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- Zoids Battle Story Begins!

 We've officially begun work on the Zoids Battle Story, which you can find in the Books section! For those who don't know, this is the OJR era of the battle story, pre-dating the Official Fan Books. We've got the first 3 sections (plus the bit of stuff at the beginning) done and are already well into work on another update.

 Some people have been curious about why the OFBs / EX were done first. This is because the Zoids Battle Story books came with the Zoid Core Box. I'd known for years that the Core Box was high on my list of holy grails. I knew I'd have it someday, it was just a matter of when, so I refrained from buying the books separately when I knew I'd have good copies of my own eventually. (There being another core box is pretty exciting-)

Books Zoids Battle Story Site2024-05-12 00:08:25

- Zoids 40th Anniversary Encylopedia Review

 I posted a review of the 40th Anniversary Encyclopedia over in Assorted Books. This doesn't contain the full book, but gives an idea of what to expect. The book is still up for sale on Amazon JP and other sites, so if you're interested in what it has to offer, you can still pick up a copy!

40th Anniversary Project Books Reviews Site2024-05-08 18:57:44

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Concepts!

 A small batch of concepts have been uploaded to the New Century /ZERO anime section, courtesy of Kuzann! There's quite a lot more of these to get through but I'm trying to take my time with them to provide as much information as possible. The section has also been updated to match our more recent standards for concept pages (one or two sections haven't been updated yet due to time constraints.) New concepts include:

Characters: Altair, Armed Guardsman, Ballad Hunter, Benjamin, and Bit Cloud (2 new.)
Zoids: Hover Cargo

Concept Art Zoids New Century /Zero Site2024-05-08 18:57:34

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 Official Fan Book 4 has received its next and final update! This includes the BLOX segment at the end of the book which looks over BLOX lore, history, the various kits, and functionality that developed over time. There's also a final epilogue page featuring a touch more of the story.

Books Official Fan Book Site2024-04-18 21:39:49

- Avenge of Proitzen Added!

 Avenge of Proitzen, a sort of "3.5" book that came out with the Zoid Core Box before OFB4 was released has also been added to the Official Fan Books page! The story segment is more or less the same as OFB4 so has been excluded from the book's page. The additional images can be found at the start, and all remaining book content (the fact files for Helic, Guylos, and Zenebas Zoids) has already been posted. This includes basic stats and descriptions for kits that didn't get to get profiles in OFB4, such as some of the Yuji Kaida Zoids and some of the customized model kits.

 From here it's finally time to move on to the Zoids Battle Story books, which many of you will know better as the "OJR" Battle Story! Work on this is already underway, and there'll be another news post once a solid update / section is prepared for it.

Books Official Fan Book Site2024-04-18 21:39:25

- Zoids Official Fan Books

 Zoids Official Fan Book 4 has been updated! This includes profiles for the various Zoids that appeared throughout the book. We now also have a complete stats file for the combat ratings of each Zoid, so there's plenty to cross compare. Both Guylos and Zenebas get organization charts. After this, there's just one more short section of the book to go! Then we'll circle around and do some profiles for Revenge of Proitzen.

Books Official Fan Book Site2024-04-10 06:56:14

- Zoids Index Update

 The Zoids Index has received a few updates as well! To start things off, the Command Wolf and Command Wolf AC have had their combat history updated to include everything from ZAC 2100 and later. New profiles include the Elephander, Elephander CT, Elephander FT, Elephander ST, Jagd Führer, Raynos, Shadow Fox (with color variants), Spinosapper, Spinosapper 4-Barrelled Cannon, Sturm Führer, Wardick, and Zabat. Some of these include concept art (or rely heavily on it.)

Index Site2024-04-10 06:55:56

- Zoids Graphics Update

 Eons later the Zoids Graphics page has been updated to include Volume 2. This covers some profiles of SS Zoids, CP unit information, the Jagd Führer concepts, and a short 1 page model kit comic.

Artwork Model Kits Site Zoids Graphics2024-04-10 06:55:46

- Visitor Custom: Mother Bio!

 I was recently contacted about showing visitor customs off on the site, like I've done for my own customs. Thus, we have our first user-submitted custom page, the Mother Bio by Two Toys! This is a beautifully done custom, and of course, I had to cover it as a Generations Zoid. You can find visitor customs at the bottom of the model kits page, and of course, I'd be happy to share other visitor customs if anyone's interested!

Custom Zoid Projects Site Zoids Generations2024-04-10 06:55:34

- HMM Lore Updates!

 We have three new lore updates for the HMM series! The Liger Zero Schneider, Psycho Geno Saurer, and Shadow Fox. Shadow Fox has the same lore (mostly) as the Fire Fox (which is the same but has a couple extra sentences.) As such, it does not depict the sketch pages at the moment. You can view the lore by visiting their model kit pages.

HMM Model Kits Site2024-02-10 04:45:48

- Zi-Report Page!

 A new page has been added for Zi-Report, a small pamphlet that was given out with some of the NJR motorized model kits. You can find this under the Stories section of the Books page! Only the story segment is translated, as I'm not currently working on the game portion of the BCG stuff. From now on, pamphlets that include story segments (and not just lore blurbs) will also be copied to the stories section.

Books Site2024-02-08 04:52:39

- Model Kit Reviews!

 The Model Kits section is receiving some updates after a long time. The Yuji Kaida Fire Fox page has had all of the images updated and also gotten some minor tweaks to the review. I've wanted to do this for some of the older motos for a while now. Even after all these years, they're still my favorite kits.

 A review has been added for the MPZ Shield Liger covering the plethora of motorized actions. Joining it is a review for the Tomy Blade Liger, featuring a pre-owned Bladey. Please note, that this review is for the MPZ Shield Liger released in 2016, NOT the upcoming Shield Liger, which features anime colors.

- Zoids Genesis Statue Reviews!

 Two pages have been added under Action Figures in the Art Statues section. These include the Zoids Amusement Figures and the Zoids Genesis Figure Collection. The Bio Tyranno of the Figure Collection was already added, but mislabeled as an Amusement Figure. Its review has been redone entirely, including new, clearer photos.

Action Figures Zoids Genesis Reviews Site2024-02-08 04:52:06

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 After a long pause, we're back! Official Fan Book 4 has updated once more! This update includes everything on the Republic side, from the overall Zoid profiles, to the organization chart, to the long-awaited stat tables which rate each Zoid's specific capabilities, such as how they operate in various terrain, and how their weapons rank in overall power. Next will be the Empire side!

Books Official Fan Book Site2024-01-30 13:55:30

- Reading Page!

 A new reading page has been added to the site, accessed through the top of the Books page. This is probably incomplete by some margin, but it was added to help fans who are new to the written Zoids lore find their way through the available material in a somewhat-organized fashion. It's not necessarily meant to be in absolute chronological order, but instead filters everything into categories. Interviews, side material, stories, etc. It's categorized this way because a huge portion of Zoids material simply doesn't fit into an exact timeline.

Books Site2024-01-30 13:55:19

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Makes A Return!

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO will once again be available through the stories section of the Books page! You can find the introductions, prologue, and the first chapter available at the moment. In case you're wondering why it's just the first chapter, when before we had more, it's because I made the decision to go back and redo these chapters. They were done quite a long time ago and are now outdated with many inaccuracies. Though they'll still contain some errors, I feel this is an important step to take before publishing them on the website, as the former quality just isn't up to the current standard.

 The chapters will now merge both book content and magazine content. In some places this is going to get a little chaotic, as the content for the profiles, for example, doesn't always match.

Books Site Zoids Wild Zoids Wild EX ZERO2024-01-30 13:54:57

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Updates!

 A good few issues have been added to the DHM Article. This includes May, August, and October from 2010 (mostly model kit reviews), January and March of 2009 (covering Rebirth Century content), and March 2005 (featuring Fuzors customs, Mercy Rabbit illustrations, the WF BLOX Command Wolf, and heaps of Fuzors based Concept Art!)

Articles Dengeki Hobby Magazine Site2024-01-30 13:54:46

- Zoids Wild Zero Anime Updates!

 The Zoids Wild Zero anime section has been updated with content from Episodes 11 ~ 15, introducing both the completed Genospino and the best smiling cat out there. This update includes Zoid Profiles, Character Profiles, and the start of the ZW0-specific Encyclopedia. To keep things a bit more consistent with pilot variations, they have been moved to their own page if they continue to be upgraded. This only applies to a couple Zoids such as the Raptoria Jo Aysel Spec. but will hopefully keep following their upgrades more manageable.

New Zoid Profiles: Drei Panther, Genospino

Updated Zoid Profiles: Bazootle, Beast Liger, Catalga, Gilraptor, Proto Beast Liger, Raptoria, Triceradogos

Anime Site Zoids Wild Zero2024-01-30 13:54:29

- Zoids Wild Biographies Update!

 The Zoids Wild Biographies section has been updated to include a complete list of all Zoids that were released at the time, although not all have their dedicated pages yet. The fifth story, following Hannah Melville and her Sniptera is also now available to read!

- Zoids Index Update

 Several new Zoids have been added to the Zoids Index! This includes the Black Rhimos (who was just a placeholder before), Death Stinger, Gojulas The Ogre, Iron Kong PK, Liger Zero Jager, Liger Zero Schneider, and Ultra Saurus. There are also some minor quality updates, such as making page format more consistent, tables less redundant, etc.

 Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer have been updated to use diorama-based imagery, instead of anime imagery, to match the rest of the Index (which focuses on the core lore wherever possible.) Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer now also have a military history section, an expanded Media Appearances section, and Panzer has had its concept art fleshed out a bit. Some of the history segments for the Liger Zero series are shared between them, because the CAS units were really more of a side note in the battle story, almost always taking part in the same battles.

Index Site2023-10-16 00:35:35

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