- Zoids Battle Story: Episode 1

- The Organoid War

ZAC 2100, January   ~   ZAC 2100, November

- New Zoid Development Plan (1)

ZAC 2100, January   |  Northern Europa   |  Nixie Base

A terrifying test begins at Nixie, Europa's largest Imperial Army base.
 Early ZAC 2100. A gust of hot wind from just below the equator was the first thing to welcome Lieutenant Ritz Runstedt, who was descending to the Nixie base from the narrow cockpit of his Redler, after a 5 hour flight from his frigid homeland

 The wind changed the shapes of the sun-baked sandy territory that surrounded the base, then flew off at a furious pace. The scenery was changing with every passing moment. Instead of the sights getting boring for the viewer, it made him somewhat uneasy. He wondered if that thought would appear on his face? One of the mechanics walked in and patted Ritz's shoulder.

"I, too, was bothered by this damned sand and heat, Lieutenant."

 He had a wrinkled smile, and seemed like a good guy.

"But, you know, you'll get used to it soon. No, actually, before you get used to it, this war will be over."

 He patted his shoulder again. It seemed he was trying to encourage the young rookie officer, who was his son's age.

"I hope it is."

 Ritz answered with a smile. The old man didn't seem to know. This young officer, who seemed wet behind the ears to him, was a man known as "Iceman", a test pilot of the Imperial Army.

One of the test machines. A Red Horn with enhanced armaments, armor, and internal machinery.

A modified Saber, whose armaments and mobility have been greatly enhanced, was also selected as a test machine.

 You think we're going to mass-produce this thing? You idiot! You should've seen the tests. Oh, yeah. This guy is certainly strong. But, no one can control this thing. You can be sure of that. It'll destroy your pilot before it destroys the enemy.

(From the record of Imperial Army Test Pilot, Lieutenant Ritz Runstedt.)

- New Zoid Development Plan (2)

 The Guylos Imperial Command had already seen the future of the Western Continent War. To the invasion of the Central Continent, the mainland of the Helic Republic.

 The Republic, which had devoted its efforts to rebuilding from the catastrophe that occurred 40 years ago, has far greater economic and industrial power than the Empire. Striking the heart of the Republic before this power could be converted into war efforts was the great strategy of the Empire. In order to do so, it was necessary to develop a new type of Zoid that could immediately end the battle on the mainland.

 However, the opinions of the Imperial Development Team were divided. One side wanted to strengthen and remodel the existing mainstay Zoids. For this plan, the development costs would be low and reliable results could be expected.

 The other half's opinions were that new units should be developed, which would incorporate the ancient civilization's super-technology, the Organoid System, which was used in the Death Saurer revival project. Their analysis of the system was still incomplete, but their calculations showed that Zoids could significantly increase their combat strength with it. Both sides refused to budge, and HQ finally announced their intentions to have "both sides develope their own machine, and hold a battle between the two types of Zoids that would determine the result."

 One of the test pilots requested for this battle was Ritz.

- New Zoid Development Plan (3)

 From the moment he sat in the cockpit of the Geno Saurer, Ritz felt a sense of incongruity that he had never felt before. His heartbeat was fast. Even the controller overseeing the communications probably heard his disturbed breathing. A destructive impulse, with no rhyme or reason pushed up from the bottom of his belly. — Calm down. Calm down. This is your job. Just pull out 100% of the machine's performance, and show it to the big shots. Like always. Be cool.

"What's wrong, Iceman? Aren't you gonna get going?"

"Sometime today, Lieutenant."

Geno Saurer fends off the Beam Gatling at close range. Its mobility and reaction speed are said to be rather strange.
 Lieutenant Geordot was piloting the Red Horn GC, and Sergeant Spantz was in the Saber Tiger AT. They were test pilots he knew. Ritz was in a single Geno Saurer, and was up against two opponents. Of course, the development costs of both sides were five times the average. That was good. The problem was this hatred that he didn't remember having for his colleagues.

— No way, is this the Zoid's emotions flowing into me?

 He knew, of course, that Zoids had emotions, fighting instincts, and compatibility with pilots, but he'd never heard of them affecting the pilot's own feelings. — Stop the test!

 When Ritz tried to shout out, the other two machines came at him from both sides. The battle was beginning. Well, more precisely, it was the beginning of the slaughter.

It has the power to crush the Saber's neck with a single blow. In addition to this fighting ability, Geno Saurer is even equipped with a Charged Particle Cannon.

 The power of the remodeled Zoids must have exceeded the expectations of the Imperial Command. The Saber AT fired its missiles accurately at speeds of more than 250 kilometers, and the Red Horn's Beam Gatling weapon instantly destroyed the huge, rocky mountain. However, Geno Saurer's power was so terrifying that it defied all common sense known to battles so far. Mobility that took the Saber by storm. Incredible power that crushed the heavy armor of the Red Horn with a single shot. And above all, a terrible ferocity that could not be rivaled by any Zoid.

 The commander muttered, stunned as he watched the seriously injured test pilots being pulled out of the two reinforced Zoids, which were torn to shreds.

"Mass-produce the Geno Saurer immediately."

When the mass-production of the Geno Saurer was decided, the development of a new generation of Zoids was underway at the Republican Army's Rob Base, located to the far east.

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