- Mega Battler "Pincers"

- Technical Info

Cost: $9.99    Released: January 2021    Motor: Wind-Up Motor    Pieces: 29 Pieces (including 5 caps)

Box Art

- Package Contents

- Battle Mat

- Instructions

 The instruction manual is done in beautiful full color on a magazine-style paper. Each section is fully rendered, and the manual is littered with small manga-style images for Moritya, the artist for the Zoids Wild manga in Japan! Zoids has a striking style and good graphics design. There's a suble mechanical gray detailing in the pages, but it wasn't picked up by my scanner.

- Artwork

- Review

 Pincers is the first kit I've built out of the new Hasbro line, and it's a great little figure! The precision of the painting on the pilot is fairly good, which I wouldn't have expected given how cheap these are. Compared to some of the other Hasbro figures the kit itself is almost exactly the same was the TakaraTomy kit, it seems, aside from things like copyright information that's molded into the plastic. The kit feels nice and durable, with a soft-ish plastic.

 The main (physical) differences are that it doesn't include the decal sheet or spare caps, and like the rest of the Hasbro battlers, the eyes are molded onto the frame instead of included separately.

 The only down side I found when building this kit was that the motor was too weak to move it. Even when holding it up in the air, it couldn't make a full rotation before quitting, always in a different spot. If I turned the crank it would move without any chugs or clunks that might imply a part was dragging somewhere.

- Bone Form Images

- Final Form Images

Pincer's Pilot "Router"

 The thing that truly sets Hasbro's release apart is the painted pilot figures. They're quite well done given the scale, and especially given the price. There are light seam lines but I don't feel that these are noticeable at a typical display distance. He also stays on the Zoid quite well. Didn't fall off even after I dropped it on accident, haha.

 With Router, I was also quite surprised to see that they even molded the little skull charm on the chest of his suit. This part wouldn't ever be seen much, so the detail on the stomach of the figure is quite a nice surprise.

- Gimmicks

- Dual Scissors

 When not in use, the Dual Scissors fold up and tuck in close to the body, forming a silver stripe down Pincer's side. Because they are on a hinge joint at the bend, they can be stowed facing straight backwards, which I thought looked quite nice. They can also be extended straight out to the sides, which gives them a much greater reach for a 'slashing blade' look.

- Wings

 The wings rotate forward and slightly outwards, due to the angle that they're installed. With everything extended, Pincers starts looking a lot more intimidating.

- Mandibles

 When Pincers walks, the small gray forked piece under the mandibles extends forwards and backwards, while the larger mandibles slowly open and close. Mine did not have the strength to move unless the crank was hand-turned, but I haven't heard others mention the same problem, so hopefully it is just poor luck.