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Karl L. Schwarz
Hanna Hanna
Barrett Gutter
 ⚫ Team:
  1st Panzer Division

 ⚫ Zoid(s):
  Iron Kong SS
  Saber Tiger SS

  A famous general who specializes in blitzkrieg operations, and leads an armored unit. Lieutenant Colonel of the army. Born to the prestigious Schwarz family, which has a hostile relationship with the Prozen faction.
 ⚫ Team:
  Prozen Knights

 ⚫ Zoid(s):
  Iron Kong PK

  A major in the Army. She wasn't on a direct promotion track, but achieved an exceptional career after many achievements under Prozen. She also participated in the second all-out engagement.
 ⚫ Team:
  Empire Technical Department

 ⚫ Zoid(s):
  Lightning Saix BS

  A test pilot for new Zoids, ranked First Lieutenant. During a Lightning Saix test, he encountered and fought Kei Isurugi's Blade Liger.
Brick Spantz
Kirsche Hartriegel
Souris Claret
 ⚫ Team:
  Empire Technical Department

 ⚫ Zoid(s):

  A test pilot, ranked Sergeant. He often participates in live combat to hone his intuition. He likes to invade enemy territory alone in a Gator.
 ⚫ Team:
  1st Armoured Division, 1st Regiment

 ⚫ Zoid(s):
  Rev Rapter

  Aide of the 1st Regiment of the 1st Armoured Division, led by Schwarz. Ranked Captain. She comes from the Hartriegel family, who have a deep engagement with the Schwarz family.
 ⚫ Team:
  Strategic Air Force, 8th Aviation Division

 ⚫ Zoid(s):

  A sergeant major in the Air Force. In the second all-out engagement, she volunteered for a do-or-die sortie within the storm. Her anti-ground attacks opened a breach in the Republic's defensive lines.
Burgun Dyn
Payle Geordot
 ⚫ Team:
  Navy, 2nd Fleet

 ⚫ Zoid(s):

  A commodore in the Navy. He commanded the mixed marine force in the second all-out engagement, but was prevented from landing by the rough seas and Hammer Heads.
 ⚫ Team:
  Empire Technical Department

 ⚫ Zoid(s):

  Ranked Second Lieutenant. He was a well-known cheerful test pilot, but he fought a mock battle against a Geno Saurer in a Saber Tiger AT and was wounded.

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