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- The True Organoid Competition  (1)

ZAC 2100, March   |  Southern Europa   |  Ergyle Beach

 The Completion the OS is the foundation of our Empire's strategy. So long as the system remains imperfect, we will dig up all of Europa's land to find the missing piece.

(From the orders of the Imperial Regent, Gunther Prozen.)

The Republican Army succeeded in forming a defense force on Southern Europa before the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Army's landing point was Ergyle Beach, aiming for the Garil ruins.
 It was two months after the test battle. The Geno Saurer had still not progressed to mass production. No one could handle it. Only one in ten ace pilots could withstand the mental damage. It was a fatal flaw for a mass-produced weapon. Naturally, the Zoid Development Plan was under review.

 But in March, there was a new all to surprising operation ordered by the Imperial Command "We'll be dispatching to Southern Europa." They had been trying to take over the land, which contained countless ancient ruins that had yet to be seen, to get more complete data on the OS [Organoid System]. HQ wanted the perfect OS, even at the risk of spreading their front lines unnecessarily thin.

 Meanwhile, the Republican Army, which sensed that the Empire had advanced towards the south, immediately dispatched its own battalion, including a Gojulas unit.

The Rev Raptor, which didn't even fear its own death, had defeated the Gojulas, the strongest Zoid of the Republic.
A defensive team was sent to the expected landing site, Ergyle Beach. However...

 Only one hour after the start of the battle, the defense forces were destroyed. The Geno Saurer had been sent by the Imperial Dispatch.

 Geno Saurer dodged, toyed with, and broke through their defensive lines, evading a rain of bullets from the Republic. He fired the charged particle cannon at the Republican Zoid units which had formed a dense formation.

 A flash. Then an explosion. Gojulas, the only surviving unit, fell prey to the pursuing Rev Raptors. Although limited in number, the fighting instincts of these new machine beasts, which incorporated the OS were terrifying, and they defeated the Gojulas like a swarm of ants attacking a large elephant.

 The Geno Saurer pilot gazed down at the quiet battlefield with cold eyes. It was, without a doubt, Ritz Runstedt.

 The proud test pilot, who had lived his whole life without ever killing anyone, was about to be transformed into a killing machine in just two months of being under the influence of the OS.

An Imperial Dispatch unit begins to advance towards the Garil Ruins. Is there no way for the Republic to stop them?

- The True Organoid Competition  (2)

The new flagship Zoid of the Republic, the Blade Liger, has been born. Can it stop the Geno Saurer, which is pushing its way through Southern Europa?
 A gale ran through the wilderness of Southern Europa, illuminated by the moonlight. It was a Zoid. A blue lion-type Zoid. However, it wasn't a Shield Liger. The unit's speed exceeded 300 km/h. There was no Zoid with such speed in the Republic, nevermind the Empire.

 There was an emblem on it's head. An emblem shaped like a lion and shield. It was the coat of arms granted by the Republican High Speed Combat Force, and only to seven select knights, the "Leomasters."

 The pilot of this unit was Arthur Borgmann. Referred to as "Crazy Arthur" by his friends. Given his brilliant career and age, he could've been a general by now. Yet, every time talk of promotions came up, he intentionally started causing problems So, he was still a major.

— I'll ride Zoids until the day I die. That's the word, anyway. That's why the people around me call me crazy, as a term of endearment.

Their aim is the Garil Ruins. But where is the earlier-arriving Geno Saurer?
 That night, Crazy Arthur was in a good mood, like a child with a new toy. His reaction to his new favorite machine was pure fun.

 It was a scary Zoid. It was hard to even drive it in a straight line. It had a violent character. He struggled against its fighting instincts, which seemed to be pushing him in this direction.

— I've got a ridiculous Zoid.

 The unit, dubbed the Blade Liger, incorporated data recovered from the survivors of the High-Speed Combat Force, which had prevented the resurrection of the Death Saurer.

— Did they say this was the OS? It's not something anyone can handle, apparently, but it's interesting.

- The True Organoid Competition  (3)

 This mission had been given to Arthur as an actual combat test for the Blade Liger. Then, he was to bring back data from the ancient ruins before the Geno Saurer, who invaded southern Europa two weeks ago was able to. Despite being an important mission, he wasn't able to control his unit satisfactorily.

The Storm Sworder, who flew silently at a low speed, was transporting two Gun Snipers and escorting the Blade Liger from the sky.
— Well, it can't be helped.

 If he couldn't control it the way he wanted, it was best to let the Zoid do whatever it wanted. That's why he'd been running all night. Nevertheless, the Blade Liger was aiming directly for the Garil Ruins. It was as if it was being drawn to something there.

 Unexpectedly, the Blade Liger grew nervous. There was no radar response, though. No indication from the heat source detector. But Arthur made an instantaneous judgement. He believed in the Blade's instincts.

 They leapt into the air, and strangely, the Blade reacted with surprising obediance.

 Flash. The ground where the Blade had been standing exploded. A surprise attack. A swarm of Rev Raptors, who had been hiding beneath the earth, bared their fangs. However, surprise attacks lost their effectiveness once you were spotted.

These two units are equal in strength, but the gathering Rev Raptors were being destroyed one after another.
The much more maneuverable Blade destroyed the Rev Raptor units one by one.

 In addition, a flying Zoid descended from above, and dropped two small Zoids. Storm Sworder and two Gun Snipers. A new model that the Republic introduced to Southern Europa as an escort to the Blade Liger. These Zoids also had a limited OS built in.

 On the other hand, the Rev Raptor unit, which had fumbled their surprise attack, no longer had any chance of winning.

- The True Organoid Competition  (4)

The Gun Snipers discovered the entrance to the Garil Ruins. They rushed inside with the Blade.
 The OS was a revolutionary technology that dramatically enhanced the Zoids' fighting power. But, the human control was still missing a fatal "something." Arthur was trying to figure out a way of making up for it.

 The problem was their intense fighting instincts. It was the spirit of a pilot who was synchronized with their Zoid that was lacking. Then, you had to parry it. Break your mental connection, and steer it to bring out its absolute power.

 It wasn't as easy as it sounded. The better the pilot, the better their mental connection with Zoids. But he could do it. "Crazy Arthur." His fight against the Rev Raptors was growing more confident.

 The Garil Ruins, where the missing "something" was supposed to be buried, were already near.

The Blade moves through the maze-like ruins. Geno Saurer, meanwhile, wanders around the ruins in search of the OS data.
 A huge decaying city that spread out underground. That was the Garil Ruins. Two days had passed since Ritz Runstedt had gotten down there. He followed the maze-like path, relying solely on the Geno Saurer's instincts. His senses were frayed. Probably because he'd been sitting in the cockpit for too long. He had a strange sense of unity. Gradually, he was losing track of if he was Ritz or the Geno Saurer. And it was a comfortable feeling.

 From somewhere, he heard the sound of a motor. The systems within the ruins were evidence that they were still alive.

— Close.

 The feeling that what he was aiming for was right next to him. He looked for more signs.

— !?

 There was something there. Something different from what he was aiming for.

— An enemy?

 A strong enemy. Possibly even strong enough to defeat him.

 Ritz' Geno Saurer ran. It destroyed the walls and climbed through the passages, moving in a straight line. Then they met. A dazzling blue lion-type Zoid that he'd never seen before. He instinctively understood it. It was the Republic's new state-of-the-art machine, and it also had an OS.

 Behind it was a cultivation capsule. That must be the "something" that would fix the flaws in the OS. Ritz' Geno Saurer roared. They needed to defeat the blue machine beast and bring back that capsule.

 The blue machine beast, the Blade Liger, also roared. To Arthur, who was in the cockpit, the roar sounded like a song of delight from the Blade Liger, who had met a formidable enemy.

- The True Organoid Competition  (5)

The Blade Liger skillfully evades the Geno Saurer's salvo. Its reaction speed and athletic performance are phenomenal.
 Ritz desperately endured the urge to fire the charged particle cannon. It was so powerful that it could hurt both him and the cultivation capsule. However, perhaps their enemy was in the same situation, with their abilities limited as well. Its athletic performance couldn't be fully realized in this narrow passage. This should be a fatal problem for the lion Zoid, which specialized in high-speed combat.

 Granted, it was still possible to go with conventional weapons. Even if it had a Shield Liger class E-Shield, he could penetrate that at close range.


 Ritz' finger hit the trigger. Geno Saurer's turret moved and fired instantly. At the same time, the Blade Liger jumped. With the rocket boosters fully expanded, he ran up the wall and deployed

The Laser Blade easily cuts through even the heavy armor of the Geno Saurer.
the laser blades, all while dodging the gunfire. He instantly cut into the Geno Saurer.

 An impact. The Geno Saurer's turret and left arm danced through the air. At the same time, Ritz was stricken with pain, as if his own arm had been severed. Geno Saurer's anger and humiliation felt like his own.
— The charged particle gun!

 The fighting instincts forced Ritz to forget his mission for just a moment. But then, the cultivation capsule jumped into his angry, cloudy field of vision. By sheer chance, the Geno Saurer fell in the direction of the capsule.

 A Zoid Core shined from within it. In anger, Ritz dragged the core out of the capsule.

The Blade Liger reigns dominant. Even so, the unknown Zoid Core, which holds the key to the completion of the Organoid System, has fallen into the Geno Saurer's hands.
"I can't let you take that!"

 Arthur's Blade attacked again. But Ritz had already moved on to his next action. He fired the charged particle cannon. Towards the ceiling of the ruins.

 The Garil Ruins began to roar and collapse.


 Geno Saurer glared at the Blade as it desperately tried to avoid the falling rubble.

"The red emblem on his forehead. I'll remember that!"

 Today he had lost. However, that was a decision that had to be made. As he swore, Ritz expanded his boosters.

 Arthur also felt like he had lost as he stared at the "R" symbol on the Geno Saurer while it escaped through the ceiling. The emotions that he'd felt, twisted by the OS with every one of those maneuvers were no longer there. He would feel them again, though.

— I'm sure I'll meet that pilot again someday. Yes. Somewhere on the battlefield.

The Storm Sworder, who flew cautiously over the ruins, was unable to dodge the Geno Saurer's Charged Particle Cannon that had suddenly broke through the ground, and damaged its wing. The Geno Saurer had missed.

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