Rubber Keychain

 The Zoids Genesis Rubber Keychains were released in early February 2006, as part of a wide variety of Genesis products released by Taito.

 I didn't expect to like these so much, but they're interesting products. They're made of rubber, shaped in different 'levels' to give them a three-dimensional appearance. The colors are still nice and vivid after all this time, but the rubber as both warped slightly, and begun to sweat. This created some discoloration on the cardboard backing (the green stuff) but given they're all using the same generic images, that's fine.

 Below we'll post images of the six different keychains. There isn't much to say about them individually.

- Murasame Liger

- Re Mie & Lanstag

- Kotona & Rainbow Jerk

- Bio Megaraptor

- Ruuji & Murasame Liger

- Murasame Liger & Bio Raptor Commander