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- Guylos Empire Battle Machine Beast Army Corps

- Geno Saurer

The First Zoid Equipped With The Organoid System!!

- Geno Saurer Military History

Type: Tyrannosaurus

 An experimental machine that was created as a part of the OS analysis. Although it was considered for mass production due to its higher-than-expected fighting power, it was determined to be impossible because it was too difficult to handle.

 As of fall, ZAC 2100, a small-scale production began using limited OS.

It's also equipped with a Focused Charged Particle Cannon. Although it's not as good as the Death Saurer's, it has the power to completely eliminate a medium-sized Zoid.
 The Western Continent War was also the war for the Organoid System. This program from an ancient civilization, which abnormally activated the Zoid Core, not only improved the abilities of Zoids, but also had the power to revive extinct Zoids. Those who had this power would be able to seize all of Planet Zi.

 The Imperial engineers succeeded in analyzing a part of the system from the ancient ruins used in the Death Saurer Revival Plan. It was experimentally incorporated into the new Zoid that was in development at the time. This lead to the birth of the Geno Saurer, the first OS-equipped Zoid. As expected, the activated Zoid Core surpassed all original estimates for power and vitality, but like the Blade Liger, there were extremely few pilots who could handle it.

- Technical Data

 The unit is equipped with the latest Imperial technology, but since it was built on the premise that it was to be equipped with an OS, the balance of the unit is lost without that system.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 23.0 meters
Overall Height: 11.7 meters
Weight: 112.8 tons
Maximum Speed: 260 Km/h


 Anchor x2   (Back of feet)
 Focused Charged Particle Cannon   (Mouth)
 Hyper Killer Claw x2   (Hands)
 Hyper Killer Fangs   (Mouth)
 Hyper Strike Claw x2   (Feet)
 Laser Gun   (Nose)
 Laser Sensors   (Eyes)
 Long Range Pulse Laser Rifle x2   (Back)

- Rev Raptor

The Small OS-Equipped Zoid That Surpasses Medium Machines

- Rev Raptor Military History

Type: Velociraptor

 It's the completion of a new generation of mainstay small-scale Zoids. That was the proposition of the Engineering Department. The combat power of the Rev Raptor, which was said to be more than three times that of the Iguan, was enough to convince the Engineering Department.

Mass-produced Rev Raptors sortied with the Geno Saurer on Southern Europa. They fought a deadly battle with the new generation of Republican Zoids.
 ZAC 2099, end of the year. To achieve mass production of units equipped with the Organoid System was one of the most important focuses of the Guylos Empire. In response to urging requests from headquarters, the Imperial Engineering Department started research on a new small-scale Zoid that was being developed alongside the Geno Saurer with the premise of installing the OS. Eventually, the Rev Raptor was completed.

 Although its OS level was set to low in order to emphasize safety, its performance still exceeded the expectations of HQ. With terrifying agility and vitality, it overwhelmed not only Zoids of a similar class in fighting battles, but even medium-scale Zoids.

 Command decided to mass produce the Rev Raptor immediately. It seized the seat of the Empire's primary Zoid from the Iguan and the Molga.

- Technical Data

 With its agility it could approach while evading gunfire. It caught its enemies with its sharp claws and cut them into pieces using the Counter Scythe.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 11.4 meters
Overall Height: 7.56 meters
Weight: 23.5 tons
Maximum Speed: 210 Km/h


 Strike Haken Claw x2   (Sickle Claws)
 Hyper Claw x2   (Hands)
 Ion Charger   (Barrel on back)
 Killer Fangs   (Mouth)
 Counter Scythe x2   (Back)

- Sinker

A Surprise Attack Zoid For Both The Sky and The Sea!

- Sinker Military History

Type: Ray

 Rolled out in ZAC 2031. It was around the time when both aerial and naval combat Zoids were practically prehistoric. The Republic wasn't even able to produce a competing model until the ZAC 2100 Hammer Head.

It lurks deep in the sea and fires torpedoes when it catches onto the approach of an enemy. Its enemies can even be shot down in aerial combat.
 The first flying Zoid developed by the former Zenebas Empire, that is the Sinker. It's the only amphibious unit of the Guylos Empire, which absorbed the Zenebas Empire after their lost battle against the Helic Republic, and this special ability is the secret to keeping the Sinker at the forefront of battle.

 Sinker's unique tactic is to quickly switch from underwater torpedo attacks to aerial beam attacks, and it poses a major threat to maritime Zoids. It's versatile and it can be used for various operations, from surprise attacks to bombing runs, in addition to naval battles.

 However, as a dual-purpose unit its air combat capabilities are not high. Its flight speed is only Mach 0.9 at best, and there's almost no chance of winning a battle against flying Zoids that can move at the speed of sound.

- Technical Data

 The Sinkers of ZAC 2100 have gotten increased attack power with the latest homing torpedos. The firepower of the Beam Cannon has also increased.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 10.8 meters
Overall Height: 3.0 meters
Weight: 26.6 tons
Maximum Speed: Mach 0.9 (Sky), 60 Knots (Sea)


 ARZ Accelerated Beam Gun x2   (Sides of face)
 Homing Torpedo x2  (Under fins)
 Rocket Booster x2   (Large silver pieces under fins)

- Geno Breaker

The Demon Dragon Born To Defeat The Beast King!!

- Geno Breaker Military History

Type: Tyrannosaurus

 Although the Geno Saurer is perfect when it comes to overall strength, it turned out to be an incompatible match for the Blade Liger. It had inferior mobility and fighting performance. They wanted to create a unit that could surpass the Beast King once and for all. This obsession of the Imperial Army created the Demon Dragon.

Mobility, Defense, Fighting Performance, and a Charged Particle Cannon. The Demon Dragon improves its power in every regard, and could not be defeated by a conventional Blade Liger.
 The Geno Saurer was improved even more based on the combat records of the preceding Geno Saurer and Blade Liger. That was the Geno Breaker's power. The Wing Thruster pack allowed it to realize high maneuverability, ultra-high speed, and long-distance jumping. In addition, a special titanium alloy was used for the Free Round Shield, which could move freely and used built-in Ex Breakers. Thanks to all this it obtained more defense than the E-Shield and more destructive power than the Laser Blade.

 The Charged Particle Cannon was also improved. A Charged Particle Converter was mounted on the center of the thruster pack, which allowed for as much as a 30% higher power-up as well as continuous firing. It's a monster, but it's even harder to maneuver.

- Technical Data

 Although there were a very small number of mass-produced Geno Breakers, few pilots were able to fully utilize their abilities.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 23.0 meters
Overall Height: 13.7 meters
Weight: 137.5 tons
Maximum Speed: 345 Km/h


 Anchor x2   (Back of feet)
 Charged Particle Converter   (Back)
 Free Round Shield x2   (Back)
 Focused Charged Particle Gun   (Mouth)
 Hyper Killer Claws x2   (Hands)
 Hyper Killer Fangs   (Mouth)
 Hyper Strike Claws x2   (Feet)
 Laser Charging Blade   (Forehead)
 NZR Composite Sensor   (Head Crest)
 Weapon Binder x2   (Legs)
    AZ 140mm Shock Gun (Top) x2
    AZ 80mm Beam Gun (Bottom) x2
    Micro Poison Missile Pod (Sides) x2
 Wing Thruster x2   (Back)
 X Breaker x2   (Shields)

- Lightning Saix

The "Flash Sword" Boasting The Highest Mobility!!

- Lightning Saix Military History

Type: Cheetah

 Developing a medium-scale high-speed Zoid that could surpass the Command Wolf was a high priority of the Imperial Army. The performance of the Lightning Saix met those requirements, but because of the built-in OS, it became larger than intended, and its production efficiency suffered.

Lightning Saix, which was supposed to be a support machine, demonstrates better performance than the Saber Tiger. It was selected as the new flagship unit of the High-Speed Combat Force.
 Although the Imperial Army's High-Speed Combat Force boasted excellent power, it was one step inferior to that of the Republican Army. The Saber Tiger and Helcat couldn't compete with the joint operations of the Shield Liger and Command Wolf. In particular, its support Zoids, the Helcats, were the problem. Their basic design was too dated.

 Finally, the Imperial Command decided to introduce the next-generation high-speed Zoid, which the Engineering Department had been developing for some time. A limited OS was incorporated into the design, and the Lightning Saix was completed. The booster on the back could create an astonishing speed of up to 325 km/h while maintaining the sound deafening functions of the legs and the concealment abilities that suppressed radiant heat. Its mobility exceeded even that of the Blade Liger.

- Technical Data

 The Pulse Laser Rifle's range is only to the front. The unit is so fast that swiveling turrets have an extremely low hit rate.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 18.4 meters
Overall Height: 8.8 meters
Weight: 65.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 325 Km/h


 2-Barrelled Vulcan Gun   (Forehead)
 Booster Pack   (Back)
 Laser Killer Fang x2   (Fangs)
 Pulse Laser Rifle x2   (Back)
 Strike Laser Claw x4   (Feet)
 Vertical Stabilizer x2   (Hips)
 Wing Stabilizer x2   (Booster pack)

- Death Stinger

The Runaway Demon, The "True Organoid" Appears!!

- Death Stinger Military History

Type: Sea Scorpion

 The True Organoid. Imperial engineers believed it to be the strongest OS-equipped Zoid that could be controlled by humans. There was no mistake when it came to its strength. However, instead of controlling it, it became a demon who acted on its own will and instincts, and even self-proliferated.

Blade Liger and Geno Breaker. Even the strongest Zoids of both armies could not easily defeat the Death Stinger.
 Death Stinger, an amphibious Zoid that was forcibly grown within a short period of time by cultivating the Zoid Core that the Geno Saurer brought back from the Garil Ruins located in Southern Europa. It's the "True Organoid" that surpasses the experimental-type Organoid System-equipped units, the Geno Saurer and the Rev Raptor. Its fighting spirit, vitality, and agility have reached incredible levels, even to those involved in its development. By their calculations, even the Geno Breakers should be rendered completely toothless.

 The Imperial Technical Team, which had no idea that this demon couldn't be controlled by humans, gave the Death Stinger the best equipment. A High-Power Charged Particle Cannon, various melee laser weapons, and even super-heavy armor like the Death Saurer.

- Technical Data

 The Death Stinger is an amphibious unit. When moving through the water, it extends the tail and activates the rocket boosters. It moves at a speed of 72 knots.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 19.4 meters (Land), 28.8 meters (Sea)
Overall Height: 10.7 meters (Land), 4.6 meters (Sea)
Weight: 320.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 185 Km/h (Land), 72 knots (Sea)


 AZ 35mm Vulcan Gun x4   (Head)
 AZ 120mm Hyper Beam Gun x2   (Inner barrels on tail gun)
 AZ 120mm Hyper Laser Gun x2   (Outter barrels on tail gun)
 AZ 930mm 2-Barrelled Shock Gun   (Large barrels on back)
 Charged Particle Cannon   (Tail)
 E Shield Generator   (Top of head)
 Laser Cutter x2   (Front claw blades)
 Laser Fang x2   (Mandibles)
 Retractable AZ 105mm Linear Cannon x2   (Inside front claws)
 Rocket Booster x2   (Rear Claws)
 Strike Laser Bite Scissors   (Front Claws)

- Iron Kong PK

The Main Machine Beast of Prozen's Guards

- Iron Kong PK Military History

Type: Gorilla

 It was Prozen himself who chose the PK Kong to be the commanding unit of the Prozen Knights. It was said to be associated with the declining Zenebas Empire. If those rumors are true, is that the reason that he sticks to the Death Saurer and Iron Kong, the symbols of the Zenebas Empire?

The Beam Launcher is linked to a Laser Sight, which gives it a high hit rate.

 PK — the Prozen Knights. Their original mission was to guard the royal palace of the Empire. It's the guard that protects Emperor Rudolph. Their commander is also the Imperial Regent. The current Imperial Regent is Gunther Prozen. Therefore, this unit is called the Prozen Knights.

 However, Prozen didn't intend to keep this unit around as mere decorations, when the unit was comparable to a single division. He selected the most elite, and solidified his command by also selecting loyal subordinates. He allowed them the privilege of getting first priority for the latest equipment. Through this method, it gradually grew into a private army who fought only for Prozen.

The PK Kong, which can handle large operations on its own. It hunted down the Republican Army with just a single unit.
 Eventually, the Prozen
Stabilizers improve its movement performance and mobility.
Knights, who had three times as much strength as any regular division, also gained the right to arrest political prisoners. Prozen's political opponents and the frontline generals were becoming even more afraid of the Prozen Knights than they were of their actual enemy, the Republican Army.

 This is the flagship Zoid of the Prozen Knights, the Iron Kong PK. The booster packs and stabilizers improve its mobility performance, and the Beam Launchers and Pulse Laser Guns enhance its firepower. Furthermore, its basic output has been improved by modifying its power engine.

 Its movement performance and combat power far surpasses a normal Kong, as evidenced by the success of the second full-scale battle.

- Technical Data

 Iron Kong PK with red armor. It's also called the Bloody Kong because of its coloring and secret police missions.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 19.1 meters
Overall Height: 21.0 meters
Weight: 209.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 170 Km/h


 2-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun   (Left arm)
 4-Shot Grenade Launcher   (Top of left arm)
 10 Shot Self-Guided Rocket Launcher  (Left Shoulder)
 AZ Anti-Air Missile x2   (Long missiles on back)
 Beam Launcher   (Right shoulder)
 Composite Sensor Unit   (Forehead)
 High Maneuver Booster Pack   (Back)
 Iron Hammer Knuckle x2   (Fists)
 Laser Sensor   (Left shoulder)
 Power Cable x2   (Arms)
 TVM Surface-To-Surface 2-Shot Tactical Missile   (Short missiles on back)
 Vernier Stabilizer x2   (Towers on back)

- Black Rhimos

A Medium-Sized Zoid With Overwhelming Power

- Black Rhimos Military History

Type: Rhinoceros

 Rolled out in ZAC 2046, when the Death Saurer was rampaging. It found the remaining troops of the Helic Republic, which had been dispatched from the capital, and expelled them one after another.

A small vehicle is stored under the armor plate on its back. Its versatility is attractive because it can be used for searching for enemies and reconnaissance.
 The Black Rhimos is an assault Zoid that the Imperial Forces have called from their home country to capture the Republic's Rob Base, which was stubbornly resisting.

 It's hardened with heavy armor that's unusual for a medium-scale Zoid, and rotates its horn, the Super-Hard Drill, to easily penetrate any wall and rush the enemy base.

 It's also equipped with a large Electromagnetic Cannon, a 2-Barrelled Impact Cannon, and Guided Anti-Aircraft Missile, as well as a reconnaissance vehicle. This versatility makes it more than just an assault machine. It's a smaller version of the Red Horn.

 If the Black Rhimos had been introduced just a little earlier, Rob Base might have actually fallen. However, by the time they arrived on the battlefield, the great retreat of the Imperial Army had already begun.

- Technical Data

 Its maximum speed is 180 km/h. Its mobility has reached a standard level. Zoids with few weaknesses are rare.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 11.3 meters
Overall Height: 7.6 meters
Weight: 56.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 180 Km/h


 2-Barrelled Shock Cannon   (Chest)
 Guided Anti-Air Missiles   (Back)
 Super-Hard Assault Combat Drill   (Horn)
 Forward Surveillance Radar   (Small horn)
 Large-Scale Electromagnetic Cannons   (Sides)
 Omni-directional Radar   (Lower Back)

- Command Wolf

The Captured Republican High-Speed Zoid

- Command Wolf Military History

Type: Wolf

 The Imperial Army, which had been bitterly disappointed by its own performance, didn't hestitate to capture and incorporate a Command into its own army. Research on dismantled Commands also significantly accelerated the completion of the L-Saix.

 The first full-scale battle of the Western Continent in ZAC 2099 was an overwhelming victory for the Guylos Empire Army. In this battle, the Helic Republic's army narrowly avoided total annihilation, credited to the Stealth Viper, Guysack, and other surprise attack Zoids, as well as the High-Speed Combat Force consisting of Shield Ligers and Command Wolves fighting a deadly battle to give their army time to withdraw.

 However, as a result, the defense unit which was unable to escape and lost their way suffered heavy losses. Many of their troops were wiped out, and the surviving units fell into enemy hands. The most active, and also the most captured Zoid at that time was the Command Wolf (with numbers said to be between 50 and 100).

 The Imperial Army wanted to use the Command Wolf rather than destroy it. They achknowledged the excellence of this unit.

 A Command was dismantled and the internal circuitry was thoroughly studied. Another Command was a target for shooting and testing the weaknesses of their armor. Yet another Command was reformed into the Imperial Special Forces, and deployed alongside them to confront the Republican Army. The battle between the White Republic Command and the Red Empire Command is about to begin!

- Technical Data

 There are no changes from the Republican Command, besides the tactical data and recognition code being changed to Imperial specifications, and the unit has been repainted to a new color.

Technical Data:
Overall Length: 14.7 meters
Overall Height: 7.9 meters
Weight: 46.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 210 Km/h


 50mm Anti-Zoid 2-Barrelled Beam Gun   (Back)
 Electron Bite Fangs   (Mouth)
 Smoke Discharger x2   (Hips)

- Other Zoids Of The Empire

EZ-004 Red Horn (Styracosaurus Type)
EZ-005 Redler (Dragon Type)
EZ-006 Molga (Insect Type)
    ⚫ Length: 20.8 m
    ⚫ Height: 7.6 m m
    ⚫ Weight: 94.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 130 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 2000 Yen

     An Assault Zoid with heavy armor and heavy equipment that tears down enemies. It's a unit with excellent balance between offense and defense, and boasts the largest production volume among large-scale units. It's also known as the "Moving Fortress".
    ⚫ Length: 17.0 m
    ⚫ Height: 6.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 34.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: Mach 3
    ⚫ Price: 800 Yen

     A Zoid for high-altitude aerial combat. Its main weapon is a Laser Blade that cuts through enemies as they pass each other. It's not well armed, and isn't suitable for ground attacks.
    ⚫ Length: 11.8 m
    ⚫ Height: 2.95 m
    ⚫ Weight: 19.7 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     Planet Zi's largest mass-production machine. A versatile, heavily armored Zoid developed for Assault Battles. Its head is twice as thick as any other part on it.
EZ-011 Hel Digunner (Iguana Type)
EZ-012 Brachios (Brachiosaurus Type)
EZ-015 Iron Kong (Gorilla Type)
    ⚫ Length: 24.5 m
    ⚫ Height: 5.8 m
    ⚫ Weight: 48.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 130 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 800 Yen

     An amphibious surprise-attack Zoid. It infiltrates enemy territory with a single unit and performs sabotage missions using the Long-Range Assault Beam. Its disadvantage is poor mobility on land.
    ⚫ Length: 12.6 m
    ⚫ Height: 12.6 m
    ⚫ Weight: 48.8 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 140 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 800 Yen

     An amphibious Zoid that exerts powerful combat power in naval battles, and provides support fire for landing operations. It has a solar generator and can be active for long periods of time without needing replenishment.
    ⚫ Length: 14.5 m
    ⚫ Height: 4.4 m
    ⚫ Weight: 24.3 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 150 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     The strongest Zoid of the Imperial Army as of the beginning of the Western Continent War. It's a versatile machine that can operate in all terrain and weather conditions, and has high fighting abilities as well as heavy artillery.
EZ-016 Saber Tiger (Tiger Type)
EZ-017 Iguan (Iguanadon Type)
EZ-018 Saicurtis (Rhino Beetle Type)
    ⚫ Length: 15.6 m
    ⚫ Height: 9.1 m
    ⚫ Weight: 78.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 240 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 2000 Yen

     The main Zoid of the High-Speed Combat Force. It's also the first large-scale high-speed unit on Planet Zi. The Shield is its fateful rival, and this has continued since the Old War.
    ⚫ Length: 10.4 m
    ⚫ Height: 8.2 m
    ⚫ Weight: 23.6 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     A small pass-production machine that forms the core of the Imperial Army's Assault Combat Force. Although it's said that it is a sister unit to the Republican Army's Godos, the latecomer Iguan is superior in overall strength.
    ⚫ Length: 11.9 m
    ⚫ Height: 3.7 m
    ⚫ Weight: 17.4 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 390 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     A helicopter-type Zoid that has an overwhelming advantage over small land-combat Zoids. It's almost impossible to escape from its targeted strafing from a low altitude.
EZ-021 Death Saurer (Dinosaur Type)
EZ-022 Gator (Dimetrodon Type)
EZ-023 Helcat (Crocodile Type)
    ⚫ Length: 32.4 m
    ⚫ Height: 21.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 400.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 90 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 4000 Yen

     The strongest most invincible giant Zoid that the Empire has been aiming to resurrect with all of their might. It has a Charged Particle Cannon that burns through everything, and its super-heavy armor can withstand any attack.
    ⚫ Length: 11.8 m
    ⚫ Height: 5.6 m
    ⚫ Weight: 19.9 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     Small mass-production type electronic warfare Zoids. Although they're inferior to the Republican Gordos, they're difficult to find because they're small units, and can penetrate deep into enemy territory.
    ⚫ Length: 13.2 m
    ⚫ Height: 5.0 m
    ⚫ Weight: 24.0 tons
    ⚫ Maximum Speed: 190 km/h
    ⚫ Price: 600 Yen

     A high-speed Zoid that can run at the maximum speed in any terrain. With sound-muffling functions and exhaust systems that suppress heat radiation, it can approach enemies without detection.

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