- Zoids Fan Book 2

- Helic Republic Battle Machine Beast Army Corps

- Blade Liger

A New Generation Of Zoid That Holds The Fate Of The Republic

- Blade Liger Military History

Type: Lion

 Originally, the Empire had more time to analyze the Organoid System. The Republican Army in contrast didn't have the time to develop a dedicated OS machine like the Geno Saurer. For that reason, the Republican Army researched OS-equipped machines based on Shield Ligers. Eventually, the Blade Liger was born.

It's equipped with an E Shield and Laser Blades. The Republican Army, which centered mostly around live-ammunition weaponry, also equipped various experimental weapons to it.
 At the start of the war, most of the Zoids being introduced by both armies were units that had been developed more than 40 years ago. Though, the fight was making a big leap forward in technological advancement. Ironically, the Western Continent War produced many new Zoids. One of those new generation Zoids was said to be the symbol of this development. That Zoid was the Blade Liger.

 The greatest feature of this unit was that it incorporated the Organoid System (a program that abnormally activates the Zoid Core). As a result, its motor skills and the regenerative power of its metal cells were greatly improved. It gained speed, fighting power, and vitality that far exceeded common sense. However, the OS was a super technology from an ancient civilization. There are still many parts of it that haven't been able to be analyzed yet, so its become a unit that puts extreme stress on the pilot. Therefore, it has not yet become a full-fledged mass production machine.

- Technical Data

 Its strongest weapon, the Laser Blades, are stored and can be deployed. They can also serve as wings to improve its aerodynamics.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 25.9 meters
Overall Height: 12.2 meters
Weight: 124.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 305 Km/h


 3D Dual Sensor   (Tip of tail)
 AZ 2-Barrelled Shock Cannon   (Chest)
 Compression Refrigerator x4   (White leg armor)
 E-Shield Generators   (Bottom and top of mane)
 Laser Blade x2   (Sides/Back)
 Laser Sabre x2   (Fangs)
 Multi Blade Antenna x2   (Long upper mane pieces)
 Pulse Laser Gun x2   (Blades)
 Rocket Booster   (Back)
 Strike Claws x4   (Paws)

- Storm Sworder

The Strongest Fighter Type Zoid In History Is Born!

- Storm Sworder Military History

Type: Pteranodon

 The Republican Army had read that the key to an invasion was their air force. The gap in army strength wasn't easy to fill. However, they could put up a fight if they could take control of the skies. In fact, it was the Storm Sworder's air supremacy that led to their victory on the Western Continent.

The Storm Sworder that incorporates imperial technology. The Empire's influence can be seen in terms of design, like a fully covered cockpit.

 During the period of ZAC 2099 to the beginning of ZAC 2100, the Republican Command had major concerns over the unfavorable war conditions. Their military spending just wasn't sufficient, because they'd placed top priority on reconstruction efforts following the catastrophe that had occurred 40 years ago. It would take a while longer for them to switch gears to a wartime regime. During this period, the Republic Intelligence Bureau seized confidential documents from the Empire.

 It was a blueprint for a new flight-type Zoid. An aircraft that had been postponed due to them prioritizing the Geno Saurer. The Republic completed it by adding in their own technology. This became the birth of the strongest air combat Zoid, the Storm Sworder. Due to the technology of both armies and a limited OS, the systems couldn't all fit on the fuselage, so an external engine pod was attached. On the other hand, it made the aircraft easy to modify. It became possible for them to create various different models according to current pressures from the war.

- Technical Data

 The power of the Mach 3.2 Wing Sword, which can strike at super high speed is outstanding. When fighting similar fighting-type machines like the Redler, it's said to have a huge advantage, able to fight 5 to 1, or even 10 to 1.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 10.1 meters
Overall Height: 12.9 meters
Weight: 47.0 tons
Maximum Speed: Mach 3.2


 2-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun x2   (Front of wings, Exchangeable with Iron Claw)
 Engine Pods   (Back)
 Iron Claw x2 (Exchangeable)   (Front of wings, Exchangeable with 2-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun x2)
 Top Sword   (Head)
 Wing Sword x2   (Wings)

- Gun Sniper

A Small Scale Zoid With An Organoid System

- Gun Sniper Military History

Type: Velociraptor

 We tend to focus on huge Zoids, but what's more important in actual warfare is a small machine that can be mass-produced. This is the mass-production of OS-equipped Zoids. That was the Gun Sniper's development concept.

The rear part of the missile pod is a booster. The instantaneous power of it is superior to the Rev Raptor.
 The all-purpose small-scale Zoid, the Gun Sniper, was developed as a support unit for the Blade Liger. By installing an Organoid System like the Blade had, it gained agility and vitality that conventional small units couldn't compete with. However, compared to the Blade, its use of the OS is very limited, and even medium level pilots can sufficiently handle it.

 Coincidentally, it was based on the same velociraptor-type wild Zoid as the OS-equipped small-scale Zoid, the Rev Raptor, which was being developed by the Imperial Army around the same time, but unlike the Rev Raptor which was built for melee combat, this one's an all-rounder type. It's good at shoot outs, but forcibly jettisons its weapons during melee combat. By becoming more lightweight, it can demonstrate a high fighting performance.

- Technical Data

 With pinpoint sniping, the Sniper Rifle that's linked to the Dual Sensor can shoot through the Zoid Core of a large-scale Zoid.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 11.9 meters
Overall Height: 7.2 meters
Weight: 25.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 200 Km/h


 3D Sensor   (Forehead)
 8-Shot Missile Pod x2   (Back)
 All-Range Dual Sensor   (Tail)
 AZ 80mm Beam Gun   (Chest)
 AZ 144mm Sniper Rifle   (Tail)
 Beam Machine Gun x2   (Arms)
 Bite Claws x2   (Hands)
 Bite Fangs   (Mouth)
 Multi-Blade Antenna x2   (Sides of head)
 Strike Anchor Claw x2   (Large toe claws)

- Hammer Head

The Super Powerful Air-Sea Dual Purpose Naval Zoid

- Hammer Head Military History

Type: Hammer Head Shark

 It surpasses the Sinker's abilities in every way. That's the position held by the Hammer Head. Although its goal has been achieved in its entirety, its high performance makes it a costly unit.

On the seas, under water, or in the sky. The Hammer Head surpassed the Sinker's abilities in every way.
 Ever since the days of the former Central Continent War with the Zenebas Empire, the Republic's Navy has endeavored to carry out surprise attacks on their amphibious air-sea type Sinkers.

"Building an amphibious air-sea combat Zoid that surpasses the Sinker is the only way to control the sea."

 The Republican Headquarters had been giving those orders to the Engineering Department for a long time, and the Hammer Head was the result of that.

 It's equipped with an Ion Engine that operates efficiently both in the sea and in the air, and variable wings that are used as its main flight wings. With high maneuverability, achieved by streamlining its internal space to the greatest extreme, it has realized a heavy armament status that's unprecedented for medium-scale Zoids. However, since its production cost is too high, a mass-production type with simplified armaments is currently under consideration.

- Technical Data

 The AZ Maneuver Missiles boast a range of over 50 km. It can not only be used in dog fights, but can also operate as a strategic naval ship.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 17.0 meters
Overall Height: 6.6 meters
Weight: 66.5 tons
Maximum Speed: Mach 1 (Air), 65 Knots (Sea)


 AZ 30mm 2-Barrelled Hyper Shock Gun x2   (Under fins)
 AZ 30mm Hyper Beam Gun x2   (Bottom of hammer)
 AZ Maneuver Missile Container   (Top of tail)
 AZ Maneuver Missile Pod x2   (Front of hammer)
 AZ Pulse Laser Gun   (Bottom of tail)
 Ion Booster x2   (Back)
 Ion Pulse Jet x2   (Sides)

- Dibison

The Heavyweight Zoid With Ultra-Hard Horns and 17 Gun Barrels!!

- Dibison Military History

Type: Buffalo

 At the time of its rollout in ZAC 2046, it was one of the few Republican Zoids who could challenge the invincible Death Saurer to a battle. It's a masterpiece that always stands at the forefront of the Republic's troops, and jumps head on into dangerous tasks.

It has a 17-Barrelled Assault Gun and an 8-Shot Missile Pod salvo. Few Zoids of this class can withstand this kind of bombardment.
 The Dibison is a heavily armored and heavily armed assault combat Zoid developed to stop the advance of the infamous Death Saurer, which boasted invincibility during the Central Continent War.

 The 105mm 17-Barrelled Assault Gun concentrated at the front and the two simultaneously firing 8-Shot Missile Pods can crush any obstacles. The Super-Hard Horns (Twin Crusher Horns) are made of a super copper titanium alloy and have the power to penetrate even the super heavy armor of the Death Saurer. In addition, despite being a very gentle and easy to use machine, it also possesses the courage to never withdraw during battle.

 The Dibison has an extremely biased armament arrangement. However, because the Zoid has such a heroic look when they come charging around the corner, it's extremely popular among soldiers on the battlefield.

- Technical Data

 It abandoned the traditional canopy of the Republican Army and adopted an armored cockpit. Like other assault Zoids, its defense has also increased.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 20.6 meters
Overall Height: 10.8 meters
Weight: 230.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 130 Km/h


 105mm 17-Barrelled Assault Gun   (Back)
 35mm Anti-Air Gun x2   (Rump)
 8-Shot Missile Pod x2   (Cheeks)
 Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Shock Gun   (Chest)
 Crusher Metal Spike x4   (Hooves)
 GPS 3D Radar Antenna   (Back)
 Pulse Beam Gun   (Tail Tip)
 Twin Crusher Horns   (Horns)

- Ultra Saurus

The Huge Mothership That Leads The Entire Republican Army!

- Ultra Saurus Military History

Type: Ultra Saurus

 Rolled out in ZAC 2037. As the first super-giant Zoid that appeared on Planet Zi, its had various influences on the development of subsequent Zoids. It was a flagship of the Republican Army throughout the Old War, which led to the early days of the Dark Continent War.

Originally a flagship that commanded an entire unit, it boasts overwhelming strength and firepower, and stands alone as the strongest combat class.

 Ultra Saurus, an amphibious super-giant Zoid that was developed as the flagship of the Helic Republic during the Central Continent War. At the time, when skirmishes between small-scale Zoids were the norm, such giants were so strange to the opposing Zenebas Empire, which had no means of countering it for a full seven years, until the development of the Death Saurer.

 Its main weapons are the 360 mm Linear Cannons and various missiles. It's suitable for serving as a Mobile Command, and has a high-performance long-range radar and a vehicle catapult. It's also possible to install a huge gun turret called the 1200 mm Ultra Cannon.

 Even today, the Ultra Saurus boasts unprecedented strength and super equipment, but the number of individuals has decreased dramatically as a result of the cataclysm that occurred 40 years ago, which resulted in the death of most of the huge Zoids. Currently, there's only a single presidential unit deployed.

- Technical Data

 Its only weak point is its slow movement speed, as a result of its huge body. It's not good at fighting against high-speed Zoids. It's more suitable for offshore missions than those on land.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 50.0 meters
Overall Height: 27.5 meters
Weight: 507.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 50 Km/h (Land), 47 Knots (Sea)


 360mm Linear Cannon x4   (Sides)
 8-Shot Missile Launcher   (Chest)
 AAZ 90mm 3-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun x2   (Sides, interior guns)
 AAZ 100mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun x2   (Sides, smaller top guns)
 AAZ 120mm Beam Cannon   (Tip of Tail)
 AAZ Maneuver Missiles   (Top of Tail)
 AZ 6-Shot High Maneuver Missile Pod x2   (Legs)
 Communication Antenna   (Lower Back)
 Hyper Killer Fangs   (Teeth)
 Radar   (Neck)
 Vehicle Catapult   (Back)

- Shield Liger DCS-J

The Jet-Black Lion For The Leomasters!!

- Shield Liger DCS-J Military History

Type: Lion

 The Shield Liger couldn't be used in artillery battles and the DCS had poor melee capabilities. By mobilizing these two units simultaneously, they could compensate for each other's weakness, and became stronger. However, as the war situation grew more intense, the number of available units became less and less, and it became necessary to have a Zoid that could meet both of these requirements in a single machine. As a result, the DCS-J was born, but it had become a machine that could only be used by the Leomasters.

The DCS-J that violently bombards Empire Zoids. Due to the modifications of the power engine, the power of the Beam Cannon exceeds that of the normal DCS.

 The Shield Liger was developed as a high-speed melee combat Zoid, and had no medium or long-range combat weapons. To resolve this, the Shield Liger DCS was created by adding two beam cannons, but naturally, its mobility sharply fell. In order to compensate for this as well, its power system was given substantial modifications. And so the jet-black Shield Liger DCS-J was born.

 Simultaneous enhancement in firepower and melee abilities. This contradictory remodelling destroyed the machine's balance.The DCS-J was too hard to handle. In the end, production stopped at a mere 7 units. But there were pilots who could control these picky machines. They were high-speed Zoid specialists with the title of Leomaster.

* The above 2 paragraphs are translated courtesy of Falcarius!

- Technical Data

 The weight increased by more than 20 tons compared to the stock Shield Liger, while the maximum speed increased by more than 30 km.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 21.6 meters
Overall Height: 11.5 meters
Weight: 115.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 285 Km/h


 AMD 2-Barrelled 20mm Beam Gun (Internal)   (Back)
 Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Shock Cannon   (Chest)
 Anti-Zoid 30mm 2-Barrelled Beam   (Top of Tail)*
 Beam Cannon Booster x2   (Boxes under guns)
 Beam Cannon x2   (Sides, big guns)
 Energy Tank x2   (Boxes under guns)
 Laser Sabre x2   (Fangs)
 Missile Pod x2   (Lower Back)
 Strike Claw x4   (Paws)

* This is probably meant to read 'Beam Gun' but the ending kanji is missing.

- Gojulas The Ogre

The Strongest Zoid That Became A Monstrous Demon!!

- Gojulas The Ogre Military History

Type: Dinosaur Type

 The Republican Army, which was far inferior to the Imperial Army in terms of Zoid count, were trying to close the gap with unit performance. For that reason, installing a Gojulas with the OS was a very important experiment, but...

Without encountering the mercenary Irvine, the Ogre would never have been able to exert its trancendental power.
 The Republican Development Department succeeded in developing the Blade Liger by incorporating an Organoid System into the Shield Liger. Their next move was to equip a Gojulas, the strongest combat Zoid of the Republic, with an Organoid System. That Gojulas would become even more powerful.

 The expectations of the Republican Headquarters, which had been dealing with a difficult battle, were high. Since there was already the Blade Liger as an example of success, there shouldn't be any technical problems. They didn't know at that time. How Zoids equipped with OS would change.

 Eventually, the modified Gojulas gained a prestige that couldn't be compared to normal units. Various weapons, such as the two Long Range Buster Cannons for long range, two 8-Shot Missile Pods for medium range, and a 4-Shot Shock Cannon for short range were added. Combined with all of this heavy equipment, according to their calculations they should have gained 5 to 10 times the combat power of a normal Gojulas.

 However, during the startup experiment, the Command and Development departments came to realize the sweetness of their misgivings. It was so ferocious that nobody could control it. The modified Gojulas wouldn't accept any pilots.

 As a result, Headquarters abandoned the Gojulas OS. The experimental aircraft was named "Ogre", and after it was converted into an autopilot, it was sent to the Continent of Europa as a support artillery machine.

 No one expected much of the Ogre anymore. At least, until the day this beast met with its destined pilot, Irvine...

- Technical Data

 Various systems such as the Buster Cannons have been added to the Ogre. Some of these have been simplified, and also equipped to normal units.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 34.6 meters
Overall Height: 21.0 meters
Weight: 287.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 125 Km/h


 8-Shot Missile Pod x2   (Sides of belly)
 AMD 30mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun   (Top of tail)
 ARZ 20mm Beam Gun   (Left Arm)
 AZ 4-Barrelled Shock Cannon   (Left Arm)
 Backpack   (Reddish-brown piece on back)
 Crusher Claw x2   (Hands)
 Energy Tank x2   (Under Guns)
 Hyper Bite Fangs   (Mouth)
 Long Range Buster Cannon x2   (Back)
 Maxer 30mm Multipurpose Machine Gun x2   (Sides of tail)
 Panova 20mm Surface-To-Air Beam Gun x2   (Upper Tail)
 Stabilizer x2   (Sides of tail)
 TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun   (Right Arm)

- Other Zoids Of The Republic

RZ-001 Gojulas (Dinosaur Type)
RZ-002 Guysack (Scorpion Type)
RZ-003 Barigator (Crocodile Type)
    ⚫ Length: 26.0 m
    ⚫ Height: 21.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 230.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 75 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 3000 Yen

     A huge Zoid that boasts overwhelming power and a sturdy body. If it's in a fighting battle, it's even more powerful than the OS equipped Zoids.
    ⚫ Length: 10.0 m
    ⚫ Height: 4.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 22.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 120 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     Hiding in the sand, it quickly approaches when it senses an enemy. It's a surprise attack Zoid that wields huge laser claws and strikes its target down with a single blow.
    ⚫ Length: 14.5 m
    ⚫ Height: 4.4 m
    ⚫ Weight: 24.3 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 150 km/h (Land)
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     An amphibious Zoid that excels at fighting in rivers, swamps, and wetlands. Its speed in the water is only 35 knots at the most, which makes it unsuitable for full-scale fleet battles.
RZ-007 Shield Liger (Lion Type)
RZ-008 Gordos (Stegosaurus Type)
RZ-009 Command Wolf (Wolf Type)
    ⚫ Length: 21.6 m
    ⚫ Height: 9.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 92.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 250 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 2000 Yen

     The Blue Gale of the Republic's High-Speed Combat Force. Although it's not equipped with heavy weapons due to its pursuit of high-speed combat, in close range it's comparable to extra large scale Zoids.
    ⚫ Length: 30.3 m
    ⚫ Height: 15.1 m
    ⚫ Weight: 199.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 80 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 3000 Yen

     An electronic warfare Zoid that's used for reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and enemy disturbance. Because of its heavy equipment, its movement speed is slow, and it's not good at close-range combat.
    ⚫ Length: 14.7 m
    ⚫ Height: 7.9 m
    ⚫ Weight: 46.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 210 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 800 Yen

     A medium-sized Zoid that fights alongside the Shield Liger. It's a machine suitable for solo information gathering and for missions behind enemy lines.
RZ-010 Pteras (Pterosaur Type)
RZ-013 Cannon Tortoise (Tortoise Type)
RZ-014 Godos (Dinosaur Type)
    ⚫ Length: 10.3 m
    ⚫ Height: 8.2 m
    ⚫ Weight: 21.6 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: Mach 2
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     A fighter-type Zoid that flies in the sky using the wing's magnesser system. Currently, its main task is bombing enemy ground forces. Vertical takeoff and landing is also possible.
    ⚫ Length: 9.9 m
    ⚫ Height: 5.8 m
    ⚫ Weight: 33.6 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 100 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     It sports a heavily armored body with a huge turret that's capable of long-range shooting. The structure is extremely simple, but it's a very practical and famous machine. The only drawback is its low mobility.
    ⚫ Length: 8.6 t
    ⚫ Height: 8.2 t
    ⚫ Weight: 23.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 150 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     The largest mass-produced machine in the Republican Army, it was named the most powerful small-scale Zoid in the early stages of the Old War. There's also a commander-specific machine with modified firepower, radar, and cockpit.
RZ-019 Double Sworder (Stag Beetle Type)
RZ-020 Stealth Viper (Snake Type)
    ⚫ Length: 11.6 m
    ⚫ Height: 3.96 m
    ⚫ Weight: 19.7 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 415 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     A helicopter-type Zoid that flies around at low altitudes with its outstanding maneuverability, and sweeps the ground with its two beam guns and machine guns. It's the natural enemey of infantry and small land-based Zoids.
    ⚫ Length: 20.8 m
    ⚫ Height: 3.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 23.6 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 180 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     An ambush Zoid with fighting power that exceeds the Guysack. Its unique low posture and freely moving body are excellent for covert operations. It destroys its enemies without ever being noticed.

- Neutral Zoids

    A number of mercenaries from Europa have participated in the Western Continent War, divided into both sides.

Zi-024 Command Wolf (Wolf Type)
Zi-025 Gustav (Insect Type)
    ⚫ Length: 14.7 m
    ⚫ Height: 8.6 m
    ⚫ Weight: 48.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 800 Yen

     A Black Command Wolf with a Long Range Rifle. Irvine's favorite machine.
    ⚫ Length: 14.76 m
    ⚫ Height: 9.36 m
    ⚫ Weight: 68.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 135 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 2500 Yen

     The free-roaming carrier Moonbay's favorite machine. It has high regenerative capabilities due to special modifications.

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