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- Model Kit Reviews!

 The Model Kits section is receiving some updates after a long time. The Yuji Kaida Fire Fox page has had all of the images updated and also gotten some minor tweaks to the review. I've wanted to do this for some of the older motos for a while now. Even after all these years, they're still my favorite kits.

 A review has been added for the MPZ Shield Liger covering the plethora of motorized actions. Joining it is a review for the Tomy Blade Liger, featuring a pre-owned Bladey. Please note, that this review is for the MPZ Shield Liger released in 2016, NOT the upcoming Shield Liger, which features anime colors.

- Helcat Reviews!

 Two new reviews have been added to the NJR Section! This includes the standard Helcat and Helcat Noir. I was shocked to find out that the Noir was such a beautiful color in person. They're still relatively cheap, too, so I recommend picking one up if you're able!

 Speaking of model kit pages, the broken videos from the Zoids Wild pages have also been fixed, and the build videos have been added for Hunter Wolf, Catalga, Kuwaganos, Kill Scythe, Zero Phantoth, and Zero Grizis.

Model Kits NJR Reviews Site2023-02-19 22:25:23

- Zoids Collection DX: Dragoon Nest Review!

 A review has been added to the NJR Model Kits section for the Zoids Collection DX "Dragoon Nest" playset! I'm really glad to be able to review this kit, and hope to someday pick up the other playsets. It has a surprising amount of articulation and gimmicks.

Site Reviews NJR2021-02-07 05:10:37

Zoids Artwork!  [Official]

 Moritya posted some artwork of the Zoids Wild 2 and Liger The Arthur comic characters! It's always nice seeing clean images of the characters~ Yuji Kaida also posted some amazingly clean images of the Death Stinger ZS and Blade Liger Mirage box arts from the old Tomy motorized line. It's wonderful seeing large images of these after so long.

Zoids Wild 2 Zoids Wild Official NJR2020-03-30 10:48:26

Zoids BLOX Promotional Video!  [Site]

 An update has been rolled out for the Zoids BLOX Promotional Video page (found under Media Box > Inclusive Media > Zoids BLOX). This includes screencaps of the first 2 chapters, as well as a video for the second chapter, which is an overview of the Matrix BLOX.

- New Video Added!

NJR Zoids BLOX Videos Site2020-03-19 03:46:35

C Wolf HT and Red Reviews!  [Site]

    Two reviews have also been added for the Zoids Fuzors 'Special Edition' Command Wolf Holotech and the Zoids Gameboy Color Command Wolf (Red Version.) The GBC Wuf is listed under Limited Edition kits.

Reviews NJR Model Kits Zoids Fuzors2015-05-17 04:00:00

Clear Buster Eagle Review!  [Site]

    A review has also been added for the Zoids Exhibition exclusive Clear Buster Eagle, which you can find in the model kits section. Since holotechs are fragile, just wanted to clear up that this one wasn't brittle!

Zoids BLOX Site Reviews NJR Model Kits2014-09-14 05:00:00

Blade Liger Clear CP Review!  [Site]

    A review for the Blade Liger C & B Clear Yellow sprues has been added! They're in a single page since I didn't want to disassemble the Blade Liger to do this one sprue at a time.

    The former Customize Parts section has made a come back! We didn't feel that it needed to be linked on the side bar so it was removed for a time. It is now under Model Kits, as a section at the bottom of the page. We've put up the HMM Customize Parts section from the Liger Zero page into seperate pages here.

Site Model Kits NJR Reviews2014-06-16 02:00:00

Fuzors Energy Liger Review!  [Site]

    A review has been added for the Fuzors Energy Liger!

NJR Site2013-10-09 04:00:00

NJR Liger Zero Review!  [Site]

    A review of the NJR Liger Zero has been uploaded to the model kit section. This review includes translations of the box and battle story.

Site Reviews NJR2013-09-03 03:00:00

Mirage Fox and Konig Wolf Reviews!  [Site]

    The review second includes two new reviews: The first Zoids Original kit "Mirage Fox" and the NJR Konig Wolf. Both Zoids include box and battle story information which can be viewed by clicking the collapsable header image underneath of their box scans. This will reveal the translated story for both.

Zoids Original Site NJR2013-08-10 01:00:00

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