- Zoids Modelers Spirit Series Release

    This was one of the newer model kit lines. At first there was a lot of skepticism at the 1/144 scale, which was pretty tiny for the amount of money. It has been proven time and time again, however, that these model kits are highly detailed and, though expensive, are a masterpiece in their own right.

    The series was based upon the original Japanese release kits from the old days, which was a surprising turn of events. The instructions were full color instructions that came with print outs of the original battle and variant information from the old boxes.

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- Zoids List

Republic Zoids
Empire Zoids
    - MZ001 Shield Liger
    - MZ004 Godos
    - MZ005 Shield Liger MK-II
    - MZ008 Command Wolf
    - MZ002 Hammerrock
    - MZ003 Saber Tiger
    - MZ006 Sinker
    - MZ007 Great Sabre