- Super Scoop!! The Latest Zoids of the 21st Century!

 It's the 21st century. At the Tomy Zoids Development Office, research on new Zoids suitable for the new century is rapidly underway. We'll introduce the development concepts and lineup of these new Zoids in as much detail as possible!

- The Keyword of the 21st Century Zoids is "CA System"!!

RZ-041 Liger Zero Development Plan

 In 2000, Tomy's Zoids Development Concept was "realistic" and "customizable". To make the designs and gimmicks of the kit's body more realistic. At the same time, we wanted to let users enjoy the concepts of remodeling and "making your own Zoids" by commercializing a large number of compatible modification parts.

 It's 2001. Reality and customizability are about to evolve to a higher level. You can see this just by looking at the new leading Zoid, Liger Zero. This new body has a completely new image compared to the Shield and Blade. It has a novel configuration that allows it to work even when unarmed. In addition, by changing the exterior parts, the "Changing Armor System" changes it into a completely different unit!

Liger Zero (Primary Body)
 A Liger Zero with all of its equipment removed. It's close to the Wild Zoids, and as is, it's still complete enough to admire.

Liger Zero (Type 0)
 A form with only basic equipment attached. The main kit includes the primary body and the Type 0 equipment.

Liger Zero (Type 1) "Schneider"
Fighting Combat Enhancement Specifications
 One of the exterior parts that are sold separately from the main body. If you attach these parts to its body, it will quickly be transformed into a fighting Zoid!

Liger Zero (Type 2) "Jager"
Ultra-High-Speed Combat Specifications
 Optional exterior parts with large thrusters. It's faster and more maneuverable than the Lightning Saix.

Liger Zero (Type 3) "Panzer"
Bombardment Specifications
 It seems to be an optional exterior part set that enables full-scale artillery battles, but at this stage, the details are yet unknown.

- The Birth of the CA System Started With This Kit!!

Normal Type:
 Its basic form is the Elephander. If you make it with the Strike Claw at the tip of the nose and the E-Shield, it becomes a fighter-type.

 The great thing about the CA System is the wide variety of part combinations. For example, Liger Zero has four types of armaments. However, users can attach Schneider blades, Jager boosters, and Panzer turrets to the Type 0 armor, regardless of the situation. In this case, the variations are endless. Users can easily create their own Zoids.

 This CA System, which will be in full swing with the Liger Zero, was initially released in early 2001 with the pioneering kit, the EZ-038 Elephander. It's not a full replacement like the Zero, but it has 4 types of parts included from the start. You don't have to buy additional parts later, so why not enjoy the easy replacement part playtime of this kit?

 By replacing the ear parts with a radar and the tip of the nose with a ground sensor, it becomes a reconnaissance mission and scouter type.

 If you replace the entire head portion, it quickly changes into the Commander Type, exclusively used by commanders. The tusks become huge, and look really strong.

- New Innovations For Small And Medium-Sized Spring-Driven Zoids!

 We tend to focus on the larger, motor-driven Zoids when it comes to flashy gimmicks, but the small and spring-driven Zoids are also now full of innovations.

 For example, The Republican Combat Engineer Zoid "Spinosapper". This Zoid is characterized by a large machine tool equipped to its back, but the kit includes two types of parts, a chainsaw and a circular drill, from the very beginning (and also has remodeling parts that will be sold separately, released at the same time). Even with the low-priced small-scale Zoids, you can experience this type of replacement part play.

 Also, the Imperial flying Zoid, "Zabat", which is full of unprecedented gimmicks, is a kit you should pay close attention to. There's a bomb unit installed in its abdomen which can zoom along separately using a pullback type spring. It's also the first Zoid in this setting to use an autopilot, and if you replace the cockpit with the manned reconnaissance aircraft specifications, there's a pilot in a pose that you've never seen before.

 In addition, it's the first kit in Zoids history that includes a dedicated stand. Just like the bat motif of the Zoid, you can fold its wings in and display it hanging upside down.

Reprinting The Old Series One After Another!!

 Zoids users are widespread. They're mainly in the upper grades of elementary school, which is our core group, but there's also fans who are still toddlers and even older fans who are in their 30s or 40s. Among them, there's been a characteristic support from young adults around the age of 20. This is because Zoids has been a hobby once before, more than 10 years ago. The old Zoids series, which fascinated elementary school students at the time, included many famous machines that haven't been resold yet (in the old series, there was a total of 98 Zoids made, of which only 31 have been resold as of January 2001). In parallel with the development of new Zoids, Tomy plans to reprint these old Zoids. Now, let's introduce the Zoids that are being reprinted.

RZ-039 Raynos
 2001 Release, Late May / 800 Yen (excluding tax)
 A fighter-type Zoid that was the rival of Redler.

EZ-040 Wardick
 2001 Release, Late May / 800 Yen (excluding tax)
 The strongest naval combat Zoid in history, equipped with an ultrasonic cannon.

RZ-042 Command Wolf AC
 2001 Release, Late February / 1000 Yen (excluding tax)
 A new color of Command. Modification parts are also included.

RZ-045 Salamander
 2001 Release, Late February / 1000 Yen (excluding tax)
 A new color of Command. Modification parts are also included.

- The Birth Of A New Collection Series!

Further Expanding The World of Zoids!

 Another keyword from Tommy's 2001 Zoids Development Plan is "Diversification." In addition to the conventional 1/72 kits, they're researching various other related products. Some of them are as follows!

Zoid Collection DX "Whale King"

 A non-scale mobile fortress type Zoid and fully colored PVC Zoid figures that can also be used in the Zoids Battle Card Game will be released. These will be made into a series. The first of these is the Imperial Army's giant transport Zoid, the Whale King.

 A plastic kit that comes pre-assembled, with a body measuring 50 cm or more length wise, 4 small and large hangars, and various movable parts. Six Zoids figures are also included. It's what you'd call a "Base Play Set" for younger children, but the quality is superb. This is a must-have item for fans!

 - Whale King is full of gimmicks. In addition to the hangar, there's a bow turret and catapult that are also movable.

 - 6 colored mini Zoids are included. It has a built-in stand, making it ideal for display.

Zoids Collection

Easy To Collect Mini Collections!

 Fully colored mini Zoids that can be displayed with the Whale King and Hover Cargo will be sold separately. The release date is still undecided, but all Zoids are expected to appear in the line up. It seems that remodeled machines, ace-spec machines, and old Zoids that haven't been rereleased will also appear.

 - Small but realistic. It's hard to get all of the 1/72 kits togethr, but this is a collection where you can aim to complete!

Zoids Battle Card Game

A Popular Card Game!

 A competitive strategic battle card game that was released in 2000, and is already quite popular. This game adds elements of board games, and allows you to enjoy immersive battles. The Zoids figures are included, so it's twice as fun to collect.

 - The visuals of each card are made up of diorama photos, CG, and beautiful illustrations.

Zoid Collection DX

The Second In The Mobile Fortress Series!

 The second mobile fortress is the Hover Cargo, which is recognizable from the anime. It's appearing as a mobile land base for the Republic. Four Zoids figures are included.

 In the anime, it's a mecha that plays the important role of transporting the main character's battle team.

King of Mobile "Liger Zero"

 Fully Movable Metal Zoid!

 A full-action metal Zoid where part of the body is made of die-cast metal has also been decided for release.

 The first to release is the Liger Zero. With more than 30 movable points throughout the body, you can pose it any way you want. The CA System will also be recreated!

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