- Blade Liger 2013 Blu-ray BOX Limited Ver.

Number of Pieces: 613 | Number of Frames: 44 | Additional Figures: Van, Fiona, Zeke

    This unique model kit was released only with the Limited Edition version of the Blu-Ray Box Set. It featured unique art of the Blade Liger and came with other extras of the set which you can read about here. The kit is cast in entirely translucent plastic. The only solid pieces at all are the metal springs that go around the leg pipes. Even the teeth and cylinders are clear! Aesthetically it's a striking appearance if you like holotech Zoids.

    There is that ever nagging question of quality, though. The Blade Liger series from Kotobukiya have always lacked good quality, or at least both of the ones I have are flunkies. Parts fall off of every side, the feed don't stay on, and neither do the legs. These problems persist to this transparent liger, and will probably plague every Blade Liger release.

    When it comes to the clear plastic there is no denying that it is brittle. However, the only part that I managed to break was one of the face fins, which I also broke on the other Blade Ligers. These plastic has a snap when you cut it from the sprues that tells you it is already quite dry. While mine went together ok I suspect that it won't take long at all for these to become shatter bombs, much the way their clear Shield Liger CP did. If you have one, and want to build it, build it as soon as possible. Do not delay, because chances are later it won't be possible to assemble without breaking something. I could be wrong on this but Koto does not have a good track record for quality clear parts and their Zoid kits can be fragile from the get to. They likely will not survive the test of time.

    This Liger can be found seperately for $50-$200 on Yahoo Japan, as a lot of people who bought the blu-rays chose to sell it on. Please be aware that the book and Blu-Rays are packaged seperately. This Liger won't come with any of the other set extras if bought with just the kit.

    -Unique colors and the first entirely clear Koto Zoid released
    -New unique box art

    -Likely to become extremely brittle with age
    -Tons of loose parts and gluing involved



- Canopy

    The canopy flips open at the top. The assembly that it is attached to has a bad habit of popping off if the head is not secure.

- Face Fins

     These are the bane of every Blade Liger. They are attached to a rotating bar on the inside but the pegs that attach the individual fins are less than 0.5mm in width. They are prone to breaking and are not strong enough to handle the tension of the moving part. They are supposed to move forwards and backwards a little.

- Shield Generators

    This piece on top of the head and the piece on the throat flip forward. The throat piece moves further forward than it probably should, but hey, no complaining about more mobility than is necessary. The pieces on the top of the head are attached to the same loose assembly as the cockpit.

- Jaws

    The jaws are movable and full of stabby things. They open up as far as the bottom of the mane will allow them to, and look pretty good.

- Boosters

    The boosters on the back are covered by a clear blue piece that rotates seperately from the rest, allowing the boosters to be ended from the back. They are set on a rotational piece that allows them to spin 360 when deployed. A small bar in the middle allows further extension.

- Laser Blades

    More blades! Cast in clear gold these look just stunning on this glowing Blade Liger. I didn't notice them being particularly brittle although the triangular connection at the side is prone to coming loose. It can be glued without hindering movement. The blades can rotate towards at the side, which will show a piston folding out. Sometimes the pistons are too shortand fall loose from each other, which is a pain to reassemble.
    Otherwise the Blades can rotate forwards over the shoulders, or backwards over the back. When on the back there are two added 'stands' on the blue tail fins that holds the barrels. They don't rest very securely, since the blades always wanna stick upwards a bit, but it's a nice detail. The blue circular part that connects the black blade piece to the side arm allows them to rotate forwards and backwards.

- Vents

    These pieces on the sides of all four legs are movable. They are set on a unique setting that allows them to rest in place normally. Because they are thick, in the normal position they cannot fully extend forward, so this unique assembly allows them to move further back which gives them the necessary space to set flat on the sides.

- Front Leg Articulation

    The shoulder joints can rotate very far, although the white pieces of the armor tend to get in the way of the blades moving. The elbow also has a good range of motion. The top shoulder assembly of all four legs is prone to popping off so try to avoid putting pressure on it.

- Rear Leg Articulation

    The rear legs are sectioned into three parts, all with a good range of motion. They share the problem with the shoulder armor coming off, and even after adding clear coat to make the joints thicker the rear legs popped off constantly. On top of that the entire assembly that holds them into the body was prone to coming undone, and in the end had to be glued.

- Paw Articulation

    The paws of the Blad Liger are on a peg that allows them to tilt sideways a bit. The joint that it is attached to can also rotate up and down a bit and each claw is independently articulated to be able to curve into a more natural grabbing motion.

- Tail

    Blade Liger's tail doesn't bend much. It is the tail pieces themselves that are bent and allow the curve. The individual sections are attached by pegs and can only rotate. I also noticed the tail itself comes off a lot, but since all the other pegs can be rotated seperately it is ok to glue it to the base.