- Zoids Genesis Figure Collection

Japanese Name: (Japanese Name: (ゾイドジェネシス フィギュアコレクション)
 The Zoids Genesis Figure Collection were one of many assorted Zoids Genesis products released by Taito. Two figures were featured in this line, made up of a delicate clay-like material. They came packaged in styrofoam, and because of the nature of this type of product, it's not uncommon to receive a Liger with broken head fins, or a Tyranno with broken claws, and so on.

List of Figures:

  • Bio Tyranno
  • Murasame Liger

Bio Tyranno Statue

 The Bio Tyranno statue is probably the weakest among the Genesis Figure Collection and Amusement Figure statues. It's still a fun product, and there's some novelty to that porcelain-like feel, but the proportions are just off for this one. It's a little too gangly, the head a little to wonky, and it's missing the 'fierce' expression natural to the Bio Tyranno.

 The details are still nice, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it still had the cannon in the mouth. The statue really shines with the spinal columns running down the neck, back, and tail, which due to how statues are constructed, really appear to wrap around the material ('flesh') of the tail.