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- Super-Dreadnought Mother Ship Ultra Saurus Launched!!

ZAC 2100, September   |  Northern Europa   |  Republican Army's Rob Base

 Using a destroyer can hurt your pride. I am well aware that it's not the way to fight Zoids. But Rob. It is absolutely necessary to end the battle now.

(Excerpt from a letter to Major Rob Hermann of the Republican Destroyer Corps [Unknown Sender])

The Destroyer Corps have mobilized. Their target is Nixie Base, the most important base of the Imperial Army.
 The war situation was about to start moving rapidly. This was because of a single Zoid that was transported to the Republic's Rob Base. The Gojulas, a huge Zoid that lurked in the hangar, looked like a small-scale machine in comparison.

 Ultra Saurus. As of ZAC 2100, this phantom giant was said to only have a single individual unit. The Presidential machine, which could be said to be the symbol of the Republican Army. It had now been handed over to the Western Continent. It was breathtaking to all of the dispatched soldiers, who saw the Ultra Saurus' form, equipped with two huge turrets that were even bigger than the giant units there. Their maximum range was about 100 km. It was the ultimate weapon, with devastating power that could destroy a city with a single shot.

"Use this Ultra Saurus The Destroyer to bombard the imperial base."

 That was the order from the Supreme Command of their home country. The reason for this was so that the Imperial Army, which was hit hard in the second all-out battle, had to fight before they could reorganize. The remnants of the Western Continent immediately formed a formation gunner unit, the Destroyer Corps, centered around the Ultra Saurus. Then they started marching towards Nixie Base.

- Republican Destroyer Corps

Destroid Gojulas Unit 2. Provides support for the recoil of the Ultra Cannon.

The first machine. Along with Unit 2, it carries extra bullets for the Ultra Cannon.
Storm Sworders. Their mission is to cover the sky, above the blind spots of the corps.
Gojulas The Ogre acts as an escort for Ultra Saurus.

Reconnaissance Pteras, which communicates the target's exact position to the Ultra Saurus.

- Ultra Saurus' Departure!!

Even long-range missiles only have a range of about 50 km. The range and power of the 1200 Ultra Cannon far exceeded the conventional wisdom of Zoid Battles.

 Slowly, slowly, the Republican forces aimed for the West. The Ultra Saurus with its huge turret could reach speeds up to 20 km/h. Over 40,000 Republic Zoids accompanied it along its gentle progress. Nearly every army of the Republic was surrounding the Destroyer Corps, led by the Ultra as escorts. That's how the Republican Army was handling this operation.

 Of course, this advance was immediately transmitted to the Imperial Army. The Imperial Command also put all of their effort into consolidating, and decided to meet the Republican Army. The first group was made up of about 5,000 Zoids. The subsequent 100,000 units would be dispatched as soon as their reorganization was complete.

 Eventually, the distance between the two forces was reduced to roughly 100 kilometers. It was too far to start a fight. The Imperial Army Corps had stopped their troops there. Mainly so that their troops could set up there and wait for the enemy. It was only after that, that they'd challenge their opponents head on. No, that was how it was supposed to go, but...

The Empire's leading force was destroyed. The Zoids, who barely survived, were no longer able to fight.
 Suddenly, a flash of light struck the middle of the Empire's leading force. A flash that made the world turn white. Then there was hot hair, then vibrations. Finally, the roar deafened. There must have been no one among the Imperial Soldiers who understood what had just transpired. Without understanding how, the Imperial Corps were destroyed. Because of a single shot fired from the Ultra at a distance of 100 kilometers. It was the 1200 mm Ultra Cannon. 300 Imperial Zoids that were within the 3 kilometer radius around the impact point completely disappeared. Outside of that, 700 more that were surrounding the 3 km range exploded and burned. Furthermore, 800 outside of the radius were wrecked. Following that, 1,500 medium and 1,200 small units. The damage was equal to total annihilation.

 It was only two days later that the Imperial Command at the Nixie base discovered this fact. The famous generals lost their voices.

"If that shell hits the Nixie base..."

 Undoubtedly, the Imperial Army on the Western Continent would be destroyed. However, no matter how large a troop they dispatched, they would be powerless before the bombardment. As long as the Storm Sworder held control of the skies, an air strike would be difficult. The only remaining hand that they had left was a pinpoint attack by a death squad. Approaching with a small unit of high-speed Zoids that would be hard to find, and challenge the Ultra in a direct melee confrontation.

Geno Breaker and Saix. The state-of-the-art machines launched as a death squad.

 The Imperial High-Speed Unit sortied on the battlefield in units consisting of groups of 10 to 30 small and medium sized machines. Among them were the state-of-the-art machines such as the mass-produced Geno Saurers and Lightning Saix. And also, Ritz' Geno Breaker.

 It was a horribly bad strategy. Nevertheless, there was a smile forming on Ritz' mouth. Finally, the time he had been waiting for had arrived. The Blade with the red crest, and the right time to fight. Ritz was convinced this was his destiny.

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