- Blade Liger

Pilots: Van Flyheight

    Throughout Chaotic Century there is only ever a single Blade Liger, and that liger belongs to Van Flyheight. This amazing Zoid was obtained when a Shield Liger was evolved using the power of an Organoid (Zeke.) Although the Zoid was brand new it arrived at full strength, with speed and abilities that surpassed anything seen by the Empire or Republic at that time. It even managed to out run aerial Zoids such as the Redler while it was merged to an Organoid, and survive a complete bombardment of cannon shells with no damage.

    The main fall of the Blade Liger is that it has a severe lack of powered long range weapons. This point is rarely illustrated in the anime, though. The standard issue is blue. Of course, there's only one.

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Weapon Overview:
    Laser Saber (Tooth) x2:The Laser Sabers refer to the two large fangs of the Blade Ligers. These weapons are intended to be used with an energy charge but are never animated that way.     Strike Claw x4: Standard weapon. Blade Liger's strike claws actually have retractable claws in the ends, just like the Liger Zero. They've been used for traction and combat.

    AZ Double-barreled Shock Cannon:A stationary cannon installed to the chest. This is the only long ranged weapon usable while the Blade Liger's blades are in use.
    Pulse Laser Gun x2 The pulse laser guns are retracted into the frame when not in use. This is to prevent damage to the guns or blades while the Liger is cutting down an enemy. When needed, the rifles will be attached to the back of the blades. The chamber that stores these guns is labeled numbers 1, 2, and 3, implying that it could hold multiple weapons or just back ups in case of damage.

    The Laser Rifles are shown to be both automatic firing and single shot weapons, possibly depending on the cylinder used. Both have a targeting scope.
    Laser Blade x2:The Liger's trademark weapons. When inactive these blades rest over the Liger's back. Rotational wise, they fold out to the sides and can also swing forward. Their combat use features an energy charge that has been seen to extend the reach to about twice the length of the material blade, but it is often only slightly longer.

    In some cases the Blades are flipped forward over the back for use of the Pulse Laser Guns. They have also been known to emit small electron impulse vibrations, which are capable of neutralizing charged particles. This allows the blades to power the Energy Shield without interfering with it.
    No weapon listed.
Equipment Overview:
    E-Shield Generator x2:The E-Shield Generator is an advanced type of armament that uses power from the Zoid Core to maintain a barrier around the Zoid. Their capacity is limited by damage received from an enemy, and may take a time to recharge before it is possible to reactivate them. When activated, energy pulses are projected from the mane pieces of the Blade Liger, most notably the top and bottom panels.

     The biggest problem with the E-Shield is that it only protects the Zoid near the front. Attacks from behind the Zoid will not be hindered.
    Completion Refrigerator x4: The Completion Refrigerators are placed behind the blue and white armor segments of the shoulders and rear legs. They extend outwards to reveal vents that discharge heat that has been building up in the frame, rapidly cooling the Zoid.
    Rocket Booster:This equipment is used primarily for acceleration and evasion. It consists of two high powered thrusters under the back armor panel which can be rotated sideways and up.     Multi-Blade Antenna x2
    3d Dual Sensory

    Sensors are pretty generalized in the anime, so these aren't distinguished much.

- Blade Liger AB

Pilots: Van Flyheight

     "Attack Booster"
     The Blade Liger AB was developed as the third booster set in a line of experimental boosters. Its original design project was lead by Dr. D and it was the only successful test at the time of deployment. Unfortunately, the boosters proved to add a bit too much stress to the frame and were ditched shortly after being added.

Featured Episodes: 52
Weapon Overview:
    Attack Booster: A dual mode weapon -- something you don't see much of. The Attack Boosters are designed to flip forward and fire simultaneous cannon shells. They're a high powered weapon with a lot to give.
Equipment Overview:
    Attack Booster: The secondary mode of the Attack Booster, and its original function was to be a booster unit for the Blade Liger. These are fully functional even when the blades are withdrawn, or deployed. They rotate backwards during this time so that they don't actually have to interfere with the weapons.