- Guylos Empire Military Organisational Chart

 Here we'll introduce the organization chart of the Guylos Empire Corps just before the final battle of the Western Continent War (and like with the organization chart of the Empire Army, the numbers after the Zoids names are the approximate number of units assigned).

 It should be noted that the organization chart was also created based on the records of the Imperial Command, and there may be slight deviations from the actual situation on the front lines.

- Military Chart

Emperor Rudolph Zeppelin

Imperial Regent Gunther Prozen

  Weapons Development Bureau
      Death Saurer (In Development)
      Death Stinger (1)
      Geno Breaker (10)

  Prozen Knights
      Iron Kong PK (30)

  Supreme Command Headquarters

    Mobile Army

       Grenadier Division
           ⚫Various Attack Zoids (120,000)

           In the Imperial Army they're referred to as the Infantry Division.
           Of course, they use Attack Zoids.

       Transport Division
           ⚫Gustav (6000)

       Armored Division

         Assault Combat Force
           ⚫Iron Kong (600)
           ⚫Iron Kong MS (200)
           ⚫Iguan (17,000)
           ⚫Saicurtis (4,500)
           ⚫Geno Saurer (150)
           ⚫Rev Raptor (1100)
           ⚫Rev Raptor PB (700)

         Shock Force
           ⚫Red Horn (3,500)
           ⚫Black Rhimos (4,400)
           ⚫Molga (25,000)

         Heavy Artillery
           ⚫Red Horn BG (1,500)
           ⚫Molga CU (5,000)

         Enforced Reconnaissance Force
           ⚫Gator (10,000)

       Special Duties Division

         High-Speed Combat Force
           ⚫Saber Tiger (1,200)
           ⚫Saber Tiger AT (600)
           ⚫Helcat (4,500)
           ⚫Lightning Saix (70)

         Surprise Attack Force
           ⚫Hel Digunner (3,800)

    Strategic Air Force

         Escort Fighter Squadron
           ⚫Redler (3,000)
           ⚫Redler AB (1,750)


         Main Fleet
           ⚫Brachios (4,700)

         Special Submarine Fleet
           ⚫Sinker (3,500)

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