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 "As far as I'm concerned, the greatest Zoid Rider sleeps here. His courage, decisive power, and soul should be the guideline for all Zoid riders, transcending the boundaries of the Empire and the Republic."

(From the words engraved on an unmarked tombstone found on the battlefield.)

 The eastern sky dawned. It was as if it were waiting for the end of the battle. A light brighter than the morning sun burned the western sky red. Then an explosion sounded. The Ultra Saurus had successfully bombarded Nixie Base.

 2 shots. 3 shots... Every time an explosion occurred, vibrations caused the atmosphere to waver. Ritz knew. The Imperial Army had lost the Western Continent War. He had a horrible feeling in his heart that he couldn't do it. He couldn't save his allies. No, he had even abandoned his mission. Even if this battle was a heroic act to save Planet Zi, it was by no means a forgiveable act.

 4 shots. 5 shots... Ritz looked back at the Blade. The machine was completely broken. It would be difficult to find the body of the pilot. An enemy who he didn't know the name or face of, who had stayed in the forefront of his mind for half a year. He understood now. When they first met, he was fascinated by this pilot. He didn't want to admit that, so he turned his mind to the OS, and tried to counter it.

 What kind of warrior was he? Would he ever be able to ride such a Zoid someday? He didn't know. If he couldn't know that, he could at least start with what he could do. Yes, Ritz thought. I'll respond to the wishes of my machine, who fought alongside me. He had come to understand the Geno Breaker's sad heart in the middle of this battle. He would free it from the hatred of the OS.

— I'll stop the OS plan.

 He had no intention of returning to the military. He didn't have such qualifications. So, he didn't know how much he could do. But, the Blade pilot had also wished to do this.

"Let's go, Breaker!"

 Ritz started up the powerful Geno Breaker. In the distance, the sounds of the Ultra's shells still echoed.

Ritz Runstead disappeared to nowhere after destroying the berserker's nest. The Imperial Army record only states "Life-and-death unknown."

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