- Large-Scale Zoid Strength Comparison Chart

 This strength comparison table was created based on simulations carried out by the Helic Republican Army Command's Tactical Research Group. It predicts the outcome of one-on-one combat between the large Zoids of both armies. For example, when the Death Saurer and Ultra Saurus enter single combat under the same conditions, there's a 70% chance that the Death Saurer will win. However, it's just a calculated estimate, and actual results may vary. This is because of various factors such as unit formation, terrain, pilot skill, and luck, that all play an active role in actual combat. Please read this table as a rough guide for understanding Zoids. Also please be aware that Gordos, which is inferior in terms of fighting power in this chart, often brings great victories to its allies in actual combat by searching for enemies.

Text Comparisons

Storm Sworder (10%) Vs. Death Saurer (90%)
 It's almost impossible to hit the Death Saurer's vital points by bombing. The Storm Sworder would be shot down with the Charged Particle Cannon.

Gordos (0%) Vs. Death Saurer (100%)
 Death Saurer is superior in all aspects other than its ability to search for enemies. Gordos has no chance of winning.

Dibison (10%) Vs. Death Saurer (90%)
 The Twin Crusher Horns can penetrate even the Death Saurer's super-heavy armor. However, that's as far as the Dibison would get.

Shield Liger (0%) Vs. Death Saurer (100%)
 Both units fought a deadly battle on Mount Olympus, but at that time the Death Saurer was incomplete. If the Death Surer was complete, the Shield would have no chance of winning.

Shield Liger DCS-J (10%) Vs. Death Saurer (100%)
 Neither the Beam Cannon nor the Bite Fangs can put a scratch on the Death Saurer's armor. Even the DCS-J has no chance of winning.

Blade Liger (20%) Vs. Death Saurer (80%)
 It would dive right into it using its incredible speed and destroy the Charged Particle Intake. This is the only tactic Blade Liger could fight with.

Gojulas (10%) Vs. Death Saurer (90%)
 When these two units fought in the Old War, Gojulas were instantly annihilated by just one Death Saurer.

Gojulas the Ogre (30%) Vs. Death Saurer (70%)
 The Death Saurer is a formidable foe, even for an Ogre, which has 10 times the combat power of the standard unit. Is there a chance it could win if it destroyed the Charged Particle Intake Fan?

Ultra Saurus (30%) Vs. Death Saurer (70%)
 Their power is equal, but the Death Saurer is far superior in overall strength. With the 1200mm Cannon, the Ultra has a chance to win.

Storm Sworder (10%) Vs. Death Stinger (90%)
 The only weakness in the Death Stinger is the slight gaps in its armor. It's even harder to hit than aiming for the Death Saurer's Particle Intake Fan.

Gordos (0%) Vs. Death Stinger (100%)
 The giant Zoid core of the Gordos is a nutritious food source for the Death Stinger. You could say it's the easiest target of all.

Dibison (20%) Vs. Death Stinger (80%)
 The Dibison could crash through the armor with the Crusher Horns, then aim the 17-Barrelled Cannons for that spot. That's the only way Dibison could win.

Shield Liger (10%) Vs. Death Stinger (90%)
 Even if the Shield excels at close-range combat, it'd be crushed by the Laser Scissors.

Shield Liger DCS-J (20%) Vs. Death Stinger (80%)
 In terms of unit performance, Death Stinger is far superior. Unfortunately, DCS-J has no choice but to escape by taking advantage of its speed.

Blade Liger (30%) Vs. Death Stinger (70%)
 The Organoid experimental machine Vs. the true Organoid. Their difference in power is clear. The Blade is no match for the Death Stinger, even in armaments.

Gojulas (20%) Vs. Death Stinger (80%)
 The Gojulas is as powerful as the Death Stinger, but there's nothing it can do against the Charged particle Cannon or its super-heavy armor.

Gojulas the Ogre (50%) Vs. Death Stinger (50%)
 These two Organoids would be a good match, but the Ogre might be at a disadvantage because it's easily affected by its pilot.

Ultra Saurus (40%) Vs. Death Stinger (60%)
 The normal Ultra Saurus would have a difficult time breaking the super-heavy armor of the Death Stinger. It'd be hit by the Particle Cannon before it could exert its power.

Storm Sworder (30%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (70%)
 The PK Kong is equipped with large, super-powerful anti-aircraft missiles. It's a difficult opponent for the Storm Sworder.

Gordos (10%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (90%)
 The support unit version of Gordos, equipped with the Gojulas Cannons has a small chance of winning a long-range artillery battle.

Dibison (30%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (70%)
 These two units have almost the same artillery power and strength. However, there's no doubt that the PK Kong outperforms the Dibison in every other way.

Shield Liger (30%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (70%)
 With its large thrusters, the PK Kong is second to none in a fight against high-speed Zoids. The Shield would inevitably struggle.

Shield Liger DCS-J (50%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (50%)
 The PK has the latest super weapons, while the DCS-J is said to be a failed project. Although the two machines contrast each other, the Leomasters could bridge the gap in strength.

Blade Liger (60%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (40%)
 The key to this match is whether or not the Blade can dodge the PK's variety of bombardments. If it can, the Blade will win.

Gojulas (30%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (70%)
 The Gojulas has a chance in an outright brawl, but it'd probably fall victim to the PK Kong's heavy armaments before it could get close enough.

Gojulas the Ogre (70%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (30%)
 As you can see from the results of the second all-out war, the Ogre's power, fighting spirit, and endurance will overwhelm the PK Kong.

Ultra Saurus (70%) Vs. Iron Kong PK (30%)
 Even with PK's maneuverability, it would be extremely difficult to escape the gunfire from the Linear Cannons long enough to completely destroy the Ultra.

Storm Sworder (50%) Vs. Iron Kong (50%)
 Compared to the PK Kong, the normal Kong has inferior anti-aircraft equipment. Storm Sworder's Laser Blade is enough to cut through Kong.

Gordos (20%) Vs. Iron Kong (80%)
 Gordos' tactic is still long-range artillery. If its opponent is a normal Kong, Gordos will have the advantage of accurate artillery.

Dibison (40%) Vs. Iron Kong (60%)
 The Dibison is a unit that demonstrates the pure value of concentrated targeting. If it's one on one, the Iron Kong is stronger, but if it's a group battle, the Dibison would have an overwhelming victory.

Shield Liger (40%) Vs. Iron Kong (60%)
 Iron Kong is a versatile machine with excellent fighting ability. Even in direct combat against the Shield, it won't easily lose.

Shield Liger DCS-J (60%) Vs. Iron Kong (40%)
 The Leomasters would close the distance by maneuvering the rampaging DCS-J. It'd win with a point-blank shot from the Beam Cannons.

Blade Liger (70%) Vs. Iron Kong (30%)
 With normal Kong armaments, it'd be difficult to fight the Blade. The Blade would draw it into close-range combat and seize the victory.

Gojulas (50%) Vs. Iron Kong (50%)
 Rivals from the Old War. Gojulas wins in a fighting battle, but Kong wins in an artillery battle. Kong might even be one step higher in overall performance?

Gojulas the Ogre (80%) Vs. Iron Kong (20%)
 If even the PK Kong can't defeat the Ogre in a fighting battle, the normal Kong is utterly helpless. It's disadvantaged not just in fighting combat, but also in artillery combat.

Ultra Saurus (80%) Vs. Iron Kong (20%)
 Ultra has an overwhelming advantage in one-on-one combat. Kong would need to form a group of several units and launch a simultaneous attack from all sides.

Storm Sworder (20%) Vs. Geno Breaker (80%)
 Geno Breaker can perform long-distance jumps. The moment Storm Sworder lowers its altitude, it'll jump up and intercept it with the Particle Cannon.

Gordos (0%) Vs. Geno Breaker (100%)
 Geno Breaker has mobility that doesn't seem possible for a bipedal Zoid. It'd be impossible to hit it with long-range shooting.

Dibison (20%) Vs. Geno Breaker (80%)
 The Free Round Shield can't be destroyed, even with the 17-Shot Cannons. The Dibison's chances of winning are slim.

Shield Liger (20%) Vs. Geno Breaker (80%)
 There's a decisive difference in strength. Even if the Shield launched a mass attack, they'd all be annihilated in an instant by the Charged Particle Cannon.

Shield Liger DCS-J (30%) Vs. Geno Breaker (70%)
 The two units share the trait of being hard to handle, but in terms of performance, they're on entirely different levels. Geno Breaker wins regardless of distance.

Blade Liger (40%) Vs. Geno Breaker (60%)
 With a normal Blade, their difference in strength is too vast. If you install the Attack Boosters, the fight would be almost entirely even.

Gojulas (20%) Vs. Geno Breaker (80%)
 Gojulas surpasses it in power, but there's too much of a difference in their athletic performance, so there'd be no way to catch the Breaker. It'd lose to continuous fire from the Particle Cannon.

Gojulas the Ogre (60%) Vs. Geno Breaker (40%)
 The Geno Breaker would win if it could fire the Charged Particle Cannon while taking advantage of its mobility. As an Ogre, you'd want to seize any opportunity in close-range combat.

Ultra Saurus (60%) Vs. Geno Breaker (40%)
 Geno Breaker has the advantage in fighting combat. Outside the range of the Charged Particle Cannon, however, the Ultra would win due to its superiority in precision shooting.

Storm Sworder (40%) Vs. Geno Saurer (60%)
 The first shot of the Charged Particle Cannon is enough to destroy the Storm Sworder. If it doesn't, the game would be decided before the energy for a second shot could accumulate.

Gordos (10%) Vs. Geno Saurer (90%)
 Gordos' armor is so poor that it barely even looks like a large Zoid. If it's hit by the Charged Particle Cannon, there's no hope.

Dibison (30%) Vs. Geno Saurer (70%)
 There's no doubt that the Geno Saurer is superior in overall power, but the Dibison's artillery power cannot be underestimated. It'd be a violent battle.

Shield Liger (30%) Vs. Geno Saurer (70%)
 The presence or absence of an Organoid System would be seen as a difference in strength. The first thing the Shield should do is avoid the first shot from the Particle Cannon.

Shield Liger DCS-J (40%) Vs. Geno Saurer (60%)
 In terms of performance, the Geno Saurer is superior, but with the Leomaster's skill, the difference is not so great that it cannot be bridged.

Blade Liger (50%) Vs. Geno Saurer (50%)
 The Blade, which can break through the Charged Particle Cannon with its E-Shield, would cut through the Geno Saurer with its Laser Blade. The Blade has a slight advantage.

Gojulas (50%) Vs. Geno Saurer (50%)
 Gojulas would want to chase down the Geno Saurer with its brute strength and bring it into close range battle. If it leaves close range, the Geno Saurer will be overwhelmingly victorious.

Gojulas the Ogre (70%) Vs. Geno Saurer (30%)
 Although they're both equipped with Organoids, the Ogre is superior in power because it's based on the giant Zoid, the Gojulas.

Ultra Saurus (70%) Vs. Geno Saurer (30%)
 With Geno Saurer, which is unable to fire its Particle Cannon in rapid succession, it'd be difficult to destroy the sturdy Ultra. Ultra would win in the end.

Storm Sworder (70%) Vs. Lightning Saix (30%)
 Their armaments are equal, so the game would be decided by speed. Even Saix, which excels at high-speed battles, is no match for the supersonic flying Zoid.

Gordos (20%) Vs. Lightning Saix (80%)
 Gordos doesn't have good fighting abilities against high-speed Zoids. It'd be better to equip missiles to keep the enemy away.

Dibison (40%) Vs. Lightning Saix (60%)
 The mobility of the Lightning Saix is unparalleled among high-speed Zoids. Dibison's guns would struggle to hit it.

Shield Liger (40%) Vs. Lightning Saix (60%)
 The Lightning Saix has an Organoid System, and although it's limited, it outperforms the Shield in power.

Shield Liger DCS-J (50%) Vs. Lightning Saix (50%)
 DCS-J is superior in power, Saix in speed. Their artillery power is about the same. So, perhaps the easier-to-handle Saix has an advantage in actual combat?

Blade Liger (60%) Vs. Lightning Saix (40%)
 Saix outperforms even the Blade Liger in speed and mobility, but doesn't have enough weapon strength to penetrate the E-Shield. So, the Blade wins.

Gojulas (60%) Vs. Lightning Saix (40%)
 With the Saix's moves, it won't be caught by the Gojulas. However, Saix also lacks the strength to destroy the Gojulas.

Gojulas the Ogre (80%) Vs. Lightning Saix (20%)
 It may be initially confused by the Saix's speed, but Ogre won't be defeated by that momentary agility. If it catches it, it'll be an overwhelming victory for the Ogre.

Ultra Saurus (70%) Vs. Lightning Saix (30%)
 Saix is a good match for Ultra, which isn't good at fighting high-speed Zoids. However, there's no decisive move to finish off the Ultra.

Storm Sworder (80%) Vs. Saber Tiger (20%)
 Like in the battle with Saix, Storm Sworder has the advantage here. Saber has no choice but to target the Storm Sworder the moment it flies down to low altitude.

Gordos (20%) Vs. Saber Tiger (80%)
 The Gordos would wait until the very last minute then fire its main gun. If the first hit didn't land, the Gordos wouldn't stand a chance of survival.

Dibison (60%) Vs. Saber Tiger (40%)
 Saber Tiger would want to bring it into close-range combat, which it excels at. However, the sturdy Dibison still wouldn't be easy to defeat.

Shield Liger (50%) Vs. Saber Tiger (50%)
 These two are rival Zoids who fought many famous battles in the Old War. Sabre has slightly better firepower, but Shield has more defense.

Shield Liger DCS-J (60%) Vs. Saber Tiger (40%)
 DCS-J's enhanced firepower is overwhelming. Saber Tiger would need to equip an Assault Unit to compete.

Blade Liger (70%) Vs. (30%) Vs. Saber Tiger (10%)
 This is a battle between two high-speed units, so the differences in performance would be obvious. As a Saber, this is probably the enemy you'd least want to fight.

Gojulas (70%) Vs. Saber Tiger (30%)
 Saber has the advantage of speed, but can't destroy Gojulas with its artillery. When it comes to brawling, Gojulas will win in the end.

Gojulas the Ogre (90%) Vs. Saber Tiger (10%)
 Other than speed, there is nothing about the Saber that is better. There's no way for it to win other than to aim for the cockpit.

Ultra Saurus (80%) Vs. Saber Tiger (20%)
 Like Saix, Saber would want to be in a close-range battle. However, it'd be difficult to win without getting hit by the Linear Cannons.

Storm Sworder (80%) Vs. Red Horn (20%)
 Although the Red Horn is a heavily armored unit, its anti-aircraft equipment is surprisingly poor. Storm Sworder's diving attacks would be unstoppable.

Gordos (30%) Vs. Red Horn (70%)
 The heavy armor of the Red Horn is advantageous in long-range shooting battles. The shorter the distance, the more dangerous the Red Horn's artillery will be.

Dibison (60%) Vs. Red Horn (40%)
 Heavy armored Zoids that are also both assault types. The Red Horn is well-balanced, but lacks the decisiveness of the Dibison.

Shield Liger (60%) Vs. Red Horn (40%)
 According to calculations there should be no difference in strength, but in actual combat, it seems that the Shield's superior mobility often wins in close-range combat.

Shield Liger DCS-J (70%) Vs. Red Horn (30%)
 Red Horn has a chance to win at medium-range artillery battles, but DCS-J would dominate in close-range combat.

Blade Liger (90%) Vs. Red Horn (10%)
 The Red Horn, designed over 70 years ago, and the state-of-the-art Blade. Unless they're very lucky, the Red Horn won't win.

Gojulas (80%) Vs. Red Horn (20%)
 None of the heavy armaments of the Red Horn, which are a terror to small and medium-sized Zoids, are enough to shoot through the armor of the Gojulas.

Gojulas the Ogre (100%) Vs. Red Horn (0%)
 There's no chance for the Red Horn to win. If an Ogre is encountered on the battlefield, the pilot should withdraw without hesitation.

Ultra Saurus (90%) Vs. Red Horn (10%)
 Because of their similarities as heavily armed types, it's an easy opponent for the Ultra. Red Horn's weapons can't cause any fatal injuries to the Ultra.

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