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- The Blade Liger Modification Plan

ZAC 2100, August   |  Northern Europa   |  Republican Army's Rob Base

In order to fight against the Empire's new Zoids, attempts were made to strengthen the Blade at Rob Base.
 The performance of the new Zoids of the Imperial Army was a shock to the Republic Command. The only Republican Zoid that seemed to be able to compete was the Ogre, and that could only be controlled by a mercenary. They needed to immediately strengthen and modify the Blade.

 It was August. As a result of the Technology Department's efforts to stay awake, some enhancement parts had been completed. A test was ordered by Arthur. To be honest, it didn't matter to Arthur. Mainly because before the Blade was armed, he had to change himself. He was about to throw away all of the Zoids riding skills that he had developed over his long career.

 All because he'd seen the miracle of the Ogre. He was also stricken by the remodeled Geno Saurer with the "R" crest that had appeared at Hesperides Lake. They said that he was piloting a machine that would have become even more difficult to handle. If these miracles could occur when communicating with the OS-equipped machines, he had to see it for himself. He wanted to bring out the full potential of the Blade. To get closer to being the Best Zoid Rider who stuck to that position instead of accepting promotions.

 Arthur had refused to leave the Blade's cockpit for as long as time would allow. This was a true test. His mental exhaustion was near its limits. The destructive urge that constantly flowed through his consciousness was still too foreign and umbearable for the cheerful and carefree Crazy Arthur.

 How many armament tests were there again? His consciousness was blurred. At that moment, suddenly, a new consciousness jumped into his mind, like a swift blitz. It was the essence of the Blade.

 — So, you love this one?

 The unit was equipped with an Attack Booster. Parts that enhanced both mobility and gun power, all at the same time. However, it was compact, and didn't break the balance of the machine.

 — Is that so?

 For the first time, Arthur was in contact with the essence of the Blade, hidden in the depths of those destructive instincts.

 I've decided on this one. No, the technician's opinions were fine. The Blade says this one is good. No, I'm not joking. Yeah, I understand. That's just how this unit is.

(From the statement record of the Republican Army's Special Combat Corps, Major Arthur Borgman.)

Slayer Liger
It has a large sword that can be moved back and forth, and comes with built-in verniers. It would be able to cleave through the Free Round Shield.

Boost Liger
It charges at super high speeds to penetrate the enemy with the laser blade on its head. Its maximum speed reaches 350 km/h.
Blade Destroy
A Blade used for assault, with thoroughly enhanced firepower.
Sniper Liger
By linking with a high-performance scope, it's possible to precisely shoot down enemies from a distance of 10 km.

Blade Liger KS
A stealth-type night combat unit. It would later be adopted by the Republic's Intelligence Bureau.

Blade Liger AB
It's equipped with an Attack Booster that enhances its armaments, speed, and mobility all at the same time. It has been decided to be adopted as Arthur's Blade.

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