- Helic Republic Military Organisational Chart

 Introducing the corps organization of the 3rd Army of the Helic Republic, and the Zoids that belong to them as of September 2100, during which the Destroyer Corps were formed. The numbers in parentheses are the approximate number of Zoids assigned to each unit.

 Also, to be on the safe side, this organizational chart was created based on the records of Headquarters. Please understand that there may be some differences from the actual situation on the frontlines, which is constantly changing.

- Military Chart

President Louise Camford

Destroyer Corps:
  ⚫ Ultra Saurus (1)
  ⚫ Gojulas The Ogre (1)
  ⚫ Destroid Gojulas (2)

Supreme Command Headquarters

   Mobile Army

     Mechanized Infantry Division
       ⚫ Mixed Attack Zoids (50,000)
         The infantry division is assigned to ultra-small units called the AZ.

     Transport Force
       ⚫ Gustav (1,000)

     Armored Division

        Assault Combat Force
           ⚫ Gojulas Cannon (70)
           ⚫ Godos (13,000)
           ⚫ Double Sworder (1,600)
           ⚫ Gun Sniper (800)
           ⚫ Gun Sniper W (300)

        Assault Force
           ⚫ Dibison (800)
           ⚫ Cannon Tortoise (3,000)

        Heavy Gunner Force
           ⚫ Gordos Heavy Gunner Type (200)
           ⚫ Cannon Tortoise BC (3,000)

        Enforced Reconnaissance Force
           ⚫ Gordos (200)

     Special Duties Division

        High-Speed Combat Force
           ⚫ Shield Liger (700)
           ⚫ Shield Liger DCS (300)
           ⚫ Shield Liger DCS-J (6)
           ⚫ Blade Liger (100)
           ⚫ Command Wolf (2,500)
           ⚫ Command Wolf AU (500)

        Surprise Attack Force
           ⚫ Guysack (4,200)
           ⚫ Stealth Viper (1,900)

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