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- The Second Full-Scale Battle

ZAC 2100, July   |  Northern Europa   |  Rob Base

 It's not like I'm a part of the Republic. The Empire and the Republic are the same as the big faces of any other country. Well, that's the general impression I got when I came here. Either way, I tend to lend my support to the losing side.

(From the enlistment introduction of Irvine, of the Republican Army's 24th Mercenary Battalion)

The OS experimental machine, The Ogre. A man is staring at this monster, that no one can control.
 The Republican Army's Rob Base, having received backup from the Republic's strongest forces, was humming like a prodded beehive. Due to the troops reorganizing and the maintenance being done on the units, everyone from generals to first year soldiers would be working nonstop for three more days.

"Geez, how did you even get to become a Major? Though I guess we did ask to get a hand from the cat."

 The mechanic mocked Arthur, as he guided his machine into the hangar with unsteady hands.

"Shut up. Besides, who's that guy who's been staring at the Gojulas for the last while?"

"Oh, he's a mercenary, Irvine. Looks like he's obsessed with the Ogre.

 — Ogre. A Gojulas with an experimental Organoid System. The strongest beast, whose original power had to be sealed, and could only be operated by use of an autopilot because of its ferocity.

The all-out assault of the Imperial Army has begun. The Republican Army was faced with its greatest crisis since the outbreak of the war.
"It's common for Zoid riders to fall in love with Zoids at first sight..."

 It was proof that the machine and the pilot were compatible. Only the Ogre was said to be different. Even the Shield Liger-based Blade Liger was hard to handle. There was no way people could manipulate something like a Gojulas that had an OS.

"Sadly, I gave that up."

 The peculiar mercenary quickly vanished from Arthur's mind. His tasks were piling up. He had other concerns as well. A low pressure system was approaching Rob Base. It would turn into a storm by night. For some reason, it gave him a strange sense of excitement.

 Arthur's premonition was correct. A total assault from the Imperial Army was imminent. The strongest members of the Republic, now on Europa, instilled a sense of emergency in the Imperial Command. And, before the Republic's forces could finish their reorganization, they decided to settle the battle.

 However, the Imperial Army, who suffered from a lack of supplies, couldn't afford long-term warfare. They had to land a decisive victory in as short a time as possible. The operation chosen by headquarters was a surprise attack. And, it was also a surprise attack that challenged even their overwhelming force.

The armored divisions were approaching from the land, and the marine corps were approaching from the sea. The Repulibcan Army was like a mouse trapped in a bag.
 They waited for the stormy night, when Storm Sworders couldn't fly, and brought in 50 ground divisions (1 million soldiers and about 50,000 combat Zoids), and a mixed marine unit consisting of Sinkers, Brachios, and Hel Digunners (about 10,000 Combat Zoids), launching a simultaneous attack from the land and the sea. On the other hand, the Republican Army, which was still reorganizing its troops, had no more than 20,000 combat Zoids that could be mobilized that night. It was a perfect strategy that challenged them with a 3 to 1 difference in strength.

 The Redler death squad, prepared for the bad weather, drilled the first hole into the Republican front lines. The armored divison avalanched through that hole. One after another they broke through the defensive lines of the Republican Army, who'd been caught completely off guard.

- The Second Full-Scale Battle  (2)

 The Armored Division of the Imperial Army had already crossed the Muse Forest, and their foremost soldiers were approaching Rob Base, the last fortress of the Republican Army. On the other hand, the confused Republican Army was still unable to move on to a strategic counterattack. It was four hours from the start of the battle. The Republican Army had been driven into a situation where total collapse wouldn't be an unrealistic outcome.

 But there was one brave unit that saved them from the crisis. It wasn't their regular army. It was a unit of combat professionals, mercenary units hired with gold. Many of them were from Europa and had a strong hatred for the Imperial Army, which had caused this war of aggression in the first place. They fought like demons.

 Mercenary troops were often far inferior to regular armies. Most of them used small Zoids, or micromachines intended for infantry, known as Attack Zoids.

The PK Kong invaded the Republican base with only a single unit, as if it were invincible. The mercenary Irvine noticed this emergency...
However, they lured their opponents into various traps, like pitfalls and mud, so the enemy units were buried one after another in this deadly battle.

 Their success gave the Republican Army time to recover. The situation remained unfavorable, but the units were gradually regaining their composure.

 — If they could carry out the battle as is, the enemy's ammunition would be exhausted and they could sortie the reorganization of troops. That was when the ray of hope would come into view of the Republican headquarters. Then an emergency alarm sounded at Rob Base. One Iron Kong had managed to break in. A red remodeled Kong that was heavily armed. It was a Kong who belonged to the PK division and had been sent to the front lines by the Imperial Regent, Prozen, to raise morale. Its mobility and firepower were incomparably greater than the normal Kong. The base garrison that was sent out to intercept it had been kicked aside without a fight. Finally, the PK Kong was looking for the door of the hangar, where thousands of Zoids, who were still unable to launch, were waiting.

- The Second Full-Scale Battle  (3)

 ▼ The PK Kong invaded the hangar. There were thousands of defenseless Zoids lined up there, including the Ogre. The Republican Army was in danger!

- The Second Full-Scale Battle  (4)

 The PK rampaged as it pleased. One after another, the immobile Zoids of the Republic were destroyed.

 The hangar was worse than the front lines. There was a lot of confusion as they tried to sortie as many Zoids as possible. Arthur was also in a panic. He was blocked in by allies on all sides, and the Blade couldn't move. That's where the PK jumped in.

 For the Kong, this battle was even easier than simple training exercises. If he fired, he'd hit an enemy. The hits sparked explosions, which could destroy 5-6 Zoids in a single shot.

"Extinguish the fire!"

 "Get those Zoids out of the way of the path!"

 Angry shouts were flying back and forth, and the workers were running around. A bullet aimed at the Kong hit a friendly unit instead.

"This guy's really dangerous."

The mercenary Irvine and his Command Wolf protected the Ogre from the PK by using their own body as a shield.
 Even Arthur, who was usually cheerful and optimistic, wasn't prepared for this. A single enemy cost them several divisions of strength. It would have been that way, were it not for a miracle. Yet, it happened. That miracle.

 Suddenly, another Zoid jumped in from the hole made by the Kong. A black colored Command Wolf. It was the mercenary Irvine's machine. It boldly confronted the Kong, who's aim was the Ogre. However, the difference in performance between the two units was too significant. He couldn't compare. He was struck down over and over again. Against the floor, against the wall. Still, the Command desperately stood back up.

"That pilot. Is he protecting the Ogre?"

 Arthur thought perhaps it was so. In fact, the Command being bombarded by the Kong had become the Ogre's shield, and was now being scattered to pieces in every direction.

The Ogre responded to Irvine's heart and awoke. The strongest demon beast has finally started up.

- The Second Full-Scale Battle  (5)

 And then, the miracle began. There was no pilot, and yet the Ogre, whose autopilot had been turned off, started to move.

 The Kong's pilot was probably one of the most elite. Suddenly, it calmly fired a beam gun at the Ogre as it was starting to move. Close range. It pierced even the heavy armor of the Gojulas. However, the built-in OS instantly repaired the metal cells. The Ogre grabbed the Kong. It had transcendental power. It tore through the giant body of the Kong like it was nothing.

 Eventually, the Kong's life faded away, and it collapsed. The Ogre, who threw its body out of the way, slowly opened the cockpit for Irvine, who had exited from the Command Wolf.

Around the time that the Ogre's miracle was taking place, the Empire's marine troops were approaching from the sea. However, a mysterious machine also appeared from the bottom of the sea...?

- The Second Full-Scale Battle  (5)

 The situation of the war was about to change. The Imperial Army was still predominant, but their ammunition was running out thanks to the relentless resistance of the Republican Army. Still, the Imperial Army didn't stop their advance.

The Hammer Head won the naval battle. This achievement brought victory to the Republican Army.

 — The marine corps were about to land.

 — Now, with reinforcements from the sea, the Republic's forces would be annihilated. The landing was behind schedule, probably due to the sea being rougher than expected.

 That thought propelled them forward. However, this decision would eventually drive the Imperial Army to total defeat. Reinforcements from the sea didn't appear until the end of the battle. The Republic's state-of-the-art Hammer Head had also been secretly deployed in the ocean. The Imperial Marine Corps failed to break through this final defense network, the amphibious sea-air unit, whose armor, weaponry, and search capabilities far exceeded the Sinkers.

 By dawn and the end of the storm, the advantages of the Republican Army had become apparent to everyone. For the first time since the outbreak of the war, Irvine's Ogre and Arthur's Blade, which were finally able step out of the hangar, joined the frey.

 Their allies' morale was high. Naturally. There were tens of thousands of enemies in front of them, all firing their bullets upon them. Depending on how this battle went, they might be able to repaint the power map of Europa. Yet, Arthur was thinking about something entirely different from his peers. About the relationship between pilot and Zoid.

 The Gojulas equipped with an OS had opened its mind to someone. Arthur had been witness that miracle.

— Can the Blade and I, and now the Ogre win with this fight?

 No, they couldn't win, he thought. Perhaps, the next time, he would meet that "R" Geno Saurer pilot again.

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