- Zoids Amusement Figures

Japanese Name: (ゾイド アミューズメント フィギア)

 The Zoids Amusement Figure set is a set of statues made out of a clay-like material. For all intents and purposes, they're basically the same as the Zoids Genesis Figure Collection, consisting of painted weathered statues that stand upon a square base. The quality is more or less the same.

List of Figures:

  • Murasame Liger
  • Sword Wolf

Murasame Liger Statue

 Murasame Liger is the first of these figures, and has a rather fierce pose and aesthetic. The painted details are nice, and the curvature of the armor gives it a good sheen. The low posture looks aggressive, and the fact that the sword is angled diagonally makes the figure a lot more dynamic.

 The down side of the Murasame Liger is those face fins. A lot of these figures you'll find with the fins broken off. Mine had a missing fin as well, as you'll see in the pictures below. It's a real shame, but hard to avoid with such small fragile figures. Murasame Liger comes in a few pieces like the Sword Wolf, but I forgot to get pictures of it. The figures are a bit smaller than BLOX.


Sword Wolf Statue

 Out of all the Taito Genesis statues, Sword Wolf is my favorite. Just something about it looks heroic. I appreciate that these figures have such dynamic poses, and having one blade deployed while the other is still folded back is a nice touch.

 This guy's looking a little hungry around the mid section, with a deeply sloped belly, but that's honestly typical of Genesis in general. Sword Wolf was pretty scrawny in the show, too! Maybe even more so. Sword Wolf's weathering also feels a wee bit sloppier than the other figures (I'd prefer the cockpit not be so smudged up.) Overall, I enjoy the more noticeably 'sculpted' look of the Sword Wolf. The weapons look like they're carved out of stone, and it makes this a nice statement piece.