- Zoids Official Fan Book 4

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 - ⚫ Prologue
 - ⚫ Dark Continent of Nyx Complete Map
 - ⚫ Appearing Characters

 - ⚫ Zoids Battle Story
 - 1: Battlefield
 - 2: Assassination
 - 3: Conspiracy
 - 4: Fierce Battle
 - 5: Rebellion
 - 6: Annihilation
 - 7: Invasion
 - 8: Escape
 - 9: Departure

 - ⚫ Republican Army Battle Machine Beast Corps
 - Republican Zoid Forces Complete Analysis
 - Helic Republic Organization Chart

 - ⚫ Imperial Army Battle Machine Beast Corps
 - Imperial Zoid Forces Complete Analysis
 - Guylos Empire Organization Chart
 - Neo Zenebas Empire Organization Chart

 - ⚫ The World of BLOX
 - ⚫ Epilogue


 ZAC 2056. A huge meteorite struck one of Planet Zi's three moons directly. Countless fragments of the shattered moon rained down on the planet. This incident was what would later be described as the Grand Catastrophe of Planet Zi. In the midst of this unprecedented cataclysm during which continent started cracking and submerging, and people died by the tens of millions, there was one man who quietly breathed his last.

 Zenebas Muroa. He was the hero who once held supremacy over the Central Continent. He was the emperor of the former Zenebas Empire. After being defeated by the Helic Republic and absorbed into the Guylos Empire, he defected to the Dark Continent. He had no choice but to watch in silence as his former subordinates were sent to their deaths like pawns. Without any real power, he was nothing more than a hostage to force the former Zenebas soldiers to fight for Guylos. After 70 years of war, all he had left was his only daughter, Elena.

 His funeral, at which Elena was one of the mourners, was a modest one. There was a boy watching the funeral procession from a distance. Gunther Prozen. He was the eldest son of the prestigious Prozen family, who had served as regents of the Guylos Empire for generations. Most of his clan died out due to the catastrophe, and he was supposed to be the next head of the family, but his loyalty was not to Guylos. He knew the secret of his birth which he tried to hide from others. He knew that he was the child of Zenebas and his late mother, who had loved him.

 As he saw off the funeral procession, the boy thought of his father's chagrin, having passed away without ever seeing his face. He swore. Someday, I will try to revive the Zenebas Empire with my own hands...

- Prologue

 It's ZAC 2098, and more than 40 years have passed since the day of Gunther Prozen's childhood oath. Emperor Guylos, who throughout his life had created the mighty military state of the Guylos Empire, passed away. In his place, the young Emperor Rudolph, who was only 10 years old, took over. The real power of the Empire was taken over by his regent, Prozen. It was almost entirely due to him that the country was able to recover from the catastrophe. The people's trust in him was enormous. With this overwhelming support, he purged his political opponents one after another. He took complete control of the parliament. Furthermore, he organized the PK Division and the Eisen Dragoons, shadowy units mainly composed of former Zenebas soldiers. In August of ZAC 2099, he declared war against the Helic Republic.

 Prozen's grand strategy was to bring down the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic together. He could not lose, of course, but he could not win too easily, either. It was a difficult task. However, in July of ZAC 2101, after a series of schemes that treaded on thin ice, he finally succeeded in drawing the Republic's forces to the Dark Continent. All that remained was to bring the two armies together in a war of attrition that would wear them each out and wipe them from the face of the planet. Then they could leisurely raise the flag of Zenebas.

 Nine times out of ten, things were going according to Prozen's plan. But, there were still two men who made him uneasy. One was Karl Lichten Schwarz. He was the young head of a prominent family on par with the Prozen family, while also being the commander of the 1st Armored Division, the strongest of the Defense Forces. He knew that this man, who seemed to be solely loyal to Guylos, had been suspicious of Prozen for some time. However, purging this man, who was immensely popular among the warlords, could turn the National Defense Forces against him. The other was Emperor Rudolph. He had become remarkably mature in recent times. Everyone knew that this young emperor was a brilliant man.

I may not have much time left. This premonition flashed through Prozen's mind for just a moment.

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