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- New Anime Episodes!

 The next wave of Zoids Episodes have hit Youtube, but I'd really like to talk about Fuzors! Fans who saw the earlier western release of this series may remember the underwhelming feeling. Fuzors isn't to a lot of people's taste. However, when the series aired in Japan, it had tons of differences, from changes in lighting effects to a copious amount of redrawn frames. Surprisingly, the entirety of Episode 2 was remade to be much darker in aesthetics and theme, really upping the visual impact of this battle. I highly recommend watching at least this one, to see the one episode you might've missed when watching the Western Release!

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 8

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 2

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 2

- Zoids Genesis Episode 2

- Zoids Fuzors Update!

 Episodes 11 ~ 14 have been added to to the Zoids Fuzors section! This includes screencaps, episode summaries, character and Zoid lists, notable facts, and videos showing the difference between the US / DVD release of the show the Japanese / blu-ray release. We're starting to get to the overarching story of this series!

Concept Art Zoids Fuzors Site2021-03-13 19:31:28

- Zoids Fuzors Concept Art!

 Along with four added episode details, Volumes 1 ~ 4 of the Japanese DVD concept art has been added to the Fuzors-specific concept art page! I'll probably make a dedicated page for these eventually. Huge thanks to Falcarius for providing the images! We see a lot of the early series characters, and even a couple things from the upcoming videos. As usual, new concepts are marked by a green border.

Site Zoids Fuzors2021-03-13 19:31:16

- Zoids Fuzors Update!

 Episodes 8 ~ 10 have been added to the Zoids Fuzors section. As usual, the pages include character and Zoid lists, a short summary, notable facts, and a video illustrating the difference between the English and Japanese versions of the show. Oh, and copious amount of screenshots, of course.

Site Zoids Fuzors2021-02-21 01:48:12

- Zoids Fuzors Concepts!

 With the episode update, the Fuzors section has also had a revamp to its Concept Art page, bringing it in line with our newer series pages. Characters, Zoids, Locations, and Assorted concepts all get their own pages, though we don't have any in the last 2 categories (yet). A good number of new concepts have been added, including earlier concepts of Amy (with a different design), Blade, color concepts of RD and Sweet, Arosaurer, Boldguard, Brachio Rex, Dark Spiner, as well as some animation concepts for how the Zoids should move.

Site Zoids Fuzors Concept Art2021-02-21 01:47:59

- Zoids Anime Section Updates!

 I've got a good few updates for the anime section. CC and Guardian Force now occupy one section, to save on space. Before getting onto the updates I wanted to clarify something: The dubtitles for Wild and Wild Zero have been discontinued. This was probably obvious from the lack of updates, but Wild is getting subtitles on one of the official overseas youtube channels. We'll post these when they are complete. Zero will likely receive the same treatment, so holding off on that for now.

- Zoids Fuzors Updates!

 Zoids Fuzors has finally received an update! Episodes 5, 6, and 7 have been added to the Episodes page. These include blu-ray quality screenshots, notable facts, and videos of the differences. I plan to redo the earlier episode differences as new videos, and from here on out, they'll be in the episode summaries themselves instead of their own page.

- Zoids Wild Senki Updates!

 A section has been added for Zoids Wild Senki! This includes notable facts, screencaps, and an embed of the video on TakaraTomy's youtube channel! The character and Zoids section is currently unavailable, but will be expanded upon when there's more to see. It also includes a Concepts page, featuring the concept art of the recent kit releases!

Zoids Fuzors Zoids Wild Senki Site2020-11-23 19:58:49

New Zoids Fuzors Section!  [Site]

    As many people already know the Zoids Fuzors Blu-Ray Box Set was released last month! We still haven't finished the CC or NC0 sections, apologies for that, but we wanted to establish at least some kind of content for Zoids Fuzors. As such we've added it to the anime section! Right at the moment the Zoids and Character lists are not fully updated, same with the encyclopedia. We're working on it as we go through the episodes but also wanted to wait for more information on each character before establishing profiles.

Site Zoids Fuzors2015-09-08 11:00:00

Zoids Fuzors Anime Updates!  [Site]

    With this addition we've added the first four episodes, which include blu-ray quality screenies and all that good stuff. There is also encyclopedia information on each of the teams featured so far and random factoid stuff. Location encyclopedia is still a ghost town.

Site Zoids Fuzors2015-09-08 10:00:00

Zoids Fuzors Differences Page!  [Site]

    Something new, there is also a differences page added for Zoids Fuzors. Unlike the other series which contained a decent number of cut scenes, Fuzors had a vast variety of animation changes. Entirely redrawn frames, lighting modifications, etc. We've archived everything from the first 4 episodes here. Minor changes, like gradients are added to the page as screencaps to cut down on resources.

Site Zoids Fuzors2015-09-08 09:00:00

C Wolf HT and Red Reviews!  [Site]

    Two reviews have also been added for the Zoids Fuzors 'Special Edition' Command Wolf Holotech and the Zoids Gameboy Color Command Wolf (Red Version.) The GBC Wuf is listed under Limited Edition kits.

Zoids Fuzors Model Kits NJR Reviews2015-05-17 04:00:00

Zoids Fuzors Concept Art!  [Site]

    A section has been added to the Zoids Anime > Fuzors section. It contains several pieces of concept work, of which we have many more to arrange and upload over the coming weeks!

Site Zoids Fuzors Concept Art2015-03-16 03:00:00

WonderFest, and Blu-Ray Releases!  [Official]

    Wonder Festival was just a couple of days ago, and revealed a lot of brand new items for the Zoids franchise! It's an exciting week for everybody!

    First of all, however, it has been announced that Zoids Fuzors will be released on Blu-Ray in August (presumeably August 2nd if it follows the pattern). Zoids Genesis is also scheduled to be released on January 1st, 2016. We can assume pre-orders will show up on May, April, or March. If comparing prices to earlier Blu-ray release, it may be estimated that Fuzor will be around $300 and Genesis aroun $500-$600.

Official Zoids Genesis Zoids Fuzors2015-02-10 06:00:00

Blade Liger BE Review!  [Site]

    Today is a day of Blade Liger reviews. We've added a review for the Blade Liger BE from the Zoids Fuzors line. Both the Fuzors and the Academy version of this release are exactly the same. I'll try to get box scans later but at the time they don't have them.

Zoids Fuzors Site Reviews Model Kits2014-01-14 02:00:00

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