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- RMZ-01 Blade Liger Info!

 Pre-orders for the first two RMZ kits are up, starting with the RMZ-01 Blade Liger! Bladey here is scheduled for February 2025 for a retail price of 4,950 yen (tax included, about $30 USD.) You can find these on all your typical pre-order sites. AmazonJP, HLJ, AmiAmi, USA Gundam, and more. The official page for this kit (linked above) contains a couple pieces of concept art and a heaping ton of images. Blade Liger will come with effect parts for the Dual Laser Blades. It'll also come with sitting pilot figures of Bang (Van) and Fine (Fiona) as well as a general pilot figure.

 They've also released a video on the RMZ Blade Liger narrated by Bang's VA, detailing its various points of articulation. This stood out as an especially cool video to me. Moveable gimmicks tend to be broad stroked, focusing mostly on a few key poses and the actual equipment. After all, covering all moving pieces would take forever. Seeing a video that puts the articulation itself on display is a breath of fresh air and makes me nostalgic about doing Zoid kit reviews. I look forward to seeing more of these going forward.

Zoids Waiting Room
 About a month ago they also held a Zoids Waiting Room discussion corner where people involved in the Zoids series got together and talked about the new line. It shows off a lot of stuff, such as staff members interacting with the AZ-07 Death Saurer and size comparisons of the RMZ kits with the traditional motos. Prototypes of the next 3 RMZ Kits, RMZ-003 Command Wolf, RMZ-004 Helcat, and RMZ-005 Molga also get shown off in the video.

- Preview Video

- Zoids Waiting Room

- RMZ-02 Geno Saurer

 The next up in this 1/100 scale poseable model kit line is the RMZ-02 Geno Saurer. Scheduled for February 2024 alongside the Blade Liger, its got a retail price of 6,600 yen (about $41 USD.) The Geno Saurer's page has two pieces of colored concept art, comparisons of movable gimmicks to the anime, and a ton of pictures. The kit will come with effect parts for both the Charged Particle Cannon and the Long Range Pulse Laser Rifles. It'll also include a seated Raven figure and a generic pilot figure.

 Honestly, this may be the best-proportioned Geno Saurer we've ever gotten. The poseability of this kit is something else. The joints are so well hidden, and the tail movement in particular looks so fluid with no unsightly gaps. The tail vents are also a neat design, and its good to see this often-forgotten feature included on a smaller scale product. The video is likewise narrated by Raven's VA.

- Preview Video

- AZ-08 Molga!

 Molga was first teased with this diorama image. Well, the kit has now officially been posted on TakaraTomy's website! (Does AZ not have a dedicated page on the TT website?) The page has a piece of concept art and goes over all the new features of this kit. Pre-orders are already up. The kit is scheduled to be released in February 2025 for a retail price of 4,950 yen (about $30 USD.)

 First and most noticeably is that the AZ-08 Molga comes with a brand new piece, the Jamming Horn. This is a part original to Advanced Zi. It is not seen in any other canon. The part itself is based on the osmeterium organs of swallowtail larvae, which release a foul-smelling chemical repellant to ward of predators. The kit also has a surprise motorized function: Forwards and backwards movement. A rotating gear on the back adds an extra detail during movement and the kit has all of the manual gimmicks expected of a Molga.

- Preview Video

- HMM Guysack News!

 The HMM Guysack is releasing this month, with the OJR version expected to open pre-orders soon as well! Kotobukiya posted a LABO article in celebration, introducing the Guysack and its various details. There'll be a live broadcast (which we'll stick below) just before its release, where they hope to build it in just under an hour. In the article we also get to see the box art, which looks absolutely amazing. There's even an early sketch concept for it, that would've been based on the Tomy box art from back in the day. (There's a lot of Zoids in this box art, and they're all doing something interesting. It's particularly dynamic!)

- Assembly Broadcast

Concept Art HMM Model Kits Official Videos2024-07-07 20:34:12

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Concepts!

 A small batch of concepts have been uploaded to the New Century /ZERO anime section, courtesy of Kuzann! There's quite a lot more of these to get through but I'm trying to take my time with them to provide as much information as possible. The section has also been updated to match our more recent standards for concept pages (one or two sections haven't been updated yet due to time constraints.) New concepts include:

Characters: Altair, Armed Guardsman, Ballad Hunter, Benjamin, and Bit Cloud (2 new.)
Zoids: Hover Cargo

Concept Art Zoids New Century /Zero Site2024-05-08 18:57:34

- Mercy Rabbit Art!

 There's a lot going on this year, and as usual, Mercy Rabbit is enthusiastic about the developments, sharing various works from over the years! Here is a closeup of the Shield Liger Bang HMM art, showing the pilots. There's another showing Irvine from the Command Wolf Irvine box. The classic Murasame Liger art has also been reshared in celebration of the AZ-03 Murasame Liger.

Concept Art HMM Official2023-06-14 18:44:36

- Animareal Custom Shots!

 Throughout the 40th Anniversary Project Animareal has been involved in creating dynamic promotional images to spark the imaginations of fans. Modeler SigemikanZ on Twitter has been sharing quite a few photos of the custom model kits that go into creating these images! As well as others.

40th Anniversary Key Visual & Logo: Link | Link | Link | Link | Link
40th Anniversary Key Visual - Blade Liger: Link
40th Anniversary Key Visual - Liger Zero: Link | Link
40th Anniversary Key Visual - Murasame Liger: Link | Link | Link
Additional Customs: Link | Link | Link | Link | Link | Link

- Old Zoids Product Sketches!

 NIKON_LIKE92 on Twitter, who evidently created some of the concept sketches, mosted some of the art for the Gojulas from earlier Zoids products. It's always fun when old employees come out of the wood works to share some of the production materials!

Concept Art Official2023-06-14 18:42:45

- Zoids Fuzors Update!

 Episodes 11 ~ 14 have been added to to the Zoids Fuzors section! This includes screencaps, episode summaries, character and Zoid lists, notable facts, and videos showing the difference between the US / DVD release of the show the Japanese / blu-ray release. We're starting to get to the overarching story of this series!

Concept Art Zoids Fuzors Site2021-03-13 19:31:28

- Zoids Fuzors Concepts!

 With the episode update, the Fuzors section has also had a revamp to its Concept Art page, bringing it in line with our newer series pages. Characters, Zoids, Locations, and Assorted concepts all get their own pages, though we don't have any in the last 2 categories (yet). A good number of new concepts have been added, including earlier concepts of Amy (with a different design), Blade, color concepts of RD and Sweet, Arosaurer, Boldguard, Brachio Rex, Dark Spiner, as well as some animation concepts for how the Zoids should move.

Concept Art Zoids Fuzors Site2021-02-21 01:47:59

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

 The Dengeki Hobby Magazine section has been updated with scans for the October 2004 and June 2006 issues. This includes some Zoids Generations content, BLOX customs, BLOX Geno Saurer and Shield Liger introduction, Mercy Rabbit art, Rebirth Century customs, artwork, and story, as well as the concept art for Brastle Tiger! I know a lot of people have been wanting to see larger scans of this fierce tiger, so check it out in the 2004 issue! I've also replaced the April 2009 scans with new ones. Many of our magazines were scanned on an old scanner that bleached out almost all colors, and I'm slowly working on replacing them with better ones (save for the HMM Geno Breaker scans, because those stark white claws and teeth just can't be saved.)

- Zoids Concept Art Exhibit!

 The Concept Art Exhibit has concluded, and I figured I'd go ahead and post some of the images posted on twitter since our last update. So link spammage ahead! Omega Rex's Machine Blast, The Legendary Liger Species, Iron Kong Unit, Omega Rex's Machine Blast (2), Ligers and Tigers, Early Sabertooth, Air Force, and Concept Liger.

- Zoids Concept Art Exhibit!

 The Concept Art Exhibit is well underway, and man, is there a lot to cover about this. I'll go ahead and start with links to all of the images posted on twitter through official channels since our last update down below. Akiba Souken posted an article with a couple images, and Dengeki Hobby also has an article, with many photos from the venue. GoFA's website also posted a page for tons of merchandise!

 GoFA has also posted their Virtual Gallery, which is currently viewable for free.

World Exploration 1
World Exploration 2
World Exploration 3
World Exploration 4
World Exploration 5
World Exploration 6
World Exploration 7
World Exploration 8
World Exploration 9
World Exploration 10
World Exploration 11
World Exploration 12
World Exploration 13
World Exploration 14
World Exploration 15

General Overview
Imachorii's Wild Liger image from the anime title screens.
General Overview
Wild Blast Concept
Instinct Release
Forced Release
Quiz 5
Death Stinger
Blade Liger
Death Saurer
Planet Zi
Shield Liger MPZ
Mad Thunder
Iron Kong

Concept Art Events Official2020-12-26 16:52:27

- Older Zoids Art By Mercy Rabbit!

 Mercy Rabbit, the current artist for the HMM Zoids box art and the artist for Zoids Generations, has been posting some of their old work over on twitter! This thread has the Gusoku Myoukou, Rez Tiger, Hebby Rhimos, Liger Red Hiou, as well as a lineart for the Hound Soldier from one of the box arts. It includes a look at DHM scans from the series, and model kit mockups of Hebby Rhimos and Rez Tiger. Mercy also posted an adorable Command Wolf drawing based on another fanart by actuallypunny, who was responding to their post with the old art for the One BLOX Command Wolf! Finally, there are some nice looks at Murasame fanart. Mercy is an amazing artist, and it's so nostalgic to look back on these works.

Concept Art Official Zoids Generations2020-11-23 19:53:11

- Zoids Wild Zero Concepts!

 The ZWZ anime twitter posted concepts for the Imperial Army Immigration Ship, which includes the full ship view, the gardens, the city, etc. There's so much detail that went into this thing!

- Zero Grizis Review Video!

 Takara Tomy's official youtube channel has posted a video of the Zero Grizis, including concept art and comparisons to other Zoids! Definitely check it out if you're considering getting one of these big boys.

- Video

Concept Art Model Kits Videos Zoids Wild2020-09-23 17:05:21

- Zoids Wild Zero!

 Zoids Wild Zero has posted some more concepts, including an Electra Comparison, the jungle and Zero Grizis' Giant Cocoon, Joshua Conrad's Metallized State, and Dr. Land's New State.

- Anime Website Update!

 The official anime website has also updated to include many more characters as well as many more Zoids. It also gives names to some of the Zoids that previously didn't have unique names, like the Fang Tiger Aldridge Spec.

- Zoids Wild Zero Ending Video!

 The ending them for Zoids Wild Zero has been posted to youtube, in the form of a short-size video.

Concept Art Official Videos Zoids Wild Zero2020-09-23 17:04:51

- Zoids Wild Concept Update!

 The Zoids Wild concept art page has received a facelift, to match our current design for the other anime series' concept pages. The page also now includes things like anime renders (the 3/4, side, front, etc. view of the Zoids) and finished character reference sheets, so that you can find everything in one place. We still have a few left to add.

Concept Art Site Zoids Wild2020-08-30 21:02:19

- Concept Art and Renders!

 We only have a few of these this week. First is a concept art for Kai's Z-Arm from Zoids Wild 2 (along with some teaser pages), posted over on Moritya's Twitter. Then a beautiful high-quality Gilraptor render, and finally concept art of Joshua Conrad's notebook.

- Zoids Wild Zero Concepts

 We have some new Zoids Wild Zero Concepts! There's Joshua Conrad, Volkoff, Dennis Nielson, the Republican / Imperial Winter Clothes, and Dennis Nielson (Straitjacket). There's also a short version of the new ending posted to Youtube.

- Ending Song Video

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