- Shield Liger (Color Version)

    This leaping Shield Liger is another excellent addition to the set. The liger is suspended in mid air by the pillar right next to it, which attaches on the back leg. The pose makes for some great photography shots, even if mine came out very blurry. Out of all the set I think this may be the more difficult one to find. It's certainly not impossible, but it is more uncommon than the rest of the color versions.

    Shield Liger feels pretty wobbly compared to the others in this set. In spite of this though, he doesn't fall apart very easily. He should hold up just fine as long as he's not messed with much.

- Shield Liger (Grayscale Version)

    Shield Liger is ironically one of the few gray scale versions in this set that I've managed to find. The colorless one is certainly no less impressive than its counterpart, though. The tones still provide a nice contrast but admittedly it could use with some weathering.