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- Zoids Core Box Upcoming Info!

 Another text-only teaser was posted for the upcoming Machine Beast New Century Zoid Core Box, with info expected to drop on the 11th. Info will apparently also be displayed at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, which if I'm not mistaken is running until the 12th. The Core Box was a holy grail for years, so it's exciting to know we'll finally be getting some info on this. (It's worth noting that Machine Beast New Century is a term for the NJR model kit line, not Zoids New Century /ZERO the anime.)

40th Anniversary Project Official2024-05-08 18:58:38

- Wild Liger Kokuoh News!

 The Wild Liger Kokuoh, a Zoids x Fist of the North Star collab first teased at the Big Zoids Expo is finally gaining some traction with a new product page. Interestingly it varies quite a bit from the original painted concept seen at the Big Zoids Expo. I like the direction they chose to take it, which better represents the source material. The kit is scheduled to release in late December 2024 for 6,600 yen, though other sites like Amazon JP and AmiAmi have it for a slightly discounted price.

 This kit will come with an acrylic standee of Roah, the man who rides Kokuoh, the black horse that the Liger is based on. A second mini standee including the 40th anniversary logos for both series was shown in the product photos, but isn't specifically mentioned, so may not be included. This kit will also come with a Fist of the North Star themed backdrop for you to display the kit on. Last but not least, the box art features custom manga-style artwork for the Liger!

- Preview

- Zoids 40th Anniversary Encylopedia Review

 I posted a review of the 40th Anniversary Encyclopedia over in Assorted Books. This doesn't contain the full book, but gives an idea of what to expect. The book is still up for sale on Amazon JP and other sites, so if you're interested in what it has to offer, you can still pick up a copy!

40th Anniversary Project Books Reviews Site2024-05-08 18:57:44

- AZ-06 Liger Zero Phoenix News!

 The Liger Zero Phoenix has officially gone up for pre-order! This kit is scheduled to release in September for 17,600 yen (tax included.) It's now up on the TakaraTomy Mall and the usual sites, so be sure to check your favorite stores for an order page. They also introduced it with its own special preview (shown below), which exhibits the various weapons (well, most of them-) of the Fire Phoenix.

- Liger Zero Phoenix PV

- AZ-06 Liger Zero Phoenix!

 We continue to receive updates on the Anniversary Zero Phoenix. First on the list is a image showing off the flapping wings. Apparently, when connected to the Liger, the Phoenix's wings will flap up and down. Second, the kit will come with adaptors to attach the Zero armor from the AZ-02 Liger Zero. This includes a white canopy part so that you can recreate RD's Liger Zero from Zoids Fuzors, which had white around the ears instead of black. Last but not least, the separated Fire Phoenix (which, by the way, is looking much snazzier in color) will be able to flap its wings when pressing a button on the neck. This is interesting, as we've not had any mechanical non-motorized features in a while.

- MonHun Collaboration Box Art!

 The box art for the Beast Liger Sinister and Sonic Bird Ratha has arrived, and man are they looking fierce! These collaboration kits are releasing in late July.

- AZ-07 Death Saurer Reveal!

 Takara Tomy has released the first image of the AZ-07 Death Saurer, along with a nice little teaser video! This variant looks amazing and the posture leans into its dinosaur class. The kit is scheduled for fall of this year, with pre-orders scheduled for April, sooner than we would've anticipated.

 Scheduled To Be Released Fall 2024
Suggested Retail Price TBA

 To commemorate Takara Tomy's 100th anniversary, we're releasing this long-awaited dinosaur Zoid as its first remake product in 25 years since its release in 1999. In addition to the movement of the face, neck, legs, arms, back, and tail, this figure recreates the realistic movements of a metal life form, including the cylinders of each joint, the spine, and firing motions for the large weapons.

* Pre-orders are scheduled to start in April on the official shopping site "Takara Tomy Mall" and others.

 * The image is of a prototype and may differ from the final specifications.

- Teaser Video

- AZ-?? Death Saurer!

 Zoids Official has posted the exciting reveal of Project D! First teased in June, we've been waiting to see what would come of this mysterious project, and here it is! Though we've only got a silhouette to start with, it's exciting to see the A-Z Zoids expanded to something outside of the feline genre. I'm sure we're all excitedly waiting for more news!

- Monster Hunter x Zoids Collab!

 Well, this is one I hadn't expected to see! Zoids Official has announced a collaboration project, celebrating their 40th anniversary and Monster Hunter's 20th! This new collaboration includes the Beast Liger Sinister and the Sonic Bird Ratha, which have lore bits on the page just linked. A huge thanks to Falcarius, who has translated the lore for us!

Both kits are already up on the TakaraTomy Mall for 6,600 yen each with a late July release date. They both have beautiful painted details and include weapons from the Zoids Wild customize part sets to make them better resemble their Monster Hunter counterparts. These collab kits are hitting the usual stores, so keep an eye out on your favorite store websites.

Zoid-Piloting "Hunters"

 21XX AD. A multiversal door suddenly opened, and creatures unknown on Earth... "Monsters" and "Felynes" wandered through.

 The "Monsters" had lost their original habitats and now threatened human living areas, so the people in charge of defending Earth were pressed to find countermeasures. Meanwhile, the cat-like race of "Felynes" were friendly creatures, and were looking for a way to return to their original world. They also said that there were people in their world called "Hunters" who were skilled at hunting Monsters, and that with their hunting technology, it wouldn't be impossible to hunt these Monsters.

 However, in this world without Hunters, they would need to make use of Earth's technology.

 And so, the "Anti-Monster Zoids" were born.

 Just like Hunters in the "Monster Hunter" world, Zoid pilots would confront the Monsters by riding on dedicated Zoids.

Beast Liger Sinister

 A Beast Liger remodelled as an anti-Magnamalo hunting Zoid.

 Zoid researchers gained advice about the Magnamalo's behavioural characteristics from the Felynes and developed appropriate weaponry.

 Its front claws and Wing Tail are equipped with cutting weapons, further increasing its melee abilities.

 With the additional equipment, its tail can deal slashing attacks by swinging around. When using its Evo Blast, its radiator fins and everything from its face to its back is clad in reddish-purple flames. This equipment was thought up based on the Magnamalo's design, but would later be used as anti-Zoid equipment as well.

Sonic Bird Ratha

 A Sonic Bird remodelled as an anti-Rathalos hunting Zoid.

 Zoid researchers gained advice about the Rathalos's behavioural characteristics from the Felynes and developed appropriate weaponry.

 Additional cutting weapons have been equipped on its Wing Swords. By adding three types of weapons to its Stabiliser Tail - shooting, acceleration and close combat - its abilities at both short and long range have been improved. Each part of its body has also been given a fire-resistant coating in preparation for the Rathalos's flame attacks. This equipment was thought up based on the Rathalos's design, but would later be used as anti-Zoid equipment as well.

- AZ Liger Zero Phoenix Prototype!

 Many fans have been wondering what happened to the AZ Liger Zero Phoenix. It was revealed in the first teasers of the AZ line, but Shieldy and Saber jumped the line. Well, Zoids Official finally posted a prototype preview of the AZ Liger Zero Phoenix! We'd heard that it may be complicated to make this Zoid walk in an earlier interview, with all of the added weight, but it seems they've made some good progress. Compared to the original motorized design, the Phoenix armor has been slimmed down a lot, giving it a more streamlined appearance. The kit will also include the option to build the armor into the Fire Phoenix itself!

 Since then we've seen the first full color preview and a look without the armor on. The product info on these images clarifies that the Liger Zero Phoenix has a different gearbox shape from the normal Liger Zero. Because of this change, some connection points differ from the standard Liger Zero. This means that the Phoenix isn't compatible with the AZ-02 Liger Zero. Though this kit doesn't include the base Zero armor (which normally wouldn't be compatible for the same reason), it does include adaptors if you want to transplant armor from an AZ-02 Liger Zero.

- AZ-05 Saber Tiger!

 Finally, after so many years, we're getting a Raven specific Saber Tiger! This kit was announced back when the Shield Liger was announced, and we've gotten plenty of images showing off the Raven paint scheme. The kit comes with the same snarling face option parts as the old MPZ, as well as an unpainted Raven and Shadow figure. It's scheduled for release in July for 12,100 yen (tax included.) Its anniversary page can be viewed here.

- Product Review

- PV Video

- Commercial

- AZ-04 Shield Liger!

 The AZ-04 Shield Liger, themed after Bang's Shield Liger from Chaotic Century has been up for pre-order for a while now. It's scheduled for a June release for 11,000 yen (tax included). Like the other A-Z Zoids, it comes with an unpainted pilot figure of Bang, Fine, and Zeke. We've also got some preview videos for it!

- Product Review

- Commercial

- AZ-01 Blade Liger!

 Zoids Official posted a custom of the AZ-01 Blade Liger, based on the Blade Destroy, which featured in Zoids Official Fan Book 2. They did an excellent job with this customization! In addition, the Blade Liger sold so well that it's already up for a rerelease, scheduled to be released again in March.

- Big Zoids Expo Online!

 For those who couldn't attend the physical event in Japan, the Big Zoids Expo has moved much of its merchandise online, including with restocks of plenty of merch! Their store is already linked to a proxy service, so you can order even if you're from outside of Japan. The shop even includes some new items, such as the Medal Collection. Some event-exclusive items, such as the Fubuki Fox have also showed up again.

- Hunter Wolf MPD Updates!

 The Hunter Wolf MPD is now available on the TakaraTomy Mall for 4,950 yen, with a release date set for June. It also had a preview video made!

- Product Review

- 40th Anniversary Zoids Encyclopedia

 Hobby Japan is releasing a 40th Anniversary Zoids Encyclopedia, which is exciting news! This book will be released on February 28th and will cover more than 600 items throughout Zoids history, including event items, game and magazine benefit items, and even concept art. This is exciting as we haven't had much supplementary book material for Zoids since Wild. Shogakukan's site listed the book at 168 pages, and it'll be released for 4,950 yen. You can pre-order yours on Amazon Japan.

40th Anniversary Project Books HJM Official2024-01-30 13:51:25

- Big Zoids Expo Report

 TakaraTomy's Youtube Channel has posted a video report of the Big Zoids Expo! Though the event is now over, it was a heck of an event. It's nice that the company has chosen to archive it in video form.

- Report Video

- Machine Beast New Century Core Box!

 In an exciting change of events, Zoids Official has announced a Machine Beast New Century Zoids Core Box! Machine Beast New Century was a term used later in the NJR era model kits, and what this box could contain is anyone's guess. The former Zoid Core Box contained the Zoids Mammoth model kit, a set of the Zoids Battle Story (OJR era books), Avenge of Proitzen book (mostly the story of OFB4 with different stats files), a set of metal pins featuring the Helic, Guylos, and Zenebas insignias, and a series of large print cards called the Zoids Bible, which featured the core lore of the franchise that many people still refer to today. It was quite a collection, and a holy grail of mine for many years (obtained a while back, actually!) Planning for this product has begun.

- Big Zoids Update Status

 The Big Zoids Expo is still going strong! Kotobukiya posted their own review of the event up 'til now, covering many of the exhibits. We're just about to round the corner toward the second phase of this event, with exhibits scheduled to swap out today. We've already seen teasers of the new model exhibit and the new concept art exhibit so it'll be interesting to see what new content is revealed for this event~

 As for status updates, the Murasame Liger Letter Opener increased from 4950 yen to 6600, but at a glance, that's the only price change we've been able to find. Some items have been noted out of stick, including the black logo T-shirts, purchase bonus stickers for the first half of the event (Republic), Blind Character/Zoid Badges, OJR Logo Shirt, Blind Box Art Acrylic Blocks, Blade Liger Face Shirts (below XXL), and Anniversary Shirts (besides M and XXL), Geno Saurer Raven Shirt (Large), 40th Anniversary Shirt (Medium), Zoid Core Pies, and Entry Bonus Cards. There have also been delays on the Tattoo Stickers, Character Stickers, and Blind Character Cards. (Huge thanks to Falc for tracking this!)

- Hunter Wolf MPD

 When Hunter Wolf MPD was exhibited at the Big Zoids Expo, it was in front of a screen featuring a promotional video. This has now been posted online, along with a look at the weathered model kit by SigemikanZ and a dedicated Collaboration Page containing lore content!

- Video

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