Akihabara Museum Rings

    During Golden Week of 2012 Kotobukiya announced an event to be held at the Akihabara Museum. During this event they would be selling a series of rings on a first come first serve basis. These rings were priced at 12,600 each, which was roughly $126. A hefty price!

    There were several different designs that I'll list below, but only 30 copies of each ring were sold. They came packaged in a black box that opened from the top, and inside was a black ring box. The inside of the top half had a silver-printed 'ZOIDS' cloth. The inside was black velvet and held the ring.

    Each box had a Takara Tomy logo sticker. They also had a small white circular sticker that contained the number of the ring. Each of the 30 in a set were labeled individually, as you can see from my "23" sticker that was placed on the Shield Liger box. I've heard that these rings were rereleased somewhere along the way, but do not have confirmation at this time. They certainly don't sell often either way.

- Boxes and Images

All designs can be viewed on the Kotobukiya Blog.

- Shield Liger

    The Shield Liger has no movable parts, which were boasted by the Death Saurer's jaw. I can see on mine that the silver is starting to tarnish a little bit. I'll need to take it in and have it cleaned. Otherwise though, the design is really nice and the silver looks much smoother in person. The legs going down the side of the ring is a cool feature.