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- Zoids New Century /ZERO Concepts!

 A small batch of concepts have been uploaded to the New Century /ZERO anime section, courtesy of Kuzann! There's quite a lot more of these to get through but I'm trying to take my time with them to provide as much information as possible. The section has also been updated to match our more recent standards for concept pages (one or two sections haven't been updated yet due to time constraints.) New concepts include:

Characters: Altair, Armed Guardsman, Ballad Hunter, Benjamin, and Bit Cloud (2 new.)
Zoids: Hover Cargo

Site Zoids New Century /Zero Concept Art2024-05-08 18:57:34

- New Anime Episodes!

 The next wave of Zoids Episodes have hit Youtube, but I'd really like to talk about Fuzors! Fans who saw the earlier western release of this series may remember the underwhelming feeling. Fuzors isn't to a lot of people's taste. However, when the series aired in Japan, it had tons of differences, from changes in lighting effects to a copious amount of redrawn frames. Surprisingly, the entirety of Episode 2 was remade to be much darker in aesthetics and theme, really upping the visual impact of this battle. I highly recommend watching at least this one, to see the one episode you might've missed when watching the Western Release!

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 8

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 2

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 2

- Zoids Genesis Episode 2

- AZ-02 Liger Zero News!

 The AZ-02 Liger Zero development is now in full swing and we're receiving frequent updates! The Zoid is on track to be released in Late September for 14,300 yen. With that said, let's get into the details.

 First and foremost, as one would expect, all of Zero's armor can be removed, and you can display it as the unarmored version. The Zoid also includes a new Ion Booster deployment gimmick, where the boosters extend from the roof of the housing and, in a new design feature, extend the barrels of the boosters themselves.

 A Bit Cloud figure is included, and the cockpit even has a bar going over the pilot's chest, just like in the anime. In a shocking update we've learned that the AZ-01 Liger Zero also comes with additional translucent claws, which contain LEDs! This is in addition to the light-up eyes and core that are standard to the Anniversary line, and it's the first time since the big Hasbro electronic action figures that the Liger Zero has featured an actual glowing Strike Laser Claw gimmick.

Zo Sticker
 Some of you might've noticed a blue and white sticker with a Japanese character on it being advertised alongside the Liger Zero. This is a pre-order bonus (for purchases made before March 9th). It has the katakana "Zo", short for Zoids, and the year (2023). This is sort of a pet sticker, like putting a bumper sticker on your car talking about being a proud pet owner. It's a sticker to effectively say "I have Zoids at home."

- AZ-02 Liger Zero PV

 This awesome CG trailer shows off the various features of the Liger Zero, narrated by Ayako Kawasumi, the voice of Leena Toros in the Japanese version of New Century /ZERO. The stalky big cat motions applied to the Zero also make for an awesome look at this Zoid.

- Zoiko Product Review

 Moving on to Zoiko's introduction of the kit, this video shows off the actual model kit and its various features, including walk cycle and LED.

- TT Review

 A final video for the Zero shows off a review from TakaraTomy, taking a look at the Liger Zero in person, not just in a special edited video. You really get a sense for the scale of this kit.

- Zoids NC0 Anime Update!

 At long last, the final 6 episodes of Zoids New Century /ZERO have been added to the anime section! This includes summaries and literally hundreds of screencaps. Each episode of NC0 now also has a "Notable Facts" section, which discusses new information revealed in the episode and minor trivia. I'll eventually be adding these to the CC section too, but that's a ways off.

Site Zoids New Century /Zero2020-10-14 17:38:59

Zoids NC0 Concept Art!  [Official]

    We've added a Concept Art page to the New Century anime section! This includes an assortment of 47 pieces of production sketches and renders, featuring various Zoids, characters, and other items or locations.

Site Zoids New Century /Zero Concept Art2019-03-10 18:00:00

Zoids NC0 Update!  [Site]

    The Zoids New Century /Zero anime section has been updated with four new episode summaries. Episodes 16, 17, 18, and 20. These include Blu-Ray quality screencaps~

Site Zoids New Century /Zero2016-02-07 06:00:00

Zoids NC0 Anime Update!  [Site]

    We've also updated Zoids New Century Zero: Episodes 9-12. This includes Blu-ray quality screencaps and any deleted scenes. Info has not yet been updated.

Site Zoids New Century /Zero2015-09-08 08:00:00

Zoids NC0 Update!  [Site]

    Zoids New Century Zero has been updated in the anime section with four new episode summaries. These include blu-ray quality screencaps and brief descriptions of the episode. These episodes have no deleted scenes.

Site Zoids New Century /Zero2015-05-17 06:00:00

Zoids NC0 Anime Section!  [Site]

    The Zoids Anime section has been updated to include a Zoids: New Century /Zero section! This segment is still very young, so the Zoid pages and character pages are non-existent. I will update them as we conclude more Episode pages. Right now it includes deleted scenes and high quality blu-ray screencaps from the first four episodes.

Site Zoids New Century /Zero2015-04-07 04:00:00

NC0 Stream / Cast Interviews!  [Official]

    It's sad that during these slow times we are down to only two months of proposed pre-orders. Hope is still held that MSS and HMM will be back on track soon. To keep us distracted Kotobukiya hosted a live viewing of the NC0 Blu-Ray set around the 6th, with interviews of the cast.

    During these interviews and now on the HMM blog it has been announced that the HMM Blade Liger Leon Version will be rereleased with new decals and a Leon Toros pilot figure. If I'm not mistaken the original kit was released before Kotobukiya had really gotten into crafting custom pilots.

Official Zoids New Century /Zero2014-04-12 02:00:00

Zoids New Century /Zero Blu-Rays!  [Official]

    A new Blu-Ray Box, this time for New Century /Zero has been announced! It is very exciting, as we've been hoping for this for a while now. The box set is scheduled for an early August release. Maybe we can assume the same time (August 2nd) as the CC Box set? Although that is purely speculation. Cheapest price I've seen so far is AmiAmi at 24,600 (Roughly $246) for the basic set and 30,100 yen (roughly $300) for the limited set. Both items require payment up front.

    This set is sad to be 4 discs, which is impressively small considering the NC0 DVDs had 9 volumes. The previously released Chaotic Century box set gives us a better concept of what to expect.

Both regular and limited editions:
    - Original CG Illustration 3-sided case (the outter box of the set)
    - Tadashi Sakazaki original illustration special digistack case (the box that contains the discs)
    - ZOIDS encyclopedia special edition (36 pages) (likely a direct reprint of the NC0 section of the 2009 Encyclopedia)

Limited Edition Set:
    HMM Liger Zero 2014 Blu-Ray BOX Limited Ver. (All clear plastics)

    This time around there is no mention of a special CG opening, so we can probably assume that it won't have the Liger Zero version of what the CC BR Box had. Nonetheless, NC0 in high quality is A+.

Zoids New Century /Zero Official2014-01-24 01:00:00

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