- Zoids Modification Project

 Zoids were modified one after another and sent to the battlefield based on the situation on the front lines, or as experimental units for the development of new models. What kind of modified Zoids would you build?

- Ultra Saurus The Destroyer

 The only Ultra Saurus still in existence, it's equipped with the variable anti-fortress weapon, the 1200mm Ultra Cannon. This huge turret has a range of about 100 km. It has the power to destroy a small city in a single shot, but this decisive weapon has major disadvantages in all other aspects, such as recoil, maintenance, and mobility. It was an unrealistic plan designed by a particular engineer in the Republican Army's Development Department, famous for their unrealistic dreams, but it resulted in the Republican Army winning the Western Continent War.

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- Destroid Gojulas

 The 1200mm Ultra Cannon was too powerful. Even with the giant Ultra Saurus, it couldn't withstand the recoil of firing. Therefore, two Destroid Gojulas units were equipped with reinforced shock absorbers on both feet to help receive the impact from the recoil and provide support. The two units also transport spare bullets and escort the Ultra Saurus.

Unit 1:  Destroid Gojulas Unit 1 is usually on the left side of the Ultra Saurus. It carries five spare shells in its backpack. It's also equipped with a powerful Twin Laser Cannon that's connected to the Energy Tank on its backpack. It destroys enemies approaching the Ultra Saurus.

Unit 2:  Unit 2 is a modified Gojulas that protects the Ultra Saurus' right side. It carries 5 spare Ultra Cannon shells in its backpack, and uses a 6-Shot Rocket Launcher to drive away enemies that are approaching the Ultra from the right.

Shield Liger DCS

 The Shield, which mostly had fighting weapons previously, is now equipped with Beam Cannons, making it compatible with artillery battles.
CP-01 Beam Cannon Set: 400 Yen (not including tax)

Saber Tiger AT

 A modified Saber Tiger with enhanced firepower and mobility, with additional equipment such as the 8-Shot Missile Pod and High-Mobility Thrusters.
CP-02 Assault Unit: 400 Yen (not including tax)

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- Spark Liger

 The Spark Liger is a modified Shield Liger unit that had the E-Shield removed and is instead equipped with a Potential Difference Generator. It fires electric shots at close range at its enemies, causing their combat systems to malfunction.

- Climber Wolf

 A Command Wolf with mountain warfare specifications. It was developed in preparation for the Dark Continent of Nyx, which had many high, and steep mountains.

- Cerberus

 A double-headed Command Wolf. The cockpit on the right is a control room with various computers, so pilots can't ride in it.

- Red Horn BG

 The Moving Fortress, Red Horn, has been further strengthened with a Beam Gatling Gun. Compared to the normal unit, its firepower has almost doubled.
CP-03 Beam Gatling Set: 400 Yen (not including tax)

- Command Wolf AU

 It's equipped with a long-range cannon, and it compensates for the increased weight with a booster. It's a unit that has increased combat power without compromising its mobility.
CP-04 Attack Unit: 300 Yen (not including tax)

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- Guysack "Stinger Special"

 The favorite machine of Stinger, a bounty hunter on Europa. Each armament has been strengthened, for example equipping scissors that are larger than the standard machine. By increasing the output power of its engine, its maximum speed has also increased by more than 30%.

- Pteras Radome Special

 A remodeled Pteras belonging to the Republican Army's Destroyer Corps. Its been mostly disarmed, and instead equipped with a dome-shaped 3D Radar. From the sky, it can tell the Ultra Saurus the exact location of its artillery targets.

- Cannon Tortoise BC

 A large beam cannon developed for the rear support unit, the Cannon Tortoise. It's super powerful, but its mobility is extremely low.
CP-05 Large-Caliber Beam Cannon Set: 300 Yen (not including tax)

- Pteras Bomber

 A CP unit that transforms the Pteras, which has become obsolete as a fighter, into a fighter-bomber type.
CP-06 Bomber Unit: 300 Yen (not including tax)

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- Bloody Demon

 An experimental machine from the Death Saurer Revival Plan, which is still being researched by the Guylos Empire. It looks like a Death Saurer, but the Zoid Core has actually been replaced with a Geno Saurer's. In other words, this unit is a Geno Saurer with Death Saurer-like equipment. Although it became unstable due to the Core being unsuitable for its equipment, it still has much more combat power than the normal Geno Saurer.

- Cannory Molga

 A unit developed to add diversity to the largest mass-produced machine, the Molga. It's not only effective for long-range attacks, but also for fighting large units.
CP-07 Cannory Unit: 300 Yen (not including tax)

- Rev Raptor PB

 A CP unit built to bring out the fighting performance of the Rev Raptor. It fires a spear made of special metal toward the enemy with explosive acceleration.
CP-08 Pile Bunker Unit: 300 Yen (not including tax)

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- Proto Breaker

 The Proto Breaker is a prototype of the Demon Dragon, the Geno Breaker. There's no Free Round Shield, but with one X-Breaker on each side and a Thruster from the Kong, it still has the strength to compete with the Blade Liger.

- Geno Scissors

 The Geno Breaker's X-Breaker has been made even larger. It's a modified Zoid that boasts almost invincible strength in close-range combat.

- Geno Trooper

 A Geno Saurer that has gained the ability to fly using wings with the Magnesser System. It's an assault-type Zoid that descends on enemy bases and attacks.

- Redler BC

 A CP unit developed to make up for the difference in strength between it and the Storm Sworder. Its linear artillery power and speed have been increased.
CP-09 Booster Cannon Set: 300 Yen (not including tax)

- Gojulas Cannon

 The Gojulas, which was already invincible at fighting combat, has been equipped with a Long Range Buster Cannon. It has acquired unrivaled combat power even in military battles.
CP-10 Gojulas Cannon Set: 500 Yen (not including tax)

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- Iron Kong SS

 One of the special machines piloted by Lieuntent Colonel Karl Lichten Schwarz, who's considered to be the next leader of the Guylos Empire's Defense Forces (he also pilots a Saber Tiger, Red Horn, etc.). This is the only Kong that belongs to the Defense Force, which is a regular unit, and it has the same fighting power as the PK Kong.

Saber Tiger SS:
 One of Lieutenant Colonel Schwarz's favorite machines. It's used for operations that require high-speed combat. Of course, it's equipped with a Beam Gatling Gun, which is a feature of Schwarz's machines.

- Iron Kong MS

 An Iron Kong equipped with two Vernier Stabilizers and a Laser Sensor that dramatically improves its maneuverability and artillery accuracy.
CP-11 Maneuver Thruster Unit: 500 Yen (not including tax)

- Blade Liger AB

 A CP Unit that simultaneously improves both firepower and the kinetic performance of the Blade Liger, allowing it to achieve a top speed of 330 km/h.
CP-12 Attack Booster Unit: 400 Yen (not including tax)

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- Saber Tiger "Three Musketeers Specification Machine"

 A favorite machine of three heroes who made a name for themselves during the Intercontinental War, the old war that took place 40 years ago between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire. It has the same specifications as the normal Saber Tiger AT aside from its body color, but the pilot's skill allows it to perform amazing maneuvers.

- Lightning Saix BS

 A Lightning Saix test unit. Compared to the mass-produced unit, it has superior artillery power, but slightly inferior fighting performance.

- Dark Horn

 A Red Horn equipped with a Gatling Gun, that has further enhanced its power and armor.

- Gun Sniper W2

 A CP Unit that increases the Gun Sniper's artillery power and radar functions. The radar function exceeds the Gator's.
CP-13 Wild Weasel Unit: 300 Yen (not including tax)

- Hammer Head VL

 A CP Unit that boosts the Hammer Head's power by adding a spear and radar. It's a reassuring ally to the outnumbered Republican Navy.
CP-14 Viking Lance Unit: 300 Yen (not including tax)

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- Gator Radome Special

 A specially designed Gator that invades enemy territory alone for long periods of time and steals various information. It features camouflage paint that's supposed to hide it in deserts and forests, and a 3D Radar dome. The back fin is a heat radiating plate that prevents the unit from overheating.

- Redler Intercepter

 A unit used for dogfighting with additional machineguns and improved air combat capabilities. It had a limited mass production run and was deployed in the Imperial Air Force Defense Squadron.

- Hel Digunner DT

 A modified unit that removes all naval equipment and instead improves its adaptability in deserts. It has large blades on its tail and improved fighting power.

- Elephander AG

 It has a set of missile launchers and gatling guns for medium-range artillery battles, and close-range combat with high-speed units.
CP-15 Assault Gatling Unit: 400 Yen (not including tax)

- Zoid Controller

 Unlike other CP units that strengthen the machine, this is a controller for operating Zoids. It's compatible with the Lightning Saix and Death Stinger.
CP-16 Zoid Controller: 600 Yen (not including tax)

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