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- Zoids Index Update

 Several new Zoids have been added to the Zoids Index! This includes the Black Rhimos (who was just a placeholder before), Death Stinger, Gojulas The Ogre, Iron Kong PK, Liger Zero Jager, Liger Zero Schneider, and Ultra Saurus. There are also some minor quality updates, such as making page format more consistent, tables less redundant, etc.

 Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer have been updated to use diorama-based imagery, instead of anime imagery, to match the rest of the Index (which focuses on the core lore wherever possible.) Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer now also have a military history section, an expanded Media Appearances section, and Panzer has had its concept art fleshed out a bit. Some of the history segments for the Liger Zero series are shared between them, because the CAS units were really more of a side note in the battle story, almost always taking part in the same battles.

Index Site2023-10-16 00:35:35

- Interview with Tokuyama Update

 You can now read Part 4 of the long Interview with Tokuyama! This segment goes into the creation of Zoids Wild, and how certain ideas came to be.

Articles CoroCoro Interviews Site2023-10-16 00:35:18

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 After a period of silence during a cross country move, I'm ready to jump back into projects, starting with Official Fan Book 4! I know a lot of people have been reading up on this story lately and I wanted to thank everyone for waiting patiently while I get everything sorted out.

 Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of OFB 4 are now available, concluding the main story segment of the book. As the story nears its end, Wolff Muroa and the Eisen Dragoons invade Delpoi under the flag of the Neo Zenebas Empire. President Camford must face the stark realities of the war she has so been fighting so desperately, while the Republic makes a last-ditch effort to save their leadership.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-10-06 04:46:58

- CoroCoro Interview With Tokuyama Update!

 A while back I'd started a project to translate an earlier CoroCoro web article interview with Tokuyama, who has held a high position in staff throughout Zoids' history. With the anniversary, I thought it'd be a good time to start wrapping up that project. Part 3 is now available, with more in progress.

Articles CoroCoro Interviews Site2023-10-06 04:46:42

- Zoids Traveling Exhibit Page!

 A dedicated page has been added to cover the 40th anniversary Traveling Exhibit. This was made primarily to list the goods and keep track of what ones appeared at what intervals, as well as provide names so that western fans can see what the products actually are. It currently has not been updated to include the Fukuoka Venue, but that'll be added soon. It also includes links to the direct site and twitter account, which you can follow for more up-to-date information.

40th Anniversary Project Assorted Site2023-06-30 23:10:30

- Official Fan Book Update!

 As we near the end of the story segment, Chapter 6 of Official Fan Book 4 has been added! The Dark Continent War is ending, but as Hermann stands on the battlefield, he has a startling realization of what this vicious fight was for. We have 3 more chapters of this book!

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-06-22 09:11:58

- Zoids Anime Section Update

 The Zoids Anime section has received a revamp. This may be a big change at first, but one of my goals was to reduce the amount of unnecessary scrolling required to get to relevant info. The quick links to different sections have stayed, but the DVD info has been moved to dedicated pages for each series. These pages will be further expanded over time to include things like random facts about the series, notes from staff members, opening/ending screenshots, and more.

Anime Site2023-06-22 09:11:42

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 Zoids Official Fan Book Volume 4 Chapter 5 is now available! In this chapter, Death Saurer watches TV two emperors confront one another as the darker context of Prozen's ambitions come to light. What does this mean for the rise of the Neo Zenebas Empire?

 One chapter may seem like a short update, but don't worry, the next should be up within a week or so. I just wanted to push this one alongside these updates because it was already done.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-06-18 08:43:55

- Hobby Watch Article!

 With the upcoming AZ kits, an article has been added that provides machine translations of Hobby Watch's interview with Takashi Nakase, one of the leading developers of the Zoids franchise. This interview goes into detail about the choices made while creating the AZ-01 Blade Liger, challenges and goals from a toy manufacturing perspective, and discusses upcoming products! I've also went through and added direct links for some of the interviews buried in magazines and such, so you can now find them directly from the Articles page.

Articles Anniversary Zoids Interviews Site2023-06-18 08:43:00

- What Content Are You Most Interested In?

 As you all know, we have quite a few projects that get worked on periodically, some of which have been in limbo for a long time. Over the next few months I'd like to focus my efforts more on specific projects, but wanted to know what kind of projects you guys would be most interested in seeing covered. This list includes ongoing projects only. Let me know what you're most excited about in this poll!

Site2023-03-01 06:43:40

- Figure King's 40th Anniversary Interview!

 During the tail-end of 2022, Figure King, a magazine in Japan, published an issue discussing the currently-ongoing Zoids 40th Anniversary. This included a look at the franchise's history over the past 40 years, along with product lineups from various series, tons of cool concept art (including some never released before), and an interview with two of the current staff members, Yutaka Tajima and Takashi Nakase. We've added a cleaned up machine translation of this article to our Assorted Magazines article. It's a fun read, for those who enjoy hearing about the development process!

- Various Small Site Updates!

 First and foremost I want to apologize for how long it has been since the last update. Though I've been working on things here and there, most of it just isn't at a state of completion worth posting. Life has been exceptionally busy, so I apologize for the lack of content this time around. More is in the works!

 So, whats changed? For one, there are a few small updates rolling out across the site. This includes minor QoL features and layout updates, including updated styling consistency, fixing transparent borders, and trying to correct for blurriness in parts.

Name List and Index Pages

 The Name List and Index Pages have been updated to use a css formatted menu instead of an html menu that's repeated for every alphabetical category. This means you can select from A, B, C, D, etc. from a menu that will scroll with your page, and will no longer need to scroll up and down to find access to the jump menu. This is especially relevant to the non-alphabetical categories, which were previously only linked at the very top and bottom of the page.

Full Width Graphics

 As you may've already noticed, I've also added support for full-width graphics. This means that sections like the news post and, more importantly, the main section images for each page of the Official Fan Books can now span the full page, creating a more distinctive divide between content. These changes have not been applied retroactively yet. With this I've also shifted stuff around on the main page, hopefully making things look a little less messy.

Site2023-02-19 22:26:22

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 Official Fan Book 4 has been updated with Chapters 3 and 4! In these chapters, Prozen's sinister plans really start to kick off, but it isn't over yet. The Republic has their own old war machine to fall back on.

 Starting with this chapter the OFBs will also use the large full-width images for the primary page images. In addition, each section of the page will no longer be split up based on their page number in the physical copy of the books. This forces images to appear out of sequence. Instead, the headers will be dispersed over major images in the story (the main page graphics), hopefully providing a more natural reading flow while keeping things less cluttered overall. This change has not yet been applied retroactively to earlier books.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-02-19 22:26:12

- Helcat Reviews!

 Two new reviews have been added to the NJR Section! This includes the standard Helcat and Helcat Noir. I was shocked to find out that the Noir was such a beautiful color in person. They're still relatively cheap, too, so I recommend picking one up if you're able!

 Speaking of model kit pages, the broken videos from the Zoids Wild pages have also been fixed, and the build videos have been added for Hunter Wolf, Catalga, Kuwaganos, Kill Scythe, Zero Phantoth, and Zero Grizis.

Model Kits NJR Reviews Site2023-02-19 22:25:23

- Official Fan Book 4 Begins!

 We've got the first block of Zoids Official Fan Book 4 now available! This includes the Prologue, Nyx Map, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. Some familiar characters make a return in this volume, and this time around, the two armies must contend with an invisible enemy far more deadly than any Helcat.

 With this update there were also some minor changes to how the books are formatted. For starters, each complete book will now include a full navigation at the bottom of each page. The Fan Books contain a lot of information and this will hopefully help people skip between sections while looking for something without needing to go back to the index page and open tons of tabs.

 The next change is that all of the little thumbnail images throughout the story sections have been placed beside the text. This may still be subject to change. However, print media can be limited on where and how it can place images, often resulting in images that, when reading in web format, often result in spoilers for what happens next. These limitations don't exist in a pageless web format, so I wanted the images to be located closest to their relevant text, as was done for Zoids Generations (Not forgotten, updates coming soon!)

Books Official Fan Book Site2022-09-27 13:39:30

- HMM Section Updates!

 We've got several new machine-translated HMM segments available over in the Model Kits section! By sheer coincidence, this is Command Wolf week, with the stories and lore for the HMM Command Wolf, Command Wolf LC (Empire Spec.), Command Wolf AC, and Command Wolf Barad now available on their respective pages. These stories were interesting, taking on an actual story format instead of strictly reviewing their military history.

- HMM Section Updates

 There's also some general updates to the HMM section. For starters, we've added bookmarks (seen left) beside Zoid names for pages that include lore information, making it easier to find these pages at a glance. Gold for full lore (instruction story + concept art) and silver if it only has one of these.

 In addition, the HMM page as a whole has received another universal update to expand the information on each page. This includes a new section on the base kit page to include any Marking Plus or Repackage versions and the differences of. You'll also find box art discussion, a notes section for random facts that've surfaced through books, social media, and blogs, and a detailed explanation of "pre-order" / Koto Direct bonus parts that came with that Zoid. You may enjoy these sections if you've ever wondered what a particular box art is referencing!

 As a final note, the main HMM page includes a F.A.Q. section at the bottom and an Extra Details section discussing details about the series that aren't specific to one kit.

HMM Model Kits Site2022-09-27 13:38:34

- Yuji Kaida Section Update!

 The Yuji Kaida Model Kit section has been updated to include the basic stats and box lore from each of the various Zoids, as well as their artwork.

Model Kits Site Yuji Kaida2022-09-27 13:38:20

- Masterpiece Zoids Section!

 A new section has been added to Model Kits for the Masterpiece Zoids series, including their stock photos and lore. The Anniversary Zoids will be lumped into this page as a sub-category for lack of a better efficient place to put them. It's worth noting however that these ARE separate series, even if they use the same base Zoid. The AZ line will get its own section if it goes beyond 5-6 kits.

Model Kits Masterpiece Zoids Site2022-09-27 13:38:00

- Encyclopedia Update!

 Small update, but the Encyclopedia now includes a page for the Garil Ruins, including references to the real-life location that inspired its anime adaption.

Encyclopedia Site2022-09-27 13:37:44

- Zoids CC Manga Chapter 13.5 Update!

 It has been a long time since we posted the first 10 pages of Chapter 13.5, a story that takes place in between Van defeating the Geno Saurer and departing Porto. The chapter was originally released as part of Corocoro. Finally, the remainder of this chapter is available to read! Translations are by Falcarius, so a huge thanks for helping us complete it~

Books Chaotic Century Manga Site2022-08-30 05:33:29

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