitter, although it is possible that this twitter account also covers big reveals from the Japanese side of things. There is no confirmation yet if it will come to the US, but that would certainly save on shipping.

 Price wise, we do not have a confirmed cost. Our only reference is Hagane Works' previous figure, the Demonsbane, which cost roughly $160. The additional parts set for Demonsbane was roughly $40 ~ $50. This isn't a bad price, considering Good Smile is known for high quality, beautifully painted products. It's worth noting that they are also known for having pre-order bonuses for ordering directly from their store.


ZA Liger Zero!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-10-05 02:00:00

    We've also had the Zoids Aggressive Liger Zero announced! This one is in the near future, coming out in May. It'll come with alternative Strike Laser Claw parts (a brighter yellow, basically) and if you order through Kotobukiya Direct you'll receive the Leomaster flying stand. See the Koto Page for more pictures! 6,800 Yen retail price, 7,344 for the Koto Direct version.


ZA Mugen Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-02-07 04:00:00

    Second is the ZA Mugen Liger! We were expecting to see this with the last two Murasames already well on their way. The details look amazing, and so far we haven't heard if there'll be any Kotobukiya Direct exclusives. Pre-orders are expected to open this month (February 2016.) Here are some more links!
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    AmiAmi Twitter


ZA Blade Liger AB!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-02-07 03:00:00

    ZA has been keeping a fast pace, and it's not slowing down with the Mugen Liger. After the questionnaire results they have announced the next Zoids Aggressive, the Blade Liger AB! So far we've seen some prototyped images but it is excellent to see a new design, instead of a rehashed HMM, which I think a lot of people were expecting. Release date and price not yet announced, but here are some more links!
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    AmiAmi Twitter


ZA Hayate Liger Page!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-10-04 04:00:00

    Kotobukiya has posted pages for the Zoids Aggressive Hayate Liger! This Zoid is available for preorder. When ordering from Kotobukiya Direct instead of another store you will receive a special set of white stickers for the armor! It is scheduled for a May 2015 Release!


ZA Hayate Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-08-07 03:00:00

    Another awesome announcement is the upcoming Zoids Aggressive 'Hayate Liger!' Prototypes were seen with many more images accessible here. A release date is not yet known.


Zoids Aggressive Murasame Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-05-28 03:00:00

    Kotobukiya has finally posted color photos for the new 1/100 Murasame Liger! This line has been officially dubbed the "Zoids Aggressive" series, based upon the renewed articulation and aggressive pose possibilities of the figures. The Liger is also up for pre-order on a number of sites.

    For those who wish to import the Zoid through a deputy servic, Kotobukiya Direct is issuing a limited edition stand and stickers that are available for direct orders only. These will not be present in the AmiAmi shipments, nor any other stores' shipments.


ZA Murasame Blu-Ray Edition!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-05-28 02:00:00

    Along with this news we have our first look at the Blu-Ray Edition Murasame Liger. Rather than to go with the clear color versions, like earlier box sets, it is cast in a more anime-specific green color. We've never had an anime-accurate Murasame release so this is quite interesting!


Crystal Machine Beast Reviews!  [Site]

Posted: 2015-05-17 02:00:00

    A few bootleg Zoids have also been added to Action Figures. These are the Zoids Machine Beast 'Crystal Version' figures, apparently from China (thanks to Falcarius for the name translation!) We hope to add more of these in the future but right now they're split into two sections, boosters and boxes.


1/100 Murasame Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-03-27 01:00:00

    They have also posted a new series of photos of the 1/100 Murasame Liger. Unlike the Shield Liger photos these are actually quote large and very high detail! It looks like there's lots of nice touches to the overall design.


threezero/Material Hunters Raffle!  [Site]

Posted: 2015-03-12 04:00:00

    In celebration of pre-registration reaching 70,000 members there is a Zoids: Material Hunters giveaway for Japan residents. It will raffle off three of the threezero Iron Kong figures, and one of the threezero Shield Liger figures. These designs are based on the concept art book world.


threezero Iron Kong Pre-orders!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-02-10 07:00:00

    The threezero Iron Kong is now up for pre-order, for a late May release. It is retailing at about $325, with a member price of $293 and an elite member price of $287. The figure will be almost twice as tall as the threezero Liger, which you can see a review for under Action Figures.


New 1/100 Scale Series by Kotobukiya!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-02-10 05:00:00

    The first of the news is regarding a brand new 1/100 line being launched by Kotobukiya. While the name of this series has not yet been revealed it will begin with a Murasame Liger. These figures are prebuilt and boasted to have a better range of motion than the HMM series out of the box. The 1/100 line puts them smaller than normal kits, but not by too horribly much.

    Overall the aesthetic is wonderful, and prototypes were shown this last weekend. Other silhouettes shown at the festival imply Blade Liger and Geno Breaker to follow Murasame Liger. One small preview image on the poster behind Murasame Liger showed a clear plastic version, making us wonder if it will take the place of a 1/72 HMM Model Kit in the Zoid Genesis Blu-Ray release. More can be read here. To address some confusion, this is NOT part of the HMM line.

    Last but not least Kotobukiya has posted this awesome rotating view of the Murasame Liger, which allows you to get a very good look at the kit.


Revoltech Blade Liger Review!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-09-14 06:00:00

    Its been an exciting few days for Zoids! Lots of official updates. No new kits just yet, but still.

    Its been a while since we last posted some reviews, so let's start with that. I've recently acquired the Revoltech Blade Liger Mirage, as well as a replacement for my blue Blade Liger which had formerly been missing parts when I got it. A review for the blue blade liger has been added to the Action Figures section, and I hope to get the Mirage review up soon!


threezero Shield Liger Review!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-07-02 02:00:00

    A review for the threezero Shield Liger has been added to the Action Figure section! At this point in time we don't have the batteries to test the electronic feature. I apologize! We've added all the box and instruction scans with it.


Tomica Blade Liger Reviews!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-02-21 04:00:00

    To finish off the Blade Liger reviews we've added two reviews for the Tomica Blade Ligers, completing that section under Action Figures. The new reviews are the Blue Blade Liger and the Zoids Struggle Blade Liger Mirage. Neither have box scans yet, hopefully I'll find their boxes again.

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