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- Zi-Report Page!

 A new page has been added for Zi-Report, a small pamphlet that was given out with some of the NJR motorized model kits. You can find this under the Stories section of the Books page! Only the story segment is translated, as I'm not currently working on the game portion of the BCG stuff. From now on, pamphlets that include story segments (and not just lore blurbs) will also be copied to the stories section.

Books Site2024-02-08 04:52:39

- Art of HMM Updates!

 The sequel volume to Art of HMM has just released, and we're seeing more previews of it! This video shows off a flip through the book and they've recently posted the glorious Gojulas MPV box art. Mercy Rabbit also showed off some preview images of the various materials.

ZOIDS ART OF HMM Books Official2024-02-08 04:50:18

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 After a long pause, we're back! Official Fan Book 4 has updated once more! This update includes everything on the Republic side, from the overall Zoid profiles, to the organization chart, to the long-awaited stat tables which rate each Zoid's specific capabilities, such as how they operate in various terrain, and how their weapons rank in overall power. Next will be the Empire side!

Books Official Fan Book Site2024-01-30 13:55:30

- Reading Page!

 A new reading page has been added to the site, accessed through the top of the Books page. This is probably incomplete by some margin, but it was added to help fans who are new to the written Zoids lore find their way through the available material in a somewhat-organized fashion. It's not necessarily meant to be in absolute chronological order, but instead filters everything into categories. Interviews, side material, stories, etc. It's categorized this way because a huge portion of Zoids material simply doesn't fit into an exact timeline.

Books Site2024-01-30 13:55:19

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Makes A Return!

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO will once again be available through the stories section of the Books page! You can find the introductions, prologue, and the first chapter available at the moment. In case you're wondering why it's just the first chapter, when before we had more, it's because I made the decision to go back and redo these chapters. They were done quite a long time ago and are now outdated with many inaccuracies. Though they'll still contain some errors, I feel this is an important step to take before publishing them on the website, as the former quality just isn't up to the current standard.

 The chapters will now merge both book content and magazine content. In some places this is going to get a little chaotic, as the content for the profiles, for example, doesn't always match.

Books Site Zoids Wild Zoids Wild EX ZERO2024-01-30 13:54:57

- 40th Anniversary Zoids Encyclopedia

 Hobby Japan is releasing a 40th Anniversary Zoids Encyclopedia, which is exciting news! This book will be released on February 28th and will cover more than 600 items throughout Zoids history, including event items, game and magazine benefit items, and even concept art. This is exciting as we haven't had much supplementary book material for Zoids since Wild. Shogakukan's site listed the book at 168 pages, and it'll be released for 4,950 yen. You can pre-order yours on Amazon Japan.

40th Anniversary Project Books HJM Official2024-01-30 13:51:25

- Art of HMM Plus!

 Kotobukiya's Art of HMM Plus, a sequel to their Art of HMM book is scheduled to be released in February for 2,970 Yen! This book will include art from about 20 kits not featured in the previous book, will include most of the instruction manual information, and more. It's listed on some sites as 168 pages. The latest post contains a video showing off a flip through this book with its incredible full color images.

 Those who order from Kotobukiya Direct will receive a special cover which features the HMM Geno Breaker Repackage boxart. Please be warned, however, that a similar promotion was run for the previous book, and Kotobukiya was shipping these covers in a ridiculously long box with the book and cover lined up side by side, and cling wrapped to a cardboard backing. This meant that shipping was way more expensive than it needed to be (6000+ yen). We are unsure if this practice is still in play.

ZOIDS ART OF HMM Books HMM Official2024-01-30 13:50:56

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 After a period of silence during a cross country move, I'm ready to jump back into projects, starting with Official Fan Book 4! I know a lot of people have been reading up on this story lately and I wanted to thank everyone for waiting patiently while I get everything sorted out.

 Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of OFB 4 are now available, concluding the main story segment of the book. As the story nears its end, Wolff Muroa and the Eisen Dragoons invade Delpoi under the flag of the Neo Zenebas Empire. President Camford must face the stark realities of the war she has so been fighting so desperately, while the Republic makes a last-ditch effort to save their leadership.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-10-06 04:46:58

- Sequel to Kotobukiya's Art of HMM!

HMMZ_Art, the account associated with Kotobukiya's Art of HMM art book, has announced that there will be a sequel to this amazing collection of Zoids art and lore! We don't know many details yet, but updates will continue to be posted on the account.

Books HMM Official2023-10-06 04:26:56

- Official Fan Book Update!

 As we near the end of the story segment, Chapter 6 of Official Fan Book 4 has been added! The Dark Continent War is ending, but as Hermann stands on the battlefield, he has a startling realization of what this vicious fight was for. We have 3 more chapters of this book!

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-06-22 09:11:58

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 Zoids Official Fan Book Volume 4 Chapter 5 is now available! In this chapter, Death Saurer watches TV two emperors confront one another as the darker context of Prozen's ambitions come to light. What does this mean for the rise of the Neo Zenebas Empire?

 One chapter may seem like a short update, but don't worry, the next should be up within a week or so. I just wanted to push this one alongside these updates because it was already done.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-06-18 08:43:55

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 Official Fan Book 4 has been updated with Chapters 3 and 4! In these chapters, Prozen's sinister plans really start to kick off, but it isn't over yet. The Republic has their own old war machine to fall back on.

 Starting with this chapter the OFBs will also use the large full-width images for the primary page images. In addition, each section of the page will no longer be split up based on their page number in the physical copy of the books. This forces images to appear out of sequence. Instead, the headers will be dispersed over major images in the story (the main page graphics), hopefully providing a more natural reading flow while keeping things less cluttered overall. This change has not yet been applied retroactively to earlier books.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-02-19 22:26:12

- Official Fan Book 4 Begins!

 We've got the first block of Zoids Official Fan Book 4 now available! This includes the Prologue, Nyx Map, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. Some familiar characters make a return in this volume, and this time around, the two armies must contend with an invisible enemy far more deadly than any Helcat.

 With this update there were also some minor changes to how the books are formatted. For starters, each complete book will now include a full navigation at the bottom of each page. The Fan Books contain a lot of information and this will hopefully help people skip between sections while looking for something without needing to go back to the index page and open tons of tabs.

 The next change is that all of the little thumbnail images throughout the story sections have been placed beside the text. This may still be subject to change. However, print media can be limited on where and how it can place images, often resulting in images that, when reading in web format, often result in spoilers for what happens next. These limitations don't exist in a pageless web format, so I wanted the images to be located closest to their relevant text, as was done for Zoids Generations (Not forgotten, updates coming soon!)

Books Official Fan Book Site2022-09-27 13:39:30

- Zoids CC Manga Chapter 13.5 Update!

 It has been a long time since we posted the first 10 pages of Chapter 13.5, a story that takes place in between Van defeating the Geno Saurer and departing Porto. The chapter was originally released as part of Corocoro. Finally, the remainder of this chapter is available to read! Translations are by Falcarius, so a huge thanks for helping us complete it~

Books Chaotic Century Manga Site2022-08-30 05:33:29

- Official Fan Book 3 Update!

 The final installment of Official Fan Book 3, the Zoids Remodeling Project 2 chapter has been added. This chapter gives a look at the various Zoid variations featured throughout the Battle Story or associated with its universe (including some of particular public interest, like Liger Zero Mariner, Death Stinger KFD, and more) as well as a few that aren't directly featured. It also shows off some of the Customize Parts that were being released at the time.

 This brings Book 3 to a close. There's going to be a considerable break between this and the start of Book 4 as I work on all the prep-work that goes into getting everything set up (scanning, organizing, patching together double page spreads, etc.) Thank you for your continued patience in the meantime!

Books Official Fan Book Site2022-08-16 17:33:00

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 The next segment of Official Fan Book 4 is now available! The AD2002 section takes a look at some upcoming products (from the time), some old products, and provides some the insights about how and why certain products game into existence, such as the SS (Super Small) and BLOX kits. It also includes mention of another theoretical, but ultimately unreleased product: Scaled down versions of the 1/72 motorized model kits! Imagine if we could've had a small, more affordable Mad Thunder?

Books Official Fan Book Site2022-08-15 17:33:45

- Official Fan Book 3 Update!

 First, as we get back into the swing of things, there's a new update for Official Fan Book 3! It now includes the Guylos Empire Battle Machine Beast Corps, a description of several newer Zoids of the Empire, the Imperial Army Ace Pilot Directory (with translations courtesy of Falcarius!), and the Imperial Army Organization Chart. That just leaves the upcoming & custom Zoids and the product info for this book!

(You may also notice that the book section has changed to include all book series on one page! We hope that this will make it easier to find what you're looking for.)

Books Official Fan Book Site2022-07-23 00:00:25

- Zoids Wild Biographies Update!

 The Zoids Wild Biographies section has been updated with a page for the Hunter Wolf Victor Spiegel Special! This includes an automatic translation of the Wolf's story, and official product photos posted by the company.

Books Site Zoids Wild Biographies2022-07-23 00:00:21

- Art of HMM Book Section!

 With the prototype reveal for the HMM König Wolf and Redler, there's a lot of hype going around! To celebrate, a page has been created over in Books for the Art of HMM. At this time, it doesn't include the bulk of the book. It does, however, contain a cleaned up machine translation for the interview featured at the back of the book! This roundtable discussion goes over the history of the HMM series, how it began, how each of the major team members got involved, and what to expect in the future. It also discusses the highest-ranking fan requests from recent years, including the Ultra Saurus and Death Saurer!

Articles Books HMM Interviews2022-07-23 00:00:17

- Official Fan Book 3 Update!

Official Fan Book 3 has been updated with profiles for the Helic Republic Zoids, pilots, and hierarchy! OFB3 introduces the use of charts to measure Zoid abilities for speed, fire power, maneuverability, etc. It also introduces some of our favorite Zoids, such as the Liger Zero!

Books Official Fan Book Site2022-01-09 00:12:20

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