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- Seiko x Zoids Watch Collabroation!

 TakaraTomy is collabing with Seiko to release some high-end Zoids Watches! Be warned, though, these items will be few in number at 300 units each. The watch comes with a special box. It's scheduled to release in April for 59,400 yen.

Official Zoids Collaborations Assorted2024-01-30 13:51:09

- Collaboration Sales

 Collaboration sales have been opening with online retailers to coincide with the celebrations. Caseplay is selling a variety of smart phone cases for 4,480 yen each, featuring both previous art and 40th Anniversary art. Sugomono Japan is selling two varieties of souvenire jackets, ranging from Small to XL (baring in mind Japanese clothing standards are different than American clothing standards). These jackets are selling for 35,000 yen and are made of 100% polyester.

- Zoids Traveling Exhibit Page!

 A dedicated page has been added to cover the 40th anniversary Traveling Exhibit. This was made primarily to list the goods and keep track of what ones appeared at what intervals, as well as provide names so that western fans can see what the products actually are. It currently has not been updated to include the Fukuoka Venue, but that'll be added soon. It also includes links to the direct site and twitter account, which you can follow for more up-to-date information.

Site Assorted 40th Anniversary Project2023-06-30 23:10:30

- Zoids Exhibit!

 The traveling Traveling Exhibit has been going for a while now, and man, the amount of products coming out of this is insane. Acrylic Standees from every anime and a wide variety of other products. Some have been surprising, such as standees featuring battle story characters (Arthur, Ray, Anna, and Wolff, featuring their existing art), or standees of Bio Tyranno and Volcano showing them in a cel-shaded style instead of their typical fully 3D look. There are so many products to cover that I don't know if it's feasible for a news post, so I'll work on a dedicated page for this event soon.

 There are several posts covering the event and its displays. Part of the event was a series of dioramas featuring anime scenes reimagined through model kits, including a rather impressive Hover Cargo. There were plenty of products, and some character cutouts. Even a bit of concept art.

 Some of the products specifically shown off on Twitter, including character acrylic standees for Arthur, Ray, Anna, Wolf, Bit, Zero, Zoiko (Who was the twitter mascot during the MPZ days!), an Irvine Eye Mask, T-Shirts including a Geno Saurer and a Blade Liger shirt, a 40th Anniversary Stainless Steel Mug, a Rainbow Jerk Fan themed after its tail feathers, a Fiona/Fine Mug, and a Postcard Set. A lot of products are to be expected, such as the standees and can badges, but some of them are also just really cute ideas, such as Irvine's Eye Mask and the umbrella that looks like you're looking out of an E-Shield Generator at the Saber Tiger.

- Zoids Rubber Keychain Reviews!

 A page has been added under Assorted for the unusual Zoids Genesis Rubber Keychains. These are pretty cool products, and worth checking out.

 I've also added pages for some assorted Genesis products (towels, clocks, toothbrushes, etc.) Over the next year I'll be trying to slowly expand product pages using magazine/book scans in lieu of photos for products not currently owned. There aren't many resources for assorted Zoids goods, and I'd love to collect that information in one place, where people can view what products have existed and just how vast the Zoids franchise truly is!

Site Reviews Assorted2022-01-09 00:11:26

- CoroCoro Updates!

 Scans have been added for CoroCoro's December 1999 and August 2000 issues. This includes a portion of the prototype Rev Raptor and Geno Saurer, though, unfortunately, my second-hand scans are missing one of the pages for the Rev Raptor.

Site CoroCoro Assorted2022-01-09 00:10:41

- Televi-kun Updates!

 Televi-kun has been divided into its own page, as we continue to collect a decent number of these magazines. For now I've added the March and July 2001 issues and the January and June 2002 issues. These include some awesome diorama images and unique anime artwork.

Televi Site Assorted2022-01-09 00:10:27

- Zoids Wild ZERO At GraffArt Shop!

 GraffArt has posted a slew of Zoids Wild Zero related goods! With plenty of character and Zoid art alike, there are tons of items to browse.

Official Assorted2021-06-19 12:34:22

- Zoids Sticker Gum!

 I've added a page to the Assorted category for Zoids Sticker Gum! These little square stickers were sold in candy packets in Japan, and you might've seen them floating around on auction sites. We're only missing a couple, and the page includes translations and images.

Site Assorted2021-03-13 19:30:37

- New Poster!

 A beautiful large-scale poster featuring customs from the Zoids Fuzors line has been added to the Assorted category!

Site Assorted2020-11-23 19:58:19

- Zoids Wild Zero Graffart Merchandise!

 Zoids Wild Zero is collaborating with GraffArt Shop to release some new merchandise, which you can view here! This includes the following items: A set of 10 Can Badges featuring various screenshots, sold for 480 Yen each or 4,800 for a box. A set of 9 Acrylic Holders, also featuring screenshots, for 780 Yen each or 7,020 Yen for a box. A Chara Pass (card holder) for 1,380 Yen, featuring the series title image. A Large Character Mirror for 1,000 yen. A set of 7 Chara Clear Figures (Standees) for 1,600 Yen each, featuring the Zoid's stock photos. Last but not least, a mug featuring the second title card for the series for 1,500 Yen.

Zoids Wild Official Assorted2020-11-23 19:53:29

- Stand River New Product Reveals!

 Now that Stand River has concluded, we'll be covering all of the new product details that were published during the stream. It was an amazing event, and it was so cool to see everyone's customs! You can view the entire gallery here. Definitely give it a look!

 In the meantime, this post will be organized by the order that things were revealed during the event. If you missed the livestream, no worries, Kotobukiya is arranging to post videos to youtube soon! So don't mind the livestream link being broken.

- Zoids Key Charms!

 Just before Stand River, Kotobukiya announced their decision to release a set of Zoids Key Charms. The full set of metal charms consists of Wild Liger/Arashi, Gannontoise/Onigiri, Scorpear/Penne, Triceradogos/Gyoza, Hunter Wolf/Salt, and Spideath/Youkan. The set is scheduled for a January 2021 release as a Kotobukiya Direct Exclusive, for 2,000 yen each. It is not sold as a set! We have pre-order links down at the bottom of the page. Be sure to place your pre-orders by October 28th, as after that, they'll only be selling the remaining unsold stock before closing pre-orders.

- HMM Box Art Reveals

 Stand River also featured a reveal of several box arts, including the digital version for the HMM Wild Liger, the Pteras Bomber, and the Geno Breaker Repackage Ver., featuring a beautiful scene from Official Fan Book 2.

- HMM Revamps!

 Kotobukiya started off with a couple of new rerelease announcements. A new release of the HMM Panzer CAS, now in Marking Plus version, and a new Shadow Fox Marking Plus Version! So for all those who've been waiting for Fox, now's your chance!

- Wild Liger Guren Chrome Reveal!

 The final Wild Liger Guren was shown off in the event, complete with its chrome parts, clear caps, and clear purple eyes and Wild Blast parts. The camera's white balance caused most of the details to be washed out, so please excuse the lower detail.

- HMM Fangtiger Prototype Reveal!

 We got our first look at the Fangtiger model kit tonight! While we saw concept art earlier, I never would have guessed how many movable parts this Zoid has. It's really impressive. During the Wild Blast, the Panthera Armor folds out (like the moto kit) and the blades come forward. The blades are articulated so that they can take that 'spread out' pose that's used in the anime, and the pits of the blades (the lines) are also separate pieces! In other words, the blades can stretch slightly for the Wild Blast. The armor on the upper rear legs opens up to reveal some vents, a feature new and exclusive to the HMM verson of the kit.

 Like the HMM Wild Liger, the Fangtiger comes with a pilot figure. Bacon looks highly detailed. The reveal of Wild Liger's box art noted that the Zoids Wild kits will have their own designation, with Wild Liger being "W001".

- Rev Raptor Prototype Reveal!

 Fangtiger isn't the only prototype shown off. Rev Raptor's prototype was also revealed! There's a lot of detail crammed into this tiny kit, and it sports the same amount of articulation we've come to appreciate from Kotobukiya. The claws and blades also look quite sharp.

- HMM Customize Parts Pile Bunker Unit!

 The Rev Raptor is going to coincide with a release of a new HMM Customize Parts set, the Pile Bunker Unit! The unit has a movable pilebunker that can slide quite far forwards and backwards, as well as a mount that lets it tip up and down, and small movable panels on the top of the unit that can stand up or tuck back.

- HMM Raven Raptor!

 Kotobukiya also posted on Twitter that we'll be getting an HMM Raven Raptor! Many of you may recognize this as a Yuji Kaida variant. We've had several others appear in the HMM line, so this is an expected (and welcome) update. The Raven Raptor will be packaged with the Pile Bunker, just like the original motorized release.

- HMM Gilraptor 3D Model!

 Kotobukiya showed off the HMM Gilraptor's 3D Rig, in place of a prototype (as it's not quite ready yet). Although it's awesome to see, it's hard to see some of the details. So, for those who may have forgotten, here is the artwork for it that was posted at the last Stand River! It'll be full of beautiful details. You can see the X-style zig zags on the armor in the 3D model, a custom detail of the HMM.

- HMM Death Rex Reveal!

 As fans have pondered for many months, Kotobukiya has now announced an HMM Death Rex! The initial artwork looks amazing, and you can see that this kit is full of anime-accurate details. This includes the brown on the large Jaws and even the anime accurate sharp claws! It also looks like it'll have a rather intricate Uvula Drill, which, if the kit matches the artwork, can completely retract and also extend quite far past the jaws like in the show.

 The Death Rex Purple Dragon Form was also confirmed as a store exclusive, though there were no images shown for it during the event.

- HMM Liger Zero X!

 As Kotobukiya wrapped up their live build of the HMM Wild Liger, they dropped a final surprise reveal on us! The HMM Liger Zero X! This kit looks amazing, and it's one that people have been wanting for a long, long time. It was great to see a prototype, and it looks to really honor all of the X's design scheme.

- New Poster!

 The Assorted section has been given a facelift to match the rest of the site, along with a more organized layout and a few new additions. First, the 20th Anniversary "1/72 Real Scale Panorama Poster" has been added to CoroCoro Posters, and a separate page has been added for the Big Zoids Expo Ticket.

Site Assorted2020-09-23 17:08:52

- Zoids Postcards!

 A set of postcards from the Big Zoids Expo has been added to the assorted section, with their own page. This is one of 2 sets sold at the expo, and each card has its own slogan! A nice look at some of the NJR box art, especially art featured on the back of the boxes, which rarely gets nice scans.

Site Assorted2020-09-23 17:08:36

TakaraTomy 2019 Financial Report!   [Official]

    Although this is somewhat old news, TakaraTomy recently posted their Annual Report 2019, which had some interesting bits of information regarding Zoids. We're going to include all of the relevant info below.

Zoids Wild:
    The latest series of this original brand launched in 1983. Based on animal and dinosaur motifs, ZOIDS are called “classic examples of animal-type mechanical organisms as an assembled toy that moves and uses weapons via springs or motors

    As for toys exported overseas, in November 2018,an international tournament was held in France for the next-generation spinning top BEYBLADE BURST that generated popularity for this toy overseas and led to increased sales. We enhanced the product capabilities of trading card game DUEL MASTERS by revising card content, while a tournament held in March 2019 successfully increased this product’s popularity. Additionally, since the June 2018 launch of merchandise related to dinosaur and animal-themed ZOIDS WILD, we have proactively promoted related content development, including television animation broadcasts that began in July, an amusement machine that was released in January 2019, and in February, sales of video game software were launched.

    Additionally, the ZOIDS WILDS TV animation began broadcasting in South Korea in October 2018, then Hong Kong and Thailand in November and in Taiwan in December.

    Further more in addition to our core products, we will continuously launch new products. TOMY plans to proactively launch of new products targeting hit content such as boy’s hobby toy BAKUGAN, the third series, PHANTOMIRAGE! live-action television drama and popular movies Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. Already having global content including BEYBLADE and TRANSFORMERS, at present we are proactively developing ZOIDS to create the next new wave in the trough of sales generated by these businesses.

Cultivating ZOIDS WILD as a Third Pillar, Promoting Further Investment in New Content
    We are focusing efforts on cultivating ZOIDS WILD as a third pillar after BEYBLADE and TRANSFORMERS. In terms of deployment, toys were released in Japan in July 2018, and animation broadcasts began. Overseas, animation broadcasts began in July 2018 in nine countries and regions, including China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. During fiscal 2019, we are planning animation broadcasts and toys in Europe and the United States as we enter the stage where ZOIDS WILD toy sales and animation broadcasts will begin worldwide. As ZOIDS WILD is a TOMY original global brand IP, we will promote expansions into a variety of business areas, including toys, apparel, accessories, game machine cabinets and video game software. ... (Diagram shows)
    - Apparel: T-Shorts, Pajamas, Socks, etc.
    - Toys (Domestic)
    - Toys (Overseas)
    - TV anime cartoon
    - Game software
    - Enclosure
    - Miscellaneous goods (Puzzle game, kite, etc.)
    Expand Business in the Asian Market
    Proactive Development of Core Products, ZOIDS WILD and BAKUGAN redundant
    To further strengthen development in the Asian market, where sales have grown steadily in recent years, we will aggressively develop our own original content, including ZOIDS WILD and battle hobby toy BAKUGAN in addition to our core products. We will also proactively deploy visual content successful in Japan throughout Asia.

Zoids Wild Official Assorted2019-10-07 01:00:00

Zoids Graffart Collaboration!  [Official]

    TT has announced a collaboration with Graffart Shop to feature some Zoids merchandise! This will include a few different types of items, mostly in the generic merch categories (keychains and the like). It features some cute art of the Zoids and their characters. Check here for a better look at the items, and here for more.

Assorted Zoids Wild Official2019-06-25 03:00:00

Zoids Puzzle Rubber Game Figures!  [Official]

    A set of Puzzle Rubber Game figures has been announced! These are small rubber figures split into multiple parts (namely body, head, legs, and tail). You can then mix and match the parts, putting rex limbs on a Liger, or a raptor tail on Fang Tiger. The set includes 5 Zoids: Death Rex, Dimepulsar, Fang Tiger, Gilraptor, and Wild Liger. A box set can be ordered on sites like amiami for around 3,480 yen.

Zoids Wild Official Assorted2019-06-25 02:00:00

Zoids Wild Chess Pieces!  [Official]

    TakaraTomy recently posted a tweet showing off the chess piece prototypes. These are special chess pieces scheduled to be released in late June. Pre-orders are already available, for a box including 10 pieces. Buying the box set will net you all 10 types. Each Zoid comes in gold and silver.

Zoids Wild Official Assorted2019-04-29 06:00:00

Zoids Wild Various Items!  [Official]

    A korean website called gmarket has started stocking some of the various Zoids Wild merchandise, including sticker books, lunch boxes, game books, coloring books, and more! There are a ton of items to choose from, and they're all quite cheap, so take a look!

Zoids Wild Official Assorted2019-03-10 12:00:00

Zoids Wild Assemble Models 2!  [Official]

    The next set of Assemble Models for Zoids Wild have popped up for pre-order! This set includes the Fang Tiger, Gilraptor Commander, Dimepulsar, and Wild Liger. Which is a little unusual because the Wild Liger showed up before in the first issue. You can pre-order this on some sites for 4,104 ish yen (not including discount) for a box of 10. This means there will be some extras.

Assorted Official Zoids Wild2019-03-10 10:00:00

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