- ZOIDS "Build Them To Battle"

 This series, under the header of just "Zoids" is the international release of Zoids Wild. In particular the Hasbro release from the United States. The series started at the beginning of 2021, following the Netflix release of the anime the year before, and featured a wide variety of changes to the Japanese version of the kits. This included things like color changes, the eyes being molded on, painted pilot figures of their anime riders, and even significant molding changes to some.

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- Where To Buy

 Currently Zoids are stocking in many online stores. Amazon has them with the "buy $25 and get free shipping" bonus, so that may be the cheapest place to pick them up!

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Mega Battlers
Giga Battlers
 Alpha Shadow

- Reconstructing Zoids!

 Zoids "Build Them To Battle" is Hasbro's reimagining of the Zoids Wild line released in Japan starting in 2018. This series has seen overwhelming success, and with Hasbro taking up the mantle for Zoids in the US, a number of design changes have been made to make their release distinctly different from the original. They feature fully painted pilots, eyes molded into the body to avoid any annoying finnicky parts, and new colors that add more detail to the kit's overall appearance.

 This series of model kits comes pre-cut from the sprues and already trimmed, so unlike other model kits, absolutely no additional tools are required for building. They're simple builds and good for kids who are starting out with model building. The only thing not included are batteries, which are required for the larger kits. The small ones use wind-up motors, but the small ones also seem to struggle on most surfaces.

- Build Them To Battle!

 A new gimmick in Hasbro's release of the Zoids Wild kit is the introduction of a play mat! Pictured above, a unique battle mat is included in each kit as a fold-up paper sheet. Pit your Zoids strength against another Battler kit by placing them on the mat, and seeing which of the two can wrestle the other Zoid off of the platform first. Originally, the series was divided into 3 types, Beta Battlers, Mega Battlers, and Giga Battlers. Upon the official release they were merged into Mega Battlers and Giga Battlers, which have 3 standard price points.


1. Start with Zoids battler on the orange hexagon with all feet on the mat.

2. Ready, Set, Unleash! Knock your opponent's battler off the mat to score 1 point. Having 2 or more feet off the mat means the battler has been knocked off.

3. First battler to 3 points wins the match!