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- Zoids Genesis Statue Reviews!

 Two pages have been added under Action Figures in the Art Statues section. These include the Zoids Amusement Figures and the Zoids Genesis Figure Collection. The Bio Tyranno of the Figure Collection was already added, but mislabeled as an Amusement Figure. Its review has been redone entirely, including new, clearer photos.

Site Reviews Zoids Genesis Action Figures2024-02-08 04:52:06

- New Anime Episodes!

 The next wave of Zoids Episodes have hit Youtube, but I'd really like to talk about Fuzors! Fans who saw the earlier western release of this series may remember the underwhelming feeling. Fuzors isn't to a lot of people's taste. However, when the series aired in Japan, it had tons of differences, from changes in lighting effects to a copious amount of redrawn frames. Surprisingly, the entirety of Episode 2 was remade to be much darker in aesthetics and theme, really upping the visual impact of this battle. I highly recommend watching at least this one, to see the one episode you might've missed when watching the Western Release!

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 8

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 2

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 2

- Zoids Genesis Episode 2

- Zoids Geneis Episode 1!

 Zoids Genesis Episode 1 is now available on Youtube! Aside from that, GowTohgetsu over on Twitter posted a nice high-quality image of Ruuji's Village, which has appeared throughout various articles and media relating to Zoids Genesis. In the Twitter thread they also discuss a staff member's perspective of the series and the decisions made for its world setting.

- Watch Zoids Genesis

Zoids Genesis Videos Official Artwork Anime2023-06-18 08:42:20

- Mercy Rabbit Art!

 Mercy Rabbit, the key artist for the HMM kits as well as many old Zoids artworks has also started a thread where they share many of their Zoids Generations artworks. Here, Mercy talks about the specifications that went into Midori's design and the history of the Zoid characters and products. Mercy also posted about the old (out of print) Murasame Liger T-shirt, which was a blast from the past! I remember wanting this so bad back when Genesis was airing~

ZA Murasame Blu-Ray Edition!  [Official]

    Along with this news we have our first look at the Blu-Ray Edition Murasame Liger. Rather than to go with the clear color versions, like earlier box sets, it is cast in a more anime-specific green color. We've never had an anime-accurate Murasame release so this is quite interesting!

WonderFest, and Blu-Ray Releases!  [Official]

    Wonder Festival was just a couple of days ago, and revealed a lot of brand new items for the Zoids franchise! It's an exciting week for everybody!

    First of all, however, it has been announced that Zoids Fuzors will be released on Blu-Ray in August (presumeably August 2nd if it follows the pattern). Zoids Genesis is also scheduled to be released on January 1st, 2016. We can assume pre-orders will show up on May, April, or March. If comparing prices to earlier Blu-ray release, it may be estimated that Fuzor will be around $300 and Genesis aroun $500-$600.

Zoids Fuzors Official Zoids Genesis2015-02-10 06:00:00

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